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  1. Apparently, my story has become a message board for two people... Is there anything else either of you wants to add to your conversation, or are you done hijacking my story? I just want to know since I do plan on posting an update soon and would like for it to not be lost in conversation.
  2. I haven't abandoned this yet. I just haven't had any time to write in the last 12 months with everything going on with work, home, life, etc. Now that I am finally reaching a slowdown at work, I plan on coming back to this soon. There is already an outline made up of where I want to go with this, and I also started a story to tie in with this one... Just honestly didn't expect all the things I have to come up as they have. Just hold tight and you should hopefully see something in the near future.
  3. Enjoying reading this so far. Can't wait to see where you go with it
  4. Part 6- Quickly I scooted to the edge of the bed and hopped up, nearly diving for the newcomer’s crotch. Kneeling down, I came face to face with his massive, thick cock surrounded by a thick bush of bright red hair, the black scorpion tattoo above it made a striking contrast. I ran my fingers along the black ink, admiring the stark beauty. Up close, his massive balls looked even larger, and I imagined what it would feel like to feel them slapping against my legs. “You did say you wanted a thick poz rod, right?” Garrett asked, patting my shoulder and taking a deep puff on the thick black cigar in his mouth, “Well Brad’s meat here gets nice and thick when he’s loading up a tight neg boy hole with his bug.” “Don’t just sit there and look at it you stupid slut,” the newcomer, Brad, said gruffly, a slight southern accent coming through as he puffed away at his cigar, “Wrap your fucking lips around it and get it ready to rape your cunt. My stinger is ready to fill you up with its venom.” I took a deep inhale of smoke from my pipe and then opened my mouth as wide as I could, taking as much of his semi-hard cock into my mouth as I could and started to suck. Slowly I exhaled the smoke through my nose, enjoying the look of the thick pipe smoke drifting through his forest of hair around his cock as my mouth slowly salivated around the quickly hardening cock in my mouth. Soon I was slurping away at his tool, spit dripping down my chin as I desperately tried to swallow his rod. Brad seemed to be enjoying himself. His hands were wrapped around my head occasionally pulling my face down, and he had tossed his head back, groaning as he hauled away at his cigar. I continued to look up at him as I sucked his now fully hard dick, taking in the forest of red fur all over his perfectly muscled body… my eye followed every curve of his abs, how his hips cut out from his groin, he perfectly formed pecs and massive biceps. My cock throbbing at the sight and the manly smell of musk and sex emanating from his groin. My concentration broke when I heard Ren begin to moan deeply from the bed, presumably from a deep-dicking he was now getting from Garrett. “Get on the bed next to that Asian bitch,” Brad said, pulling my head off his dick before lightly smacking my face and blowing his thick cigar smoke in my face, “Time I sampled that neg pussy and breed you full of my special fuck juice.” Slowly I nodded, to which his reply was to smack his cock hard in my face. I gasped as he grinned wickedly down at me. Immediately, I sprang up and joined Ren on the bed, kneeling on the edge and watching the poz couple fuck. The groaning I had heard was exactly as I thought, with Garrett deep-dicking Ren and slamming as hard as he could in the creamy muscular ass. What must have been my load was glistening on Garrett’s cock as he raped the Asian’s hole as they both smoked like chimneys. In my mind, I hoped that my ass looked remotely as good as Ren’s stretch ass-lips did wrapping around a big dick like Garrett’s. “Bend the fuck over, you stupid faggot. Time to properly convert that neg pussy.” I instantly did as I was told, and without any further delay, Brad’s rough, calloused hands were grabbing my hips and his massive cock was entering my cum-filled, well-lubed ass. His large cock began to penetrate me, stretching me even wider than before with his extremely thick tool. I once again began to moan, this time in a little pain. Ren instantly had the bottle of poppers and a new pre-filled pipe in front of me. I took several hits off the bottle before shoving the pipe deep in my mouth. “That's one hot piece of poz meat you’re getting charged up with,” Ren said in between moans, holding his lighter up to my bowl as I puffed it to life, Brad’s cock slamming deep into my hole, “I can't wait to see how wrecked your cunt is after he adds his load.” For a brief moment, I stopped and thought about what I was doing. Taking knowingly poz loads deep into my hole. Stretching out my formerly tight hole around random men’s cocks. Smoking and enjoying a massive pipe while being in the center of an orgy. I shouldn’t be doing this. What would my parents think? Wouldn’t this mean I would never find a nice boy to date? But the second I felt his massive cock-head rubbing along my prostate, my worries disappeared. I wanted nothing more than for him to rape my ass as hard as he could and fill my ass with as much of his bugged-up load as he could. I wanted to have a piercing in my dick like Garrett, and tattoos all over my body like all of them. I wanted to have a huge biohazard on my chest, proudly declaring how much of a cum whore I am. These men would be the ones to help me get everything I wanted. “Oh god, rape my hole,” I gasped, feeling Brad’s heavy balls bouncing against my legs as his pubes brushed against my stretched out hole, “Give me your poz load! Help make my ass a toxic cum dump.” I began to puff and inhale deeply on my pipe, savoring the mixture of the feeling of the smoke deep in my lungs and my prostate getting slammed. “Fuck Gare, you weren’t lying, “ Brad said, sliding in and out of my hole slowly, the cigar never leaving his mouth, “this is one sweet boy cunt. Fucker even feels tight after taking both you and your boy’s dicks. Hard to believe he was prime virgin mean when he came here tonight.” He seemed intent on taking things slowly, but I decided it was time to take things up a notch. After stealing a few quick tugs on my hard prick, I started to slam back as hard as I could, bouncing back after taking the redhead’s hard meat to the root. Over and over again I shoved my hole down on him, eliciting a string of dirty talk from Brad as I tried to match the jackhammering Garrett was giving Ren. “Fucking eh… this neg bitch really wants the bug bad. Bet he can’t wait ‘til he gets a heavy case of the fucking flu so he has a good excuse to take as many loads up his dirty little chute.” What he said perfectly described what I needed. I needed this man’s dirty load inside me. I wanted to feel the virus taking over me, permanently changing my DNA into the cum-crazed whore I always wanted to be. I needed every load possible tonight to help fulfill my dream. And I told him exactly that. “Fuck yes!” I yelled, squeezing my hole as tight as I could as his dick pummeled the tight flesh of my rectum, “Fill my useless dump with your dirty load and help me convert. I can't wait until my cock and balls are dripping with poison like yours! I want and deserve to become a fucking poz cum whore!” Suddenly, Garrett let out a strangled cry and collapsed on top of Ren, shaking slightly as he emptied another load deep up his boyfriend’s ass. This caused Ren to shoot without touching himself, the first spurt of cum shooting far and away from him and hitting me on the cheek. Both Brad and I watched the scene, smoking even faster in lust as we continued fucking. Finally, I felt him tense up. Within seconds, he grabbed my hips as hard as he could, likely leaving bruises as he buried himself as deep as possible up my hole. “Fucking take it!” Brad yelled, his cock now twitching and jerking deep inside me, coating my intestines with thick warm ribbons of charged up cum, “Take all my dirty fucking load you fucking slut. I’m giving it to you, fucking bug whore!” “Give it to me! Give me everything you got!” I yelled out, clenching down on his cock as I felt the heat spreading from deep inside me as his virus-laden load coated my insides. Sweat dripped from both of us as the ginger held his massive cock deep inside me, occasionally twitched and groaned every time I made any slight movement. Slowly, Brad began to pull his slowly deflating cock from my hole, pulling my pipe from my mouth and locking lips with me. Blowing his smoke into me, I gladly inhaled, enjoying the taste as our tongues met. Finally, his cock plopped out of my hole with a wet squelch, and he pulled away. “You weren’t fucking lying, Gare,” he said, slapping my ass lightly as he stuck his smoldering cigar back in his mouth, “That boy had a beautiful tight cunt there. I’ll see you in the sling room if you convince these whores to get down there. This one definitely will be getting another dose of unmedicated cum from me if they do.” With that, Brad walked out of the room, his towel over his shoulder as he left the door standing wide open. All that marked he was there was a cloud of thick cigar smoke trailing out the doorway into the dark hallway. As I felt all of the cum dripping from my hole down my leg and balls, I turned to Ren and Garrett with only one thing on my mind. And at that moment, I told them exactly what I wanted. “More.”
  5. Part 5- Ren’s hole was surrounded by a light smattering of black hair, with a tight brown pucker in the center. Slowly, I ran my finger across it, watching as it winked at me. Slowly, he pushed his asshole out and I watched as a glob of cum slowly drooled out. “Eat out my hole, slut,” he said, pulling his knees closer to his chest. I slowly I stuck my tongue out and took a cautious lick. The taste of anonymous cum and ass juices hit my taste buds. The bitterness of the cum mixed with the salty and sweet of his ass. The taste was all man. And I was hooked in that instant. I lapped hungrily at his hole, enjoying how cum slowly leaked out as I shoved my tongue deep inside, opening it up. Ren moaned, shoving his ass harder against it. “Good pig,” he said, relaxing his hole and forcing out another glob, “Suck those dirty loads out. Taste that poz cum on your tongue and know that’s going to be how your ass tastes tonight!” I shoved my tongue in as deep as I could and began to suck and lick the inside of the tight hole. Slowly, his ass started to let loose a steady drizzle of cum into my mouth, which I greedily ate. I continued to dart in and out, making Ren moan harder. Slowly my jaw began to ache, so I pulled away and spit on his hole and began to slid my finger into his slick hole. My cock began to throb as I watched his ass cling to first one finger, and then two. As his hole opened further, I slowly started to jerk myself, and then pressed a third finger to his hole. “Fuck, dude. That feels fucking good,” he said, grabbing his pipe and placing it in his mouth before handing me mine, “Relight that big fucking pipe and slide inside me.” Looking at the pipe in my hand, I bit my lip before looking back at him. “Are you sure?” “Light up, sexy, and dump your last neg load up my ass,” he said, deftly lighting his pipe back to full life before handing me his lighter, “We need to make room for all the new poz swimmers in those sexy young balls of yours.” I had never thought about topping, much less about becoming poz, but with his hole surrounding my fingers, so warm and soft, I needed to know what it would feel like on my cock. I took the lighter and mimicked Ren’s actions, slowly puffing the pipe to life. Watching as the tobacco glowed red deeper in the bowl, I took a deep inhale. Slowly I let out a massive cloud of fresh smoke. I felt the now familiar warmth spread from the pit of my stomach as I went to step up to his hole. That’s when I found a little flaw. His hole was definitely not going to be at the same level of my dick. Suddenly, I wicked thought entered my head. “Get on your knees, bitch,” I muttered. Ren gave me a sly smile around his pipe and got up, taking a deep puff on his pipe. Slowly he sat up and blew the smoke in my face. I answered in kind and puffed a large cloud back at him. “Yeah, boy,” he said, blowing out a large nose jet, “Suck that big pipe like you mean it. Take it nice and deep.” Scrambling around, Ren presented his perfectly toned ass to me, spreading one of the cheeks with his hand. He flexed his lubed up opening at me, causing it to wink. Unable to hold back, I climbed up on the bed behind him and began pressing my 6.5-inch dick against the spit and cum slathered hole. I increased the pressure a little, but feeling some resistance, I quickly went to pull back, afraid I was hurting him. Ren, however, had a different idea. Suddenly, I watched as he released his asscheek and grabbed my balls, at the same time pushing his slick hole down hard on my cock. I gasped and he moaned; a new wave of sensations spread across my body, radiating out from the warmth wrapped around my throbbing dick. I stayed still for a moment, relishing the feeling of my balls pressed tightly against his before finally, Ren spoke up. “Start movin’ bud,” he said, puffing away at his pipe, slowly making a small rocking, “I wanna feel those cum-shooters unloading in me while you ram that fucker in me. Mix your sweet neg cum in with the remains of all those random loads I already took. Feel how good all that bug juice is coating your cock?” At first, I wasn’t sure what to do, but with a little coaxing from Ren I slowly started picking up a rhythm. I began to time my puffs and inhales on the pipe with my strokes, loving how the room was building up with a haze as the clouds of my pipe smoke shot out of my nose and lips. Quickly enough, however, I felt my load start to build, my balls tightening as my ass clenched. “Oh…. shit…” I groaned around the pipe, “Not gonna last. Never knew topping would drive me to cum so fast!” “Fuck yeah, give it to me!” Ren said, giving me an appreciative smile, puffing away, “Shoot your hot load deep in there. Breed my hole like you know its meant to be.” My balls gave one powerful clench and I slammed my cock as deep as I could into Ren’s beautiful, muscular ass and unloaded rope after rope of thick cum. For a few minutes, I only stood there and panted. My cock was sensitive, and every squeeze of Ren’s ass muscles made me hiss in a mixture of pain and insurmountable pleasure. Finally, though, Ren pulled off my cock in a swift motion, rolling to the side. A few seconds later, he pulled me down with him and gave me a deep smokey kiss. “So, how was it?” Ren asked, rubbing my chest and nipples with his free hand, the other holding his pipe, “You enjoy dropping a nice load in there?” “That. Was…” I said, throwing my head back, “Amazing.” “Good. Loved feeling you shoot deep inside me buddy,” he said, slightly pinching my left nipple. I groaned as my cock slowly started to stir. “Fuck you’re really a horny one,” he said with a smile. Slowly, I ran my finger across the biohazard tatt on his pelvis. “Fuck that just looks so hot,” I said, tracing my finger along the edges as I slowly puffed on my pipe as well, “I want one so bad too. Think I’ll be poz after tonight?” “Well, like I said before, the night is still young. And Garrett and I are pretty fucking toxic. My viral load is sitting at a few hundred thousand, his probably a million or so,” he said, tracing his finger along the inked skin as well, “But don’t be upset if it doesn’t happen on the first time. Can even take hundreds of times before it takes.” “Shit!” exclaimed, thinking about his words, “Hundreds of loads in my ass? That sounds so hot!” “So fucking hot a sexy young fucker like you wants the bug,” he replied, playing with my quickly recovering cock, “Cute bug chaser like you is sure to get knocked up fast.” “Yeah,” I said, feeling his nice sized furry balls, “ Can’t wait until my balls are full of virus like you.” Grabbing my dick, I watched as he ran his thumb along the opening, making me hiss in pleasure. “Your dick would look amazing with a nice PA. Would love to be the one to pierce this nice piece of meat, and give you a nice poz tatt when you get the fucking flu.” My cock throbbed at the thought of seeing a huge PA in my dick head like Garrett’s, and a huge biohazard tatt on my stomach or pec. “You could do that?” I asked, smiling up at him. “Shit yeah, bud. I run a tattoo parlor here in town,” he said, flicking my nipples, “Would even be willing to give you some nice nipple piercings, in exchange for getting regular use of that sweet hole. Think of it as a gift for your poz birthday from me. Even give you a good discount if you let me ink you up proper.” “Shit yeah, that’d be hot to see the slut look like that!” Garrett’s voice said, interrupting us, “Hot to see you got him smoking like a proper pig. I’ll have to give him an extra gift for joining the brotherhood too.” I looked over and saw Garrett with a tall, hot looking red-headed bull of a guy, both of them puffing away on large black cigars. At any other time, I would have thought the guy was a straight football jock, what with his buzz-cut hair and facial scruff, muscled physique, and large powerful thighs, but the fact he was naked with what had to be a 10 inch long beer can size dick proudly sticking out of his groin told me otherwise. His large nut sack hung low, filled out with egg-sized balls. The large black scorpion across his massive chest told me Garrett had found me another hot poz load to take up my neg cunt. And boy did he deliver. “Took to it instantly,” Ren said, “ You’re gonna have to load this boy us with as many pipes and cigars as you can.” My cock throbbed at the idea of becoming a full-fledged smoker. “While you were gone I also got him to give me his first fuck. The slut really knows how to load up a hole for being a virgin.” Garrett looked at me seductively. “You load up that tight Asian hole for me after he knocked you up, boy?” Garrett said, walking up to Ren and feeling between his legs as he puffed away. “Yeah!” I replied, worried suddenly that I might have offended the sex god in front of me, or possible sounded too eager. “You enjoying smoking that sexy fucking pipe?” he continued. “God yes!” “Good boy. Now come over here and show our new friend’s cock some love while I give my sexy fucking Asian boy a recharge. We’re gonna have us a smoke-filled pozzing party for that cumdump of yours.”
  6. Sorry for the delay. Been pretty sick with some GI issues the last few weeks. Have a follow up scheduled soon with the specialist, and also been on antibiotics. All this with the constant stabbing pain and running to the bathroom has made this one bitch of a chapter to try and write. Anyways, let me know what you think and enjoy! ---- Part 4 - I didn’t have to wait very long when both of our attention was turned to the sound of a key going into the lock on the door. “Fuck yeah,” Garrett said, taking another deep puff on his cigar, “That’d be my boy, Ren. He’ll definitely give you a nice juicy load up your cunt, bud.” The door opened, and there with only a duffle bag in his hand and a massive black pipe in his mouth was hands down the sexiest Asian guy I had ever seen. Normally I thought of Asian guys as being slim and hair free, with an average at most sized cock. Attractive, but more feminine, if the porn flicks I had seen were to be believed. This guy was the exact opposite. Well defined muscles covered his body, with several tattoos across his body, with a massive black and red biohazard tattoo on his pelvis. Both of his dark nipples were pierced, and he had a light dusting of black hair leading down to his crotch. Nestled in between his well-defined legs was hands down one of the longest cocks I had ever seen, the brighter pink tip of which peeked through his foreskin. Hanging underneath were two massive balls. Blushing, I turned my attention up to his face and took in his features there. Medium length black hair pulled into a ponytail, as well as multiple piercings on his eyebrows and ears. He had a thick five-o-clock shadow and a soul patch on his chin, and his eyes were a warm brown. But what turned me on the most was the huge, smoldering pipe clenched in his mouth, which he was puffing away at. Garrett walked up to the Ren and pulled the pipe out of his mouth, leaning in a kissing him deeply. “Hey babe,” Garrett said, blowing out a thick cloud of smoke as he broke away from the kiss. “Hey, yourself,” Ren replied, sticking the huge briar back in his jaw before nodding his head towards me, “What do you have here?” “His name is Yurik,” Garrett said, putting his cigar back in his mouth, as Ren walked up to me and began to rub his hand on my chest and stomach, “First time to the baths.” He sat the mysterious bag down next to me before speaking. “I’m Ren,” he said, pinching my nipple with a grin on his face, causing me to gasp and squirm. “Nice, cute as hell too!” Ren said before reaching down and feeling inside my gaping hole before letting out a slight laugh, “Fuck, use enough lube on him?” “Would you believe that sexy fucker on the bed there was a virgin not even an hour ago when he got here?” “No shit?” he replied, shoving a second finger inside me as he took a deep drawn on the pipe, causing more smoke to billow out. I watched as he reached down and began to stroke himself. “Seriously,” Garrett replied, stepping up behind Ren and twisting his nipples, causing him to growl in appreciation, “And not only that, that’s not lube dripping out of his ruined hole… that’s my toxic load. Fucker begged me to poz him up.” “Fuck yeah,” Ren said, grinning in appreciation, before looking in my eyes, “Hell of a way to lose your ass cherry. Nothing like knowingly getting your first toxic load.” I smiled back at him, watching in interest as he took another puff of the pipe and blew it in my face. The smell was definitely different and I took a deep inhale, savoring it. Grinning even larger, Ren looked over at Garrett. “So, you the only one getting a crack this neg hole, or can anyone join in on the fun?” “This slut says he wants more loads,” Garrett said, tossing his spent cigar on the floor, “So I supposed we should do the right thing and give him as much dirty cum as possible.” With those words of encouragement, Ren stepped closer to my ass and slowly pressed his now hard cock against my ass. Garrett walked over to the door and turned around. “Gonna find a few more loads for his hole,” he said reaching over and opening the door. I let out a loud gasp as Ren shoved his hard dick deep into my hole. “Any preferences, bud?” he said with an evil grin on his face. Looking down at the large cock now deep in my ass, and the menacing biohazard symbol attached to it, I groaned. “Big and toxic.” Letting out a chuckle, Garrett walked out of the room, leaving the door slightly ajar. “Yeah, bud,” Ren said as he began to start sliding in and out of my cum-filled ass, “Cute fucker like you needs to be poz. Sexy as fuck that you want the bug.” I laid back and enjoyed the feeling of his long cock moving deep inside me, causing me to moan. Ren’s style of fucked was merciless, as his picked up steam and started pounding my ass harder and harder. Occasionally, his long, hard prick would slip out and he would just casually slip it back in. I must have been nearly screaming in pleasure as he worked Garrett’s cum deep inside me. “Damn, need to take a short break,” he said, stopping for a second gasping, “You take cock like a pro for just having had your cherry popped.” “You like my cum filled ass?” I asked, also panting heavily from the hard fucking he was giving me. “Holy fuck, yes!” he said with a slightly exhausted smile, “Just pissed because I wasn’t here to take it myself.” I watched as he opened the bag next to us and pulled out an oddly shaped lighter, bringing it back up to his pipe and relighting it. I watched in fascination as he brought it to life, making the tobacco in the bow glow as he inhaled deeply, only to let out a massive cloud of smoke back in my face. Instinctively, I took a deep breath in, savoring the smell. I watched in pleasure as when I breathed out, some of the smoke jetted out of my nose. “Nice nose jet bud,” he said, giving my dick a few strokes, “Smoker yourself?” “No, actually, never…” I said, thinking about how my parents would kill me if I started. “Fuck, you look so fucking sexy blowing my smoke out,” he replied, caressing my swollen cum-filled balls, “Would love to break your smoke cherry. Get you hauling deep on one of my pipes in your mouth. Nothing hotter than a smoking bug chaser raping his lungs on sweet smoke. Would really drive me over the edge, ‘specially since I didn’t get to enjoy bursting your other cherries. What do you say?” Fuck! I thought to myself, I would seriously do anything to get this hot load inside me. Before I realized it, I gave him my answer. “Make me a smoker like you.” Immediately, I swear I could feel Ren getting a little bigger in my ass as he took a deep inhale on his pipe and then locked lips with me. I opened my mouth and took his tongue against mine, inhaling as he exhaled the thick smoke. Slowly our tongues rubbed against each other, making my dick throb even harder. Pulling away, he smiled and watched as I slowly exhaled his cloud of smoke. “Nice,” he said with a smile, reaching over and started digging in the bag, “You’re a natural smoker, bud. Want a pipe for yourself?” I watched as he pulled out another large pipe like his. He handed it to me and grabbed his lighter. Apprehensively, I grabbed the pipe from him and looked at it. It was massive, but I decided to bite the bullet and stuck it into the corner of my mouth, mimicking what I had seen Ren do. “Slowly puff on it while I light you up,” he said, flicking the metal lighter aflame and slowly bringing the flame just about the rim. Slowly, I did just that, letting Ren coach me until finally the pipe was well lit. “Take a deep draw on that fucker,” he said, slowly stroking my cock and began to slowly pump his dick my ass. I did as he asked and suddenly coughed hard. “Shit!” I said, catching my breath. “Don’t worry, happens to everyone their first time,” he said, rubbing my chest before pulling out a bottle of poppers, “Here… sniff these first. It’ll help.” I took several deep hits from the bottle and then stuck the pipe back into my mouth, trying again. This time I didn’t cough nearly as much. “Fuck yeah, “ Ren softly muttered, watching as I exhaled a large cloud of smoke, “You’re smoking now. Ready for me to wreck your tight pussy while you smoke that nice fucking pipe?” “Fill me up with your poz smoker cum!” Slowly he started to fuck my ass again, slamming my ass harder with each progressive stroke inside me. Both of us began to billow like a chimney, smoking away at the pipes in our mouths. I found myself enjoying the feeling of the nicotine flowing through my veins, making me feel a rush through my body. Quickly, Ren’s steady assault on my ass started to become irregular, signaling he was close to blowing his load. “Yeah, bitch, smoke that pipe and rape those lungs while I fill your boy cunt with my death-stick,” Ren growled, now slamming hard into my loosened hole. “God, fill me with your tainted load!” I moaned, squeezing his cock with my ass muscles. “Jesus, yes!” he said, slamming as hard as he could, “Keep doing that. I hope your ready for this load, cause I’m going to fill you up full!” His pace quickened and switched from a bucking long dick fucking to jackhammering my loose, swollen ass lips. As he hammered away, I felt him start to shoot, the hot spray of cum covering the walls of my just recently infected virgin guts. Finally, he slowed to a stop, leaving his cock deep inside me while he caught his breath again. A thin layer of sweat had formed over his body, giving his muscles even more definition, making him look like some sort of sex demi-god. Slowly, Ren pulled out his now soft cock from remains of my formerly tight hole and collapsed beside me on the bed. He pulled my face to him, and we kissed slowly, sharing the smoke from each of our lungs as he stuffed his tongue into my mouth again. “With a hole like that, you’re gonna be really popular tonight, kid.” I relaxed my head back exhaling the smoke in my lungs out. Languidly, I watched the smoke slowly dissipate. “I can’t believe I’ve already gotten fucked by two hot tops,” I said, turning my head and looking into his eyes, “I thought I would be lucky to even talk to a guy or suck him off… but two guys fucking me? Just…. wow.” “You could definitely get more,” Ren replied, tracing his fingers along my sweat covered stomach and chest, “Night is definitely still young.” Getting up, he slowly lifted my legs up, exposing my hole to the open air. “Damn, really stretched you out with my prick.” Suddenly, he dived in and began to lick at it, making me moan as his tongue easily penetrated me. He was rewarded with a nice sized glob of cum, having easily been coaxed out. Letting my legs fall down on either side of him, Ren climbed on top of me and began to feed me the mixture of the two poz loads and my ass juices. We made out for a few more minutes before he pulled away and began stroking my still hard, throbbing dick. “Man, I would love to take one of your last neg loads inside me,” Ren said, fondling my cum-filled balls. “I… well…” I said, blushing hard at the thought, “I’ve never topped before.” “Damn! You got to be kidding me!” Ren replied, a look of surprise on his face. I must have had a look of confusion and possible fear on my face as he shook his head. “I don’t mean that in a bad way, bud,” he said quickly, “Just can’t believe a cute fucker like you really is a total virgin. It’s so fucking hot, and such an honor to be turning you into a sex-crazed pig!” “Oh… well…” I said, blushing even harder. I couldn’t believe that this sex god of a man was calling ME of all people hot. “Seriously dude,” he continued, “I would honestly love to be the first to get that beautiful piece of meat inside me!” “Well, I mean if you want…” I said, worried that with my inexperience I would really let down the muscled god in front of me. “Fuck yeah,” Ren replied, immediately rolling over and spreading his legs apart, “Drop that neg load deep in my poz cunt. Gonna make sure it's the last one you ever have.”
  7. As soon as I finish this side story, I'll be going back to the other story. Glad everyone is enjoying the story so far. --- Part 3- Without realizing it, I held my breath, waiting for Garrett’s massive cock to enter my hole. “Damn boy, even with stretching this tight boy pussy, it doesn’t want to give,” he said, pulling out the brown bottle from before from piled up towel. Opening it, he took a couple deep sniffs before handing it to me. “Here, sniff these.” Instantly, I knew them to be poppers. Countless porn videos and online stores had taught me about them. I took several deep hits. Moments later, I felt a warmth spread throughout my body. I let out a deep sigh and handed the bottle back to Garrett, and watch as he closed it back up, tossing it beside me before stepping back up to my hole. My heart began to race as I felt the head of his massive cock press against my hole. Pulling out the cigar from his mouth for a moment, he hocked up a large gob of spit and began to rub it around on my hole with the head of his dick. He began to press harder and harder again. I was worried that I would never be able to take his cock when finally my hole relaxed and his thick meat slid deep inside me. I about screamed out at the intrusion and stretching of my ass muscles when Garrett pulled me close and began to tongue-fuck my mouth, distracting me as he slid the rest of the way in. It seemed like it took forever, but finally, I felt his large bull balls bounce against my ass as his dense forest of pubes began to rub against my ass cheeks. “Fuck yeah boy, deep in you now. Doin’ ok?” he asked, pulling away and ending our kiss. “Oh god… yes!” was my only reply. I had loved the feeling of his tongue and fingers probing my ass, but with his huge dick inside me, I felt a deep feeling of lust spreading out from deep inside me. Even with the pain and uncomfortable stretching of my asshole, and the deep ache of his thick member rearranging my guts, I knew I would never want to be without Garrett’s thick cock up my hole. Until he began to start fucking me. Slowly, he began to pull out until only his massive cock head was left inside me, pressing slightly against my prostate, only to be shoved back in again, stroking the swollen gland inside me. We both began to grunt as Garrett began to pick up his pace. I began to adjust to the new sensations of being fucked and filled my ass opening up under the steady assault and its lips clinging to his shaft as he pulled back out again. I moaned loudly as he increased his pace more, slamming me harder. I let out a whimper in appreciation. Suddenly I felt a weird sensation in my ass and Garrett suddenly stopped thrusting into me. “SHIT!” he growled out loud, as he slowly began to pull out of me. Confused, I looked at him, trying to figure out why he stopped. “Condom broke dude,” he said, starting to work his cock head out of my hole. “Don’t!” I almost yelled, wanting him to continue to fuck and stretch my ass out. I didn't want the fun to stop now, just when I was getting into the hard fucking he was giving me. “Gotta dude,” he said, pointing to one of the tattoos on his chest, “Don’t think you're ready to take a load like mine.” “What do you mean?” I said, still confused, looking at the large scorpion on his peck. “HIV positive, bud,” he said, now out of my hole. I felt empty. I didn’t want to stop. His cock felt amazing. And in my sex-filled haze, I made up my mind. “Fuck… Don’t care. Give it to me man! Fill my ass up with your cum!” I gasped out, my voice expressing my need. I had read about guys getting intentionally pozzed online, but even in my curiosity, had never understood why they would do it until now. I needed this hulk of a man’s load inside me. Now. “Shit, boy!” Garrett said, pulling off the tattered remains of the condom from his dick, “You sure? I'm fucking toxic. And like I said before, once I get back in you, I’m not pulling out.” “Please cum in my hole sir,” I said, lifting my ass even higher in anticipation. Shoving my ass down, Garrett took a deep draw on his half-smoked cigar. “Turn around, cumslut,” he said rubbing his cock before stepping back up to the bed, “I want to make sure to plant this load nice and deep up your neg cunt so it takes.” Getting on my hands and knees, I let out a loud groan as Garrett slammed deep into my hole. He continued to rape my ass, blowing his smoke at the back of my head, enveloping me in a haze of thick cigar smoke. Not even an hour ago the most I had done with a guy was a shy kiss in the 6th grade, and now I was riding a massive poz daddy dick and loving every second. “That’s right, slam back on my diseased prick,” he said, grabbing both of my hips, helping me slam even harder back into his strokes. Both of us continued to fuck hard, my hole taking the abuse with gusto. Grabbing my chin, we started to kiss again. Sweat dripped off of both of us, and I began to notice the musky scent of Garrett. It was a smell that only a true man could make, and it made my 18-year old brain swim. “I’m gonna cum in you boy,” Garrett groaned, pulling away from me again and going back to slamming my hole. “Don’t stop,” I moan, “Please. Please don’t stop.” “Last chance boy,” he said, his thrusts becoming irregular, “You sure you want to take my poz load?” “Give it to me!” I yelled in reply. “You got it, baby,” he said in reply, and even though I didn’t think it possible, bucked even harder, grabbing my shoulders with both hands. Sweat dripped from his head and chest as we fucked. In my hole, there was no longer any pain, having now opened completed and taking his cock like a proper bottom boyhood should. “Fuck, knew you were gonna have a sexy fucking hole the second I saw you walk into that locker room,” Garrett said as he continued to pound my ass relentlessly, “But the fact it was a cherry hole made things even better. And now I get to take your poz cherry as well. You ready boy? Ready to take the load that will change your life forever?” “Oh shhhh-it, infect my hole. Fuck that dirty load deep into me! Poz me!” “You're getting it fucker,” and with that Garrett slammed deep into me one last time and shot ropes of cum inside me. I felt every shot of hot liquid into my hole and I was instantly filled with an entirely new sort of warmth. It suddenly became too much for me, and despite not touching myself during the entire ordeal, I began to shoot what felt like my largest load ever. After a long time, Garrett’s cock finally softened and he let it slip from my now loose and dripping ass. I felt a swift slap on my ass, and instinctively my hole tightened up slightly. “How was that, boy?” he asked while puffing contently on the nearly spent cigar. “Holy shit…” I said, rolling on to my back and letting my head fall back, “That was so amazing. I’ve never shot a load like that before!” Crawling on to the bed next to me, he leaned down and kissed me, blowing his smoke into my face again. "How are you feeling about taking my toxic load?" Looking down, he stared down and my quickly re-hardening cock. The talk of his poz cum swimming around inside me was exciting me. “Damn, fucker,” he said, reaching down and grasping my dick at the base, “I guess you want more. I would have thought after a hard fucking like that for your first time you would be down for the count.” Biting my lower lip, I smiled and blushed slightly. “Actually, I’m even hornier than I was when we started.” “Well, shit,” he said, surprise in his voice, “Since you seem up to taking any load up your ass, you want me to find a few more guys to fill you up?” I hesitated for only a moment when pondering his offer, but then I felt a small glob of his thick bug-filled cum make its way out of my gaping cunt, and my mind was made up. “Yes, please.” “Well bitch, since you were such a polite piggy about it, let’s go find something to really break in that new hole of yours.”
  8. Here's the next update. I know it was annoying to be given a full chapter of filler material, but trust me when I say it gives some information that is important to my other story (let's see who figures it out). Also, its fun leaving a chapter update on a cliff-hanger. Enjoy the next update. -- My First Times- Part 2 “Right there is the maze. Not that many guys use it, but it can be pretty hot,” Garrett said, pointing down a dim hallway that ended in a turn, “And that’s the theater. Guys in there tend to just get sucked unless a really hot movie is playing, then its a fuckfest.” As we walked around, I felt Garrett continue to play with my ass, much to my enjoyment. At first, the cigar he was smoking was a bit irritating to my senses, making my eyes water slightly as the thick, musky smoke swirled around us, making me cough slightly. However, as I got used to it, I became somewhat aroused, watching the sex god giving me the tour enjoy the smoke. “Over here is the sling room. Might work your way up to that since you're a newbie to all this,” he continued, eyeing me slightly as I continued to check out his perfect body. The tour continued with a quick show of the gloryholes, then to the steam room and pool, and finally to a dark room near a flight of stairs. Upstairs were the private rooms. “And this is the dark room. Anything goes in there. I would warn you to stay clear of there unless you want to get fucked non-stop by anyone with a hard prick. Can’t see them coming st you usually,” he continued, with a laugh, smile, and shake of his head. I slowly nodded, my mind racing with all the sites and sounds bombarding me. “So, bud, what brings you here tonight?” he asked pulling the cigar from his mouth and resting his hand on my shoulder as he began to play with my nipples. Looking down, I saw his massive piece of uncut cock was sticking in front of him. Not only a shower but a grower as the cock had to have gained another inch of girth and 2 inches in length. “You can play with it if you want, boy,” he said, flexing his abs and causing the monster to jerk forward, “It won’t bite… too much.” Tentatively, I reached out and grabbed it. Warm and thick, I could feel his pulse throbbing. Reaching back to his face he stuck the cigar back in his mouth and began to rub his hands along the front and sides of my smaller body. “Fuck that feels good,” I sighed, as I slowly hardened with his hands feeling me up. Slowly, I began to stroke him. “And that does too, baby,” he said around the cigar with a growl, “I can think of a few more things that would be even better.” I knew instantly what he meant. Only 20 mins being here and I might actually get my wish and be fucked by a hot muscle top. My mind raced. Should I do this? Is this really what I want? Wouldn’t it be better if I took my time and dated the right guy for my first time? I received my answer when I felt the first finger begin to probe my hole. “Fuck!” I gasped, enjoying the rough feeling of his finger diving slowly into my tight hole, “Yes!” With a big grin and a nod, he pulled his finger out and led me upstairs. I followed him as he climbed the stairs, my attention switching my the sudden change in sound and atmosphere from the stead soft thump of a club music to one of sounds of muffled moans of guys getting fucked. My ass instinctively clenched at the thought of my own virgin hole being stretched and filled as I followed Garrett down the long hall, a thick cloud of cigar smoke trailing behind him. Grabbing his key, Garrett opened one of the doors and we both stepped in. I followed behind him and quickly he gently pushed me back onto the bed. I let out a gasp as I fell back and bounced slightly on the mattress. I laid in a momentary daze as he lifted up my towel, and in one quick motion swallowed my 6in dick deep into his throat. “HOLY SHIT!” I blurted out as his throat muscles massaged my cock, the suction making me instantly want to lift up off the bed. It felt amazing, feeling him sucking my deep, his fingers wrapping around my balls and massaging them. I laid back and enjoyed to skilled top suck me for several minutes when he suddenly pulled off, my building orgasm going away from the sudden cold air hitting my wet, throbbing member. I lifted my head up and went to ask why he stopped when I saw him take a deep draw on his cigar. Blowing the smoke back in my face, he began rubbing my hole with his thumb. “Gotta stretch and lube you up,” he said, before spitting on my hole and shoving the thumb in, “Mind if I rim you and you hold my gar?” “Uh, well….” I said, pleasantly shocked. I had read about getting rimmed, but I never imagined would actually get to be rimmed. “I haven’t ever been rimmed before. I’m open to trying it though…” I said, grabbing the cigar from him tentatively. “Mind keeping it lit for me?” Garrett asked, spitting a second time on my hole and quickly adding a second thumb. I let out a slight moan as I felt the two large digits pull open my hole slightly further. Unable to form words at the moment I only nodded and laid back, bending my knees up and spreading them open, giving him more access. Looking at the cigar in my hand, I watched some of the smoke drift out of both ends before finally sticking it in my mouth. Cautiously, I stuck it in my mouth and started to puff on it. It tasted a lot different than what I expected, and nothing like how it smelled. Peppery, with a bit of a chocolate taste, and almost a cut grass. Aiming to keep the top now at my hole happy, I continued to smoke it as I felt him slowly massage my opening. I inhaled sharply when his fingers pulled out and I felt his hot, wet tongue start to lap at my cunt. The sensation felt AMAZING! I drew harder on the cigar in my mouth as he lifted his head up. “Fucking tasty hole boy!” Garret said, before diving back in. For several minutes I laid back, enjoying the rim job I was getting, Garrett’s tongue stabbing at my tight anus. After a few minutes, I felt my ass slowly open up under the constant assault of his tongue and fingers. Standing up over me, he pulled the cigar out of my mouth. “Damn bud,” he said, taking a deep inhale, “You’ve got the ass of a fucking virgin!” Looking down I blushed, I looked down, embarrassed. “Wait…” he said, noticing how uncomfortable I was becoming. “You’ve never been fucked before?” “N-no… sorry…” I said, pulling the towel that had came untied from my waist back around me. I waited for him to start laughing at me, or worse, to be kicked out of his room. However, he instead ran his spit-slicked thumb along the side of my face before lifting my chin upwards. “Why are you sorry?” he said exhaling another cloud of smoke in my face, “It’s fucking hot I get to be the one to bust your cherry!” With a smile, he moved his thumb to my bottom lip, urging it open. “Get my dick hard with your mouth babe, I want to mount that tight virgin hole and claim it.” I scooted over to the edge of the bed and sat up, bring my face perfectly level with his semi-hard monster. I slowly licked the head, surprised at how warm the PA at the tip of his cock was. Suddenly, he placed his hand on the back of my head, and my mouth enveloped his growing member. Slowly I began to suck, running my tongue along the bottom of his cock as I pulled back. “Fuck yeah, you’re a natural,” Garrett replied, his hand running through my hair tenderly. For the next few minutes, we continued, before he finally spoke. “That's it boy, suck on that nice piece of meat. Get it nice and wet for what’s coming!” Urged on by the hot, muscled man standing above me, I forced his cock deeper into my mouth, enjoying the feeling and taste of his dripping, uncut cock sliding around on my tongue, my own cock throbbing in anticipation. I moan as I felt him place his hand on the back of my head, urging me even deeper down on his cock. Forcing myself not to gag from its massive size, I let him slowly rape my mouth as he let out a content sigh. Finally, he pulled out and let me catch my breath. “Fuck! I need in that hole!” he growled, grabbing one of the condoms from next to me before letting out a frustrated sigh. I looked up at him, wondering what had him so mad. “The one time I need to put one on, and they’re all medium.” I watched as he slowly opened the packet and slowly unrolled the condom, barely able to roll it down his dick before it finally reached the end halfway down. Looking at me, he smiled. “Damn this fucker is tight. You sure you want to take this monster?” he asked, grinning at me before continuing, “Because once I start, I’m not stopping. Last chance.” Laying back, I pulled my knees to my chest and said softly, “Please fuck my hole.”
  9. This is a side-project that goes along with my other story. However, it can easily be read on its own. Be warned it will have a similar set up to another story on here, but only in setting up the setup of the plot. Let me know what you think down in the comments! ---- Part 1 “That's it boy, suck on that nice piece of meat. Get it nice and wet for what’s coming!” Urged on by the hot, muscled man standing above me, I forced his cock deeper into my mouth, enjoying the feeling and taste of his dripping, uncut cock sliding around on my tongue, my own cock throbbing in anticipation. I moan as I felt him place his hand on the back of my head, urging me even deeper down on his cock. Forcing myself not to gag from its massive size, I let him slowly rape my mouth as he let out a content sigh. Soon I'd finally get what I fantasized and dreamed of. A huge cock shooting a thick load deep up my virgin ass. — It was hard to believe that that morning I was just a young, 18-year-old virgin. I knew from a young age that I was gay; girls never even blipped on my radar, and I always found myself fantasizing about some of the hotter guys in my class kissing me and feeling me up. However, I never acted on it. My family had moved to our small, midwestern town when I was in 6th grade, leaving me friendless. My former best friend was over 1000 miles away on the east coast, as well as everyone I knew growing up. I hadn’t been popular, but I was at least well-liked by nearly everyone. In my new school, I was an outcast… quiet, shy, too smart for the popular crowd and disliked because I actually enjoyed being at school. By the time I hit my senior year, I knew I wanted to be like the guys I saw in the porn I found online. A slut, taking cock from multiple guys until shooting all over myself. My only friends were a few of the nerdier, but in my opinion, much cooler girls who shared some of my same interests in different books and shows at the time. Nobody, however, knew my secret… that I wanted nothing more than to lose my virginity to a hot top. This obviously didn’t stop me from being made fun of, with being called things like fag or queer by the hotter, popular jocks in the in-crowd. Rationally, I knew it was only to get a rise out me, but a part of me always worried they knew I was what I secretly wanted to be. By the end of my senior year, I couldn’t take it any longer. I was tired of jacking off and pretending I was getting fucked by some hot, muscled guy as I fingered myself to climax in my hand, licking my hand clean to keep my secret from my thankfully more liberal parents and 5 sisters. I decided to finally lose my virginity and started to secretly hatch out a plan. Having gotten a few letters from some prospective colleges from the large city about 3 hours away, I planned to go and look at a few, staying at my distant cousin’s apartment near one of the campus. Knowing he wouldn’t care if I was there or not, I figured I could make my parents believe my half-lie. I would look at the school that week, during spring break at my school, and during the weekend I would go to a gay bathhouse I had read about in some of my lurkings online. It would be a week after 18th birthday, so I would finally be legal to enter. And maybe, just maybe, I would find someone to help me fulfill my wish of losing my “cherry.” — The week came quickly when my parents sat me down, my bag already around my shoulders and my keys to the small Honda my parent’s bought me in my hands. I had hoped to sneak out with a quick goodbye. “Buddy,” my father, still in his lab coat from work at the local hospital, “We need to have a talk.” SHIT! I thought to myself, THEY KNOW. FUCK!!! “Uh… yeah, dad?” I said, trying not to let the fear in my mind crack into my voice. My plan was ruined, I was sure of it. The tone of his voice and the look on my mother’s face said it all. “Your mother and I have talked… we know you’re a man now, but… we’re concerned. You know we love you and only want what is best and…” “Oh Robert!” my mother sighed, her thick accent coming through as she crossed her arms over her chest and rolled her eyes at my dad, “Shit or get off a pie.” “Pot… mom… it’s pot…. it’s slang for toilet…” I said, smiling slightly at her mistranslation. Thirty years and she STILL got idioms wrong. I was beginning to think it may be intentional. “I like mine better,” she huffed before continuing, before glaring at my father, “We know you are going to college soon. Tell him.” Pulling a pile of condoms and a handful of pamphlet out of his coat, he held them out to me. “You need protection. We know things happen at colleges… and we don’t want you coming back and trapped with a baby on the way with some girl, or something like HPV or herpes…” my dad blurted out, rubbing his hand on his coat as he sat back on the couch. “Uh….” was my only reply. I felt my cheeks start to burn. My parents thought I was going to get some girl pregnant. “Just take them and be careful. And have fun. We love you very much,” my mom replied with a slight nod. “And don’t trust a girl just because she is on the pill. She could be on an antibiotic, or could be asymptomatic or…” my dad replied, refusing to meet my eyes as he blurted out everything. “Thanks… I guess…” I said slowly, grabbing them with a slight grimace, “You guys know…. I learned about most of this from health class… right…? And I really am just going to check out a few schools. I’ll call and everything if you want…” “Just go have fun my little zaychik. Call when you get there so I know you are okay,” my mom replied, shooing me away. — 3 hours later, and thankfully over a hundred miles from my family, I sat my bag down in the small living room of my cousin’s apartment, glad he was willing to let me stay there while he and his friends went to spring break somewhere out east. It’s Friday night, and I’m ready to finally get down to business. Pulling out a tight pair of jeans I had outgrown the previous year, and a similarly fitting t-shirt, I changed quickly and looked up the directions and information I had written earlier and made my way to the bar where the bathhouse was located. Arriving, I quickly made my way to where the entrance was at the back and walked up to the small window, much like the ones I had seen in movies that they had at a seedy motel. I rang the bell and out from the back room came one of the hottest guys I had ever seen. Easily over 6ft, he had piercing grey eyes, long thick blonde hair, and a large piercing in his nose. He was wearing a tight-fitting wife beater that nearly covered his well-muscled chest and abs, and black leather pants that clung to his body, leaving nothing to the imagination. My eyes were quickly drawn to his pert ass and large bulge. A heavy five’o’clock shadow covered his face, which reminded me of an extremely hot bad boy version of Thor for some reason. Even his voice made me melt, gravely and deep. “Can I help you, boy? The bathroom is back in the other side of the bar,“ he said, pointing back towards the bar, looking up and down my body before smiling, “Unless you see something you like?” Flustered, I blushed and shook my head. “No… um…. I’m here to… I mean….” I said, suddenly unable to form words. “Look, no offense kid, but you got to be at least 18 to even be in the bar. You gotta be… what? 15? 16 tops?” Shaking my head no, I pulled out my wallet and pulled out my ID, sliding it under the glass. “No, sir… I’m… I’m 18,” I said with a gulp, “See… my birthday was last week.” “Sir, huh? First time to the baths then, huh?” he asked, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a pack of cigarettes, deftly lighting one and blowing the smoke at the glass. “Uh, yeah… I… it’s that obvious huh?” I replied. “You’re a cute fucker. They are going to be all over you!” he said with a smile, the cigarette dangling in his mouth., “Room or locker?” “Oh… um….” I replied, realizing that I had no idea what to do. “I don’t really know which one…” “Hot piece like you will definitely get invited into a room in no time,” he said, “I’d go with a locker.” I nodded as he continued. “Normally the fee is $40 to get in, full $100 for a room, but seeing as you just had your birthday, and it’s your first time… how about $20?” he said, turning around and grabbing a towel and a key. Reaching into my wallet, I pulled out the two bills, left over from my gifts the week before. “Thanks…” “Don’t mention it. We all have our first times,” he said with a smile, “Maybe you’ll still be around later when I get off. Would like to help show you the ropes.” Smiling back, I entered the entrance, the door buzzing as he pressed a small button under the counter in front of him. — Looking around, I took in the sites, as dozens of naked men walked around, some with towels and others in various states of undress. I quickly found my locker, and with a deep breath, I quickly undressed. Throwing the towel around my now naked body, I grabbed a few condoms from my jean pocket, tucking them in between my skin and the cloth. Taking another look around, I felt like a fish out of water. 18, skinny with just a small amount of lean muscle on my frame. Black hair, blue eyes, and an average sized uncut cock were all I had to offer. And around me was every possible type of hot character from every gay porn I ever saw. There’s no way anyone would be interested in someone like me, I thought to myself as pulled the towel even closer. And that’s when I saw HIM. 6ft tall, heavily muscled, with a head full of thick brown hair. A face like a Greek statue, which sported a goatee and mustache. Nipple piercings and a thick hairy chest. And a what looked to be an uncut 10-incher with what looked to be a large PA peaking out from under the small towel that barely covered him, framed by a pair of low hanging bull balls. Tattoos all over his body. The man looked like sex walking. A bad boy who would ravage my hole if given the chance. Something straight out of the hottest porn. AND HE’S WALKING UP TO ME! I thought in a panic. I felt myself start to blush as he eyed me up and down, my cheeks burning even hotter as I saw his cock stir under the towel. “I’m Garrett.” he said, stopping in front of me and holding his hand out, “You must be new here.” “Jeez… it’s that obvious, huh?” I said, biting my lip as I stared at his hand, almost afraid. I looked around, lost. He waved his hand slightly in front of me drawing my attention back to him. “And you are?” I panicked for a second, thinking maybe I should make up a name before realizing that even if he knew my name, nobody around here would know me. Pulling up the courage, I shook his hand and replied. “Yurik… uh… nice to meet you…” I said, trying desperately to sound cool as my voice threatened to break as I suddenly started to spout a massive flow of words, “My mom is from Russia and that why I have a weird name. It’s-it’s my first time. I’ve never done this before, and I didn’t expect to actually find someone so hot to actually talk to me, especially you. Not with how I look. And… and… and I…. should really shut up now…” He let out a soft laugh as he let go of my hand before slowly rubbing his hand up and down my arm while looking at my smaller body. “Dude, calm down. You got nothing to worry about. Fucking sexy thing like you is a rare find here,” he said in a low, calm voice and his fingers traced down my chest and ran over my left nipple, causing to bead up instantly. I fought back a moan and looked up at him in silence. “Need someone to show you around? I would love nothing better than to show you around. Make all these fuckers here jealous,” he asked, his smile growing bigger as he saw what his touching me was doing. I slowly nodded and smiled nervously as his hand wrapped around my shoulder and he pulled me closer. “Mind if we stop by my locker first?” he asked as I felt him slowly reach down and grab my ass under the towel. Fuck, that feels so good, I thought to myself as he slowly ran his fingers through my crack, teasing the hair near my hole. “As long as you keep doing that!” I replied with a moan. “Oh, I plan on doing much much more…” he replied, and we started walking, drawing the attention from a few guys. We came to his locker and I stood there quietly as he grabbed his key and opened the door. Pulling out a large leather pouch from his shirt pocket, as well as a brown glass bottle. I knew instantly they were poppers, which I had read about and seen in various sites online. I wanted to try them, and it looked like I might get my chance with this walking sex god. I was however slightly shocked when he pulled out a large, black and green cigar and stuck it in his mouth. Some of the guys in my school smoked them when there were no adults around, looking somewhat goofy to me. But this man looked even hotter somehow with it firmly in his jaw. Looking at me suddenly, he stopped and pulled the stick out of his mouth. “Mind if I smoke?” he asked, looking directly at me as he waited for my reply. “Oh, uh… no, go ahead,” I said, my cock now throbbing under my towel at full hardness, my face still blazing red. With a smile, he pulled out the lighter from the same pouch and lit it. Drawing the flame to the end, he stuck the cigar back in his mouth and brought it to life, taking a deep drawn in before blowing it straight up in the air. Quickly enough he put everything back into the locker and wrapped his arm around my waist and we set off into the bathhouse.
  10. Partyandtakeloads7, As stated above, I just have a ton on my plate right now, especially with it being such a bad flu season. Between a house move, the lawsuit from my car accident, and just heavy workload at work, I’ve been slowly chipping away at an update, but it’s taking a long time. The way way I see it, I can either post what I have as being “good enough” or wait to post it until it’s polished to the point of what I want, and what I think everyone reading have come to expect. I promise, as soon as it’s done, I will post it. This chapter is growing into a large one, and has a lot of stuff to cover to set it up for the following chapters. I want to make sure I get everything right so that the story doesn’t become confusing due to an error I made. All I ask is that you please be patient for me.
  11. This story isn’t abandoned. I just have a crazy whirlwind going on right now. Move to a new house, the continued lawsuit from my car accident, as well as the holidays and everyone at work taking vacation... which means chronic understaffing. As soon as my laptop is unpacked and my home office is set back up, I plan to start writing again. As of right now though, all I have is my phone and that’s a tad hard to write and edit on.
  12. So many of you may be wondering why there is a delay. I'm in the process if buying a house, and as such, all my free time is going to that. Once everything is finalized, I will post a new chapter. Sorry for the delay.
  13. I appreciate all the feedback that I’ve been getting from everyone, and as always, I always love to get more. Feel free to message me personally if you ever have questions or anything you’d like to see if you don’t want to comment publicly. Hope you enjoy. -- Part 9: Closing Time “Fuck yeah, take that cock deep in your guts,” Kyle said, watching as the large cock slammed away at my hole. I grinned, taking an extra deep puff on the smoldering red in my mouth, and began clenching my hole down as I nose-jetted the smoke out. “Shit yeah dude,” the guy behind the wall said, slamming my hole extra hard in appreciation, “Grip down on my cock with your juicy hole!” With a nod at me, Kyle knelt down next to the hole and watched the anonymous cock pound away as we both smoked. I looked down and enjoyed the scene as well as Kyle took a deep inhale on the red in his mouth and took it out of his mouth before starting to suck on my cock. I moaned as his hot, smoky mouth surrounded my cum-slicked dick and he sucked hard. “Oh fuck,” the man behind the wall yelled out, as my ass involuntarily got tighter as I fought the urge to keep from cumming in Kyle’s warm wet mouth. “Ugh…. stop Kyle…. gonna cum if you keep that up!” I whispered, puffing hard on my red to try and keep focused and calm down my building orgasm. Pulling off, he growled at me and roughly grabbed my balls. I instinctively yelped at the shock and pain. It worked, however, and my orgasm disappeared. This though also caused my ass to tighten again. “Fuck, can’t hold it in anymore!” the guy yelled, his strokes suddenly becoming erratic, “Gonna shoot up your hole man! My dicks gonna add to the soup cooking in there. Here it comes fucker! Gaaaaahhh…. fuuuuuuu…” With that, he suddenly slammed into my hole and stayed still. I felt his cock start to pump into my ass, jerking hard and moving around with every shot. After a few moments, he finally finished and Kyle pulled me off the cock and turned me around. “Clean him up bitch,” Kyle said, stroking his cock and puffing away at the cigarette in his mouth, “Show him your appreciation for the kind gift of his load.” I nodded and started to suck the cock clean, enjoying the taste of all the loads and my ass on the guy’s meat. I gently nursed at the large piece and as I finally got it deep in my throat I could see the small tattoo on the base of his pelvis. It was a symbol I must have seen at least a thousand times every day at work, warning me of the dangers that lie inside. And now, I was face to face with the symbol, prominently attached to the guy who had just dumped what felt like a huge load in my hole. I jumped back just slightly, even though I had definitely taken poz cum earlier that night. Knowingly taking it after the fact though added to my surprise, and after my mind processed it, I moaned somewhat in pleasure and fear. “Fuck yeah man,” Kyle said, slowly positioning my ass to another waiting cock at the opposite hole, “you add a nice buggy load to my friend’s neg hole?” “Shit yeah! My cobra only spits venom! Wait…. Fuck, that you Kyle?” the muffled voice said, pulling out of my mouth and shaking the cock at my face, hitting it with a few stray drops of semen-laced spit before stepping back. “Yeah man!” he said, as he shoved my ass down, making me gasp. Looking around I realized my cigarette was now out and to the butt. Kyle grabbed it and threw it to the ground. Next, he pulled a fresh one from the pack and placed it between my lips and lit me. I instinctively inhaled deeply several times, hungry and happy to be smoking again as Kyle and the mystery guy continued to talk. “Fucking nice hole you found there. He’s neg, huh?” the guy asked, as he pulled his pants up. “Yeah, cute fucker just started coming here last night. Practically a virgin from what his hole felt like when I used it,” he replied, looking at me expectantly. I gave a nod in agreement, half listening as the cock in my ass slowly pumped inside me, “Let me plant a hot load deep inside him and the fucker even stole my gar so he could blow his load. Nice tight hole, right?” “Hell yeah. Though with all those loads up there, that juicy ass is gonna poz up in no time!” the guy said, and suddenly I was face to face with a younger looking Asian guy with a goatee and a heavy 5 o’clock shadow, “Let me taste my cum in your mouth buddy?” Pulling my red out of my mouth, Kyle pushed my head forward and I immediately found myself with the guy’s tongue probing at my mouth. I opened up and could taste cigar smoke and whiskey on his breath. The taste made me take his tongue deeper, allowing it to probe deep inside. We proceeded to make out for a few minutes as the man in my ass let out a loud grunt and unloaded in my ass. He must have pulled out and left, due to the slamming his door in the room. Kyle slowly pulled my ass away from the hole, filling it with his fingers. Finally, after a minute or two, another cock must have stepped up to play, and Kyle removed his fingers and shoved me back down to take another load. The guy stopped kissing as I let out a moan from the stretching of my ass to accommodate the bigger dick. “Fuck! Nothing better than tasting my poz cum in a neg guy’s sweet mouth. Damn, you were right Kyle, the kid is sexy as fuck and a great kisser, and sounds like a born bottom breeder,” he said, as I felt Kyle play with my balls, pulling them down and back, making me ride the cock harder. The guy then looked me in the face and continued, “Guessing a cute fucker like you is likely a non-smoking little preppy boy, right? Kyle helping you become the pig you always wanted to be?” With a laugh, Kyle answered for me. “Nah man, I wish,” he said, releasing my balls as I heard the click of a lighter, “This pig already was on his way. Just helping him out tonight on getting there quicker!” “Hot damn!” the guy said, reaching down and grabbing my jaw before running his thumb across my lips. He gave me a hungry look before he stuck the tip of his thumb in my mouth. “Cute innocent face and fuckable lips…” I felt the tell-tale sign of yet another load getting dumped in my ass. I opened my mouth involuntarily, moaning as the cock slammed harder and shot another load. “I’m Ren. Get my number from Kyle. I want to play with you again,” he said softly before finally releasing my face. With a light slap on my left cheek, he turned away and walking out of the room. I pulled my face away and looked at Kyle, who was stroking his cock, the wicked looking PA gleaming at me as if it were evil and sentient. “Ren want’s you to have his number?” Kyle guessed, blowing his smoke in my face. I took a deep breath in. In the back of my mind, I realized I enjoying it, savoring the nasty smoke where I would have hated it and gotten angry at the act in the past. “Yeah, you got it?” I asked, wincing as the cock pulled out, and the anonymous fuck left without a word. “Definitely. He’s one twisted kinky fucker. Also my tattoo and piercing artist. Works at a place I go to a few blocks over,” he explained, walking slowly over and rubbing his hard dick against my lips, “Might have to get you over there sometime.” “Definitely, “ I said as I nodded and opened my mouth and slowly started to suck on his cock. “Fuck yeah man, suck on my monster,” he said, as another cock presented itself to my ass. I swallowed hard and felt the metal in his cock head hit the back of my throat as the next guy to fuck me slid inside. “Wet as fuck. Nasty little slut,” the guy at my hole said out loud before slamming away at my ass. “Hey fucker,” Kyle said, slowly starting to pull out of my mouth. “Mmmmmph?” I replied, clamping down on his dick in reply. “Seriously dude…” he continued, smiling down at me and blowing another cloud of smoke at me before continuing, “Stop… Gotta go take a piss.” I started to release when my mind went back to the text messages from earlier in the evening. I pulled off his dick and looked up at him. Reaching down, I grabbed the bottle of poppers and took several deep hits before setting it down. “Feed me it,” I whispered, licking my mouth almost surprising myself as the words left my lips. “Shit, seriously?” he said, clearly shocked. “Might as well try it and see if I like it,” I replied grabbing the red from his hand and sucking in a lungful of smoke, “Give me that fucking prick and fill my stomach full of your hot piss. “Damn… you really are a fucking pig, bro,” he said, and stepped up closer, letting his dick get closer to my mouth, “Love pissing into a human urinal!” Slowly he inhaled on his red and nodded at me, instructing me to do the same. Satisfied I have a big enough lungful, he pulled it out and stuck it in his mouth next to his. Slowly, he pulled my jaw open and gently inserted his dickhead into my waiting mouth. I clamped gently down and waited for a few minutes, enjoying the rough fuck from the top in my ass, who was spewing nasty words out about my hole. “Fucking nasty little bug chaser. Getting his hole filled with any cock that will take it. Probably already a stupid fucking poz cumdump…” the man yelled, announcing to the world my debauchery. “Hear that man?” Kyle asked, his voice sounding strained, “You’re getting even more advertising. Gonna have you service every guy here tonight, and when they’re done, Benny and I are gonna leave our loads in you too. Having Benny use the money he owes me to get you an extra special gift to commemorate your night here.” Suddenly, I felt a hot gush of warm salty liquid fill my mouth. The liquid quickly filled my mouth, and after a second of hesitation, I gulped down the hot piss.The taste was different than I expected. Kyle let out a sigh and I continued to gulp, enjoying the feeling of the hot liquid filling my stomach. After a while, his cock slowly dribbled to a stop and he pulled his now throbbing member out of my mouth. I suck as he pulled out, freeing the last few drops of piss from around the large PA lodged in the pisshole. Staring up, I looked at Kyle, who was staring down at me in happy awe. “Fucking nice man!” he said, grabbing my chin and moving my head around, my body jolting occasionally in response to the hard slams in my hole from the verbal guy deep inside it, “Not a drop wasted. You’re a natural piss toilet. I love it. Next one is getting showered all over you though.” Suddenly, the pace in my hole picked up suddenly, and I heard the guy in my ass yell out. “Fuck! Knocking your stupid ass up with my babies, bitch! Take it! TAKE IT!” he said, slamming my hole hard enough to make the wall shake. After a few moments, he pulled out, and Kyle spun me around. “Thank the nice man and help him get cleaned up to leave, slut,” he growled, shoving my face into the hole. I immediately looked through and opened my mouth. A large, uncut cock was quickly shoved roughly into my mouth, a large scorpion going down the shaft. I felt Kyle shove my hole onto yet another cock, and I winced, feeling the smoke and poppers starting to wear off. Satisfied he was clean, the top pulled his cock out of my mouth and smacked my face as hard as he could. “Stupid fucking faggot,” the guy said and walked out without another word. “Fu… Ow!” I said, pulling my face back and rubbing it. Kyle nose-jetted down at me with a questioning look. “Asshole slapped my face really hard. And my hole is getting tired,” I groused, grabbing the bottle of poppers. “Sorry about that,” Kyle replied, kneeling beside me and grabbing two fresh reds and sticking them both in my mouth as I took several deep hits off the bottle. Soon enough, my ass started to enjoy the pounding it was receiving and I closed the bottle. Kyle lit the two cigarettes, and I took a deep inhale. “Fuck, that’s better,” I sighed, enjoying the extra thick smoke pouring out of my mouth, “Going straight to my cock.” “Nice, dude,” he said, lighting two from his pack as well, “Love fucking my lungs with a double. Figured you would too. Gonna try an’ get a whole pack inside you by the end of tonight.” “Holy shit yes,” I said, enjoying the smoke as I hauled away, happy to have the smoke and poppers fucking me up again. “Gonna have you so full of buggy little swimmers you’ll be shitting cock slime for the whole week fucker,” he continued, looking beneath me at my asshole, smiling as the guy in my ass came silently and pulled out, a second cock instantly now fucking it, “Nice, two for one. Maybe they have different strains.” “Fuck yeah, my ass is full of all sorts of bugs tonight,” I said, zoned out on the poppers and smoke, letting my cock and balls do the talking, “Gonna really get knocked up like the slut I am tonight.” “Yeah buddy, can’t wait 'til you get turned toxic and get your poz badge!” he agreed, licking at the loads dripping from me off my now aching balls, “You want to bug up? Get the gift?” “Fuck yeah,” I said, realizing that the people in the next room could likely hear our dark conversation. The cock in my hole twitched hard at my reply, and its pace quickened, “Can’t wait until my ass gets fully converted and I get my gift.” “Gonna need to get you a tatt then,” he said smoke pouring out of him as he gave my dick a few strokes. My ass clenched at his stroking, and the cock in my ass blew its load, its owner groaning behind the wall. “Fuckin’ awesome man, milk that tainted cock,” Kyle said, our dirty talk making both of us smoke down our reds to the filter in what felt like record time. We both removed the spent butts. Kyle reached for our packs as he planted a deep kiss on my lips, his fingers expertly pulling out our smokes as his smoky tongue intertwined with mine. Pulling back, he spit into my mouth and then dove back in. I sucked on his tongue, somewhat unsurprised to find a piercing there as well. We released and Kyle stuck my two reds on my lips as he did the same with his. With a quick flick of the lighter, Kyle lit us both up and we continued to smoke. Another cock was shoved in my ass as Kyle continued to talk. “Fuck yeah, haul on that double. Gonna feed you the whole pack before you leave tonight. Got to admit, was surprised you actually agreed to let me whore you out tonight and try get your ass knocked up,” Kyle said, grinning and stroking his cock, “Fuckin’ love it though. Also, love watching you take so quickly to the reds. Think you’ll fuck your lungs with them again, man?” “Yeah,” I grunted, nose jetting the smoke and sliding my ass back against cock, enjoying the slick, loose feeling in my hole, “Definitely prefer cigars, but these are great too, especially two at a time.” We both sat in silence as we smoked and I was fucked, Kyle stroking his cock next to my face. Another cock appeared in front of me when suddenly Kyle pushed me out of the way. He stroked it a few times, and then wiped his hand across my soaking wet balls, collecting the multiple loads dripping out of my wrecked ass. He grinned at me as he smeared some of the jizz on the cock, and then on his asshole. “Watching you take all those toxic loads making my ass hungry too,” he groaned, quickly sinking down on the glistening cock, “Wanna make out and swap smoke for a while as we take all these loads, bro?” I nodded and for the following hour or so we did just that. I quickly lost count of the number of guys who dumped a load in my ass, instead just enjoying the feeling of my ass loosening up into a dripping cum dump and sharing the smoke with Kyle. We smoked the packs of reds down quickly, my lungs burning and my head swimming at the massive amount I inhaled. Both of us eventually found out holes empty, and Kyle and I stood up, making out and stroking each other, our cocks both dripping. A knock interrupted us followed by the sound of a set of keys at the door. Slowly the door opened and Benny, the blue-haired twink walked in. Promptly, he pulled his pants down and revealed a massive, cut cock. I was frankly shocked, as I would never have guessed he was packing such a large cock on such a small body. He walked up and shoved at my upper back, bending me over as he took my ass without a word. He made quick work, not making a sound as he slammed away at my hole until he released his load and whispered into my ear. “Take my unmedicated high viral load bitch,” he said and licked my neck before pulling out his cock and grabbing his pants, pulling them back up and tossing a set of keys at Kyle. “Hey, fucker, what’s these for?” he said, catching them with ease before stepping up to my ass and shoving his cock in as well, “And where’s the thing?” “Gonna take a few days to get it. You’ll live,” he said, his voice sounding bored, letting out a loud yawn, “I gotta go. Everyone else is gone and it’s all pretty much locked up. Let yourself out.” With those parting words, Benny walked out and left me alone with Kyle. “So,” he said, "didn’t get to give you your gift for helping me prove my point to Mr. Queen there. But maybe I can give you another in its place…” Kyle slammed his metal filled cock up my ass and proceeded to fuck me hard, having us both light up as he did. I looked into my pack, and to my surprise found only 1 red left. “Gonna be an incentive for you to get your own,” he said, looking over my shoulder as he puffed away, “…fuck, getting close already.” I clenched my hole down, trying to milk his cock and help him along when he continued talking, his voice strained. “So, fucker…” he said, slamming my ass as hard as he could, his PA rubbing around in my hole and abusing it, “Remember when I told you I got tested the other day?” I nodded, unable to say anything due to the solid reaming I was receiving. “Never did tell you the actual result,” he continued, wrapping his hands around my neck and squeezing slightly, changing his angle and making me harder, “… didn’t stop your ass for milking me dry though. Also bet you’re wondering how I knew you’re a doctor and won that bet with little Princess Betty.” Again, I nodded. I had vaguely wondered how Kyle had known this. “Was at your hospital the other day, and saw your sexy ass in the cafeteria talking to all your doctor friends. Had my first appointment with my infectious disease doc,” he said, his pace picking up somehow even faster, “Fuck yeah, knew when I saw you that if I ever saw you again, I’d find a way to fuck your sweet hole. Shiiiiit… I got to stealth your sweet hole last night. Now I’m gonna shoot my fucking toxic poz load inside you again slut.” And with that, Kyle slammed into my ass and held still, letting out a loud growl as his cock throbbed, shooting what felt like a huge load deep inside me. It was powerful, forcing out some of the other loads in the process as my ass ran out of space for all the cum inside of me. Part of me was shocked, as with the way Kyle had told me his status the night before, he almost sounded like he was negative. But thinking back to his exact words again, I realized he was right, and never actually gave me a full answer. Slowly, he reached around me and grabbed the now cold and unforgotten butt plug that had been in my ass hours earlier. He quickly pulled himself out and shoved it in, eliciting a gasp from me as the cold plug seated itself deep inside me and my hole slammed shut at the cold intrusion. “Fuck yeah, grab that plug with your stretched out ass lips. You know you want those loads to stay inside where they belong.” Kyle then grabbed the back of my head, pulling my face to his crotch. “Suck me clean so we can go, pig.” I sucked him clean, slowly savouring the taste of all the different cum loads coating his dick. His tasted great, with an extra smoky taste to it. I realized I likely had something to my theory of smoker’s cum tasting different. After a few minutes, and coaxing a bit more of Kyle’s cum out of his cock as it deflated, I stood up, getting ready to jack off. “No way fucker, save that for tomorrow when you remove that plug,” he said, smacking my hand away, “Let those loads marinate inside your ass and then jack off in the morning. Give that virus a chance to knock you up.” We both dressed in silence, my ass feeling delightfully full again with the multitudes of cum sloshing inside my hole around the plug. I pocketed the box of reds, now empty save for one lone cigarette. We climbed the stairs in silence, and I stood back and rubbed my still hard and aching cock and cum-swollen balls, watching Kyle open the door before letting us out. He grabbed another cigarette and lit it quickly before handing it to me to share. I took a deep puff and handed the red back. “Well, I’m off to home. We gotta do this again soon. Next time though, I expect you to bring your own smokes,” he said, a wicked grin on his face as I slowly nose-jetted the smoke. “Who says I’ll be back?” I asked, jokingly getting an attitude as he started to walk away. “Dude, pig like you will be here every night I bet,” he said loudly, “Besides, got to work your ass up to being ready for the bathhouse somehow.” I secretly was glad the street was empty, as his words echoed off the different storefronts. “Sounds like a plan then…” I said, turning away and starting the short walk to my apartment building next door, “Don’t forget to send me that Ren guy’s number?” “Will do. But only if you send me a pic of your ass tomorrow after you take the plug out. See ya soon!” he called back, waving to me as I left. I waved back, knowing the action was pointless since he couldn’t see me. Slowly, I walked in the front door, looking at the security guard at the desk. I was silent, seeing that he was clearly asleep, his legs on the desk and hat on his face. Looking at him, I glanced at the clock behind him and quickly realized the time. 3:45am. Holy shit, I thought to myself, as I called the elevator, which quickly opened with a soft clank, did I seriously spend almost 6 hours at a glory hole?! I grinned at the realization, catching my reflection in the now closed doors. I looked… well… well-fucked was the first thing that came to mind. My hair was tousled, and I had what looked like a small bit of cum coating my bottom lip. I instinctively licked it. Yep… cum. The doors quickly opened, and I walked out, quickly unlocking the door to my apartment and stepping in. A slightly hazy cloud of cigar smoke still hung slightly in the air from the nights earlier festivities. I took in a deep breath and inhaled deep through my nose, now enjoying the smell. I quickly made my way to the bathroom and removed the cock ring from my member before taking a quick piss. The relief was instant, as I felt my dick slowly deflated and I unleashed a full bladder. My eyes felt heavy as I relieved myself. The night quickly was catching up to me, as I felt the tiredness suddenly hit me like a brick wall. Yawning, I undressed, and pulled back the covers, climbing into bed. In almost no time at all, I quickly drifted off to sleep, with ass plug deep inside me as the countless loads inside my ass stayed trapped. Kept warm inside me, allowing them to get absorbed.
  14. Been sick the last week, so this took a bit longer than I wanted. Hope you enjoy. -- PART 8: Open for Business Putting a TV dinner into the microwave, I went around the apartment and started collecting the few things I would need for my night of debauchery. My ass pleasantly ached from the pounding Jackson had just given me, and with each step, I felt the three loads swirling around deep inside me. Walking over next to the island, I felt the butt plug in my ass moving around as bent over, the large knot pressing firmly against my hole. Butt plug: check. Reaching out, I grabbed the small silver bottle on the ground. Making sure the lid was on securely, I slid it into my pocket and stood back up, loving how the big plug slid around inside my hole, rubbing against my already abused prostate. Thanks to the earlier night’s event’s, I would likely have plenty of stretching and lubrication in my ass. Lube: check. Poppers: check. Walking back over to the other counter, I opened the small humidor and looked at the various cigars. I sat for a few moments, trying to decide on one before finally deciding on a rather large, medium brown one with the name Punch on the side. Recalling what Eric had done in the shop that day, I ran the stick under my nose and sniffed, my cock immediately swelling at the aroma. Happy with my choice, I grabbed my lighter and the cigar and put them in the opposite pocket. Cigar and lighter: check. Feeling my ass, I checked for my wallet, and as I did, the microwave let out several beeps, letting me know my food was ready. I quickly ate the hot meal, and after a quick once over, I grabbed my phone and keys and walked out of the door. Waiting for the elevator, I re-read the texts from Kyle earlier that evening. I felt my cock stir, thinking about all the random loads I was about to get up my formerly tight, nearly virginal hole, mixing in with the three already placed in my ass after the dark and twisted dirty talk with Jackson. In the back of my mind, I felt slightly scared at the risks I was taking, and the possibility of catching something, but then again, the talk of getting pozzed had definitely also made me cum hard earlier in the evening. And if confronted with the issue, I knew I could always just write a prescription of my own for PEP or PrEP. One of the few true luxuries of being a doctor. Looking at the wording and phrases Kyle used in the texts, I casually wondered if Kyle might be into guys getting knocked up, especially with his deviant talk of anonymous cock and special loads. And admittedly, the thought of getting high on poppers, lighting up a few cigarettes and smoking them also had their own special appeal while taking loads. Hopefully, I thought to myself, I can get with Kyle in the future and try that out. Suddenly, my phone dinged as the elevator doors finally opened, and a new message popped up from Kyle, directing me to several websites. Kyle: here, check these out. might help w the smoking and slut training Kyle: breeding.zone and smokinmen.com Curious, I stepped into the elevator and selected the ground floor before I tapped on the first link. Making a quick glance, I realized it was a barebacking site. A quick glance at some of the topics got my cock hard. Bug chasing being one to immediately jump off the page at me. I bookmarked the site, instantly knowing I would be checking it out again soon. Next, I went back to my messages and opened the second link and was instantly greeted with images of all different men of ages and types smoking. I felt my cock lurch as I zoomed in on several younger guys, cigarettes hanging slightly out of their mouths as they smoked. This must be what Kyle meant by dangling… and even quicker than before, I tapped the bookmark icon. Stepping off the elevator, I made a quick beeline to the front door, ignoring the front desk entirely and walking out into the crisp fall night, before walking into the bookstore next door. At first, I wanted to make a straight line to the gloryholes, but I knew I would need to make one last purchase. Walking around, I looked for a few minutes at some of the toys before seeing that I one thing I wanted to add to the mix before going down into the depths below. Grabbing the package, I walked up to the counter and made my quick purchase. Waving away the bag, I walked over to the counter for the video booths and looked at the blue haired twink. With a start, I reached for my wallet and started to pull out a $10 bill. “Um, Benny, right?” I asked, slightly nervous for some unknown reason. Without more than a glance, the kid let out a sigh. “It’s twenty-five.” “Oh… um….” I said, remembering that the previous night it was only $10, “Well, Kyle sent me and said to tell you he wanted me to have the friend discount.” “Uh… huh…” he said, still not looking up from his phone, “Everybody is ‘friends’ with Kyle, sweetie… so try again.” I was starting to get a bit annoyed at the guy’s attitude. Pulling out my phone, I searched through my messages before I landed on one of the messages Kyle had sent me. “He also said to tell you I’m…” I briefly hesitated before continuing, “Looking to be a cum dumpster tonight and that you would help me. Can you really do that or should I just go home?” Apparently, that got his attention. He stopped and looked up at me from the screen of his phone with a mildly shocked look on his face. “Shit, he really was telling the truth,” he said, letting the indifferent mask fall for a few brief moments before quickly putting it back up, “Fine. I guess I’m out $25 because of you and Kyle. Need to see your ID.” Confused, I grabbed it my wallet out and handed the card to him, guessing that they just need to make sure people entering are 18, perplexed however since Kyle had never asked for mine the day before. “God damn it, how does he always know?!” Benny muttered under his breath before handing me back the card. “Excuse me?” I asked, putting the wallet back in my pants. “I need to stop making stupid bets with him. Another fifty fucking dollars…” Benny groused, staring at the ceiling, “Never would have pegged a doctor type as a cum slut. But he sure did. He one of your patients or something?” “Uh… no…” I let out, quickly wanting to just leave at this point. “Fine, you’re in, and here’s the key to Booth 8,” he said, tossing a small bronze key to me, “Only one that is reserved here.” “Oh, cool,” I said, catching the key. “By the way,” he asked, as he buzzed me in, “Tell me the truth. You serious about what Kyle said? You truly taking loads from anyone tonight?” At first, I was going to shy away from the question before I caught myself. Shying away was the old me. New me was going to seize life by the balls and milk them dry. With a slightly cocky smile and nod, I looked Benny straight in the eyes. “Yeah,” I said, confidently, “Why, you wanting to add to the mix?” “Fucking nice, man,” he said, raising his eyebrows somewhat appreciatively, “After all the money you cost me tonight, you bet your ass I’m not leaving here without sampling your hole and leaving my mark in it.” With those final words, I walked down the stairs and into the dimly lit red hallway before, the sounds of grunting and smell of fresh sex increasing with each step. — I walked around for several minutes, looking at each door trying to find Booth 8, quickly thinking that maybe it had all been a joke by Benny and Kyle. In almost a cruel irony, none of the booths seemed to go in order. I was finally about to give up when I stumbled onto it, having at first dismissed it as a broom closet on my first pass of the hallways. Grabbing the key, I opened the door and found myself in a long, narrow booth. Tape covered the bill acceptor, and there was already gay porn playing on the screen. The door closed behind me and with a soft click, I heard the door lock as well. Something the other room had lacked. Looking around the room, it appeared to be well stocked and pretty clean. A bench appeared to be positioned between the two glory holes, both at what seemed to be the perfect height to either stand or if one wanted to, kneel on all fours on top of the bench. There was comfortable looking padding on the bench. There was even a nice sized ashtray, so apparently, this room had been set up for a long stay in mind. Reaching into my pockets, I started pulling out my different items. Cigar, lighter, poppers, and my newest purchase, a cock ring. I knew with all the smoking, fucking, and sucking I would be doing tonight, the temptation to play with myself and cum would be overwhelming. I didn’t want to lose the urge to get filled once my balls had completely drained, so, I decided the best course of action would be to keep myself from cumming until the best time. I stood in the room for a few moments, staring at the tv watching the bareback orgy scene on the tv. Quickly, I felt myself get hard and decided to fully undress. Unzipping my pants, I stepped out of them and then pulled my shirt off, folding them both and putting them in the corner. Next, my ass plug was going to need to come out. I took the bottle of poppers and opened them, taking several hits and savoring the warm, relaxing rush through my body and steady swell in my cock. Reaching behind me, I slowly pulled the plug, now firmly and comfortably lodged deep inside me, holding back the three loads Jackson had left up my ass. I tugged gently at first, feeling as the plug stubbornly stayed in place behind my ass lips. Slowly, I increased the pressure and finally pulled it out with a loud plop, suddenly leaving me feeling empty as a few drops of cum slowly make their way out and slide down my thigh, making me moan. My ass felt so very empty and gaped for a few moments at the sudden loss of the large plug. Feeling the inside of the leg, I fingered a few of the cum drops back up my ass, feeling the gaping, wrecked remains of my formerly tight hole slowly closed down on them. Now finally closed again, I pulled them back out and looked at the thick white glazing on them. Horny, I stuck them in my mouth, rubbing the loads into my tongue and savoring the taste of my ass and Jackson’s thick cum, as I had that morning with Kyle and Mateo’s loads. It was a smokier and creamier taste, and I wondered if the fact that Jackson was a cigar and pipe smoker accounted for a different taste in the cum. Looking down at the plug in my hand, I looked over it quickly, and after not seeing anything but cum, stuck it in my mouth, sucking more of the thick cum and ass juices off. It tasted amazing. Satisfied it was clean, I then turned my attention to the cock ring. It was a small rubber o-ring type device. Guessing it was much like the small tourniquets I used in trauma surgery for the ER, I stretched it out and surrounded my cock and balls, much like I would for a finger laceration. I released it and with a soft hiss out of my mouth, looked down at my now encircled cock and balls. I loved how the ring somehow made my dick and balls stick out further, making each vein more prominent and giving more feeling; sensitive but somehow also not. Giving myself several quick tugs, I was happy to find the ring did its job without cutting off circulation, but still giving a nice firm squeeze, and would likely do its job well. All that left was the cigar. Instead of rushing like I had before, I knew I wanted to take things slower. Grabbing it and my lighter, I took the cigar and again ran it under my nose, enjoying the scent once more before placing it in my jaw. I then greedily sucked on the end, wetting it. Flicking the light on, I slowly lit the end, puffing gently, getting a nice cherry on the end of the brown stogie, and after an especially nice deep inhale, I shut off the flame and let the smoke jet out of my nose. I was a little surprised at this point, as, after this light up, I didn’t cough at all, and instead just felt the mild burn in my chest as I ‘fed them.’ Encouraged by my sudden growth as a smoker, I looked at myself in the dim reflection of the now momentarily dark monitor and was almost dumbfounded by what I saw. With the cigar in my mouth, it's smoke drifting out of the side of my jaw, and my cock lewdly sticking out, veins bulging from the cock ring, I looked, well, fucking hot. Looking down at my phone, I got a slightly wicked idea, and after a few quick taps, I took a quick selfie and sent it to Kyle with the caption ‘see what you’re missing?’ With that sent, I sat down, and started watching the new scene on the monitor, which showed a young guy in the middle of a bareback orgy on all fours, a line of several rough looking guys all covered in different tattoos, talking to each other and kissing as they stroked their cocks, waiting for their turn. Puffing on the cigar, I slowly started stroking myself, waiting for someone to stick their cock through one of the holes. Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait long as a cock was shoved into the hole on my left. There in front of me was a large, cut black dick. Easily, it was at least 10 inches long, and thick as 3 of my fingers as well. My ass ached to be filled with it. Getting up, I grabbed it and started stroking it, slowly bringing my ass over to it. I thought at first about sucking on it but then decided to instead back up my ass and slowly lower myself down. Halfway down, my ass started to hurt a little, and so I took my cigar out of my mouth, grabbed the poppers and huffed deeply several times in each nostril, before sticking my cigar back in my mouth and with a deep inhale, forcing my ass down the rest of the way. The guy in the other booth immediately let out a string of curses in appreciation as I let out a smokey moan, feeling the big black cock throb inside me. We sat there for a few moments as I slowly smoked until the guy started to slowly move in and out of my ass, my stretched hole gripping the large member raping it. I sat in silence as I listened to the onslaught of words coming from the guy next door. “Fuck yeah, gonna rape your white boy pussy tonight. A nice wet hole like yours is great at making my dick feel good boy. H-oooooh fuck,” he said, pausing for a moment before moving again, “in you with no rubber too, so gonna be able to breed you nice and deep, mix my potent baby batter with these others. You want that slut?” I let out a loud moan as he continued. “Damn, didn’t think I would get grade A prime ass tonight. Gotta thank that bitch Benny for hookin’ me up. He’s got lots of fuckers lined up for your ass tonight.” Almost like clockwork, a cock was shoved in front of me after he said that, and with a quick inhale of my cigar, I took my smoke out of my mouth and dove face first onto the nicely shaped light brown cock in front of me. I began to suck as if my life depended on it, as the cock in my mouth slowly dripped precum on my tongue. I sucked harder, enjoying the taste as the black monster in my ass continued to rape me. “Gonna cum soon up your tight white cunt. Fill you with my special little swimmers, and breed you. With all the loads you’re gonna take tonight in your guts, you won’t know who got you pregnant, bitch. Hope it’s mine though fucker.” Pulling off the rapidly leaking cock in my mouth, I took a few quick, deep inhales on my cigar and started to rhythmically squeezed down on the cock in my ass, completely oblivious to the words being said to me as my cum lust began to take over. Full of smoke, I went back to sucking and was quickly rewarded with a thick creamy load in my mouth. The cock in front of me was pulled out and just left the big black cock in my ass, whose pace was picking up. I slowly savored the creamy semen in my mouth before swallowing it down. “Balls are about to explode motherfucker, deep in your cunt with the other loads in here. Take this nasty fuck deep faggot.” With a final set of slams, I felt the black cock start throbbing in my ass, filling me deep with a warm volley of jizz. I began to puff on my cigar again, enjoying the feeling of my ass and lungs getting fed. The black guy quickly pulled out, and within a few moments, I could hear a door slam. I sat there for a minute or two, my ass at the hole, wondering if anything else would happen when I felt another cock get shoved deep in my ass and start fucking it hard. I sat back, enjoying the pounding in my hole as I slowly smoked my cigar, keeping the smoke in for longer and longer before finally, another cock appeared in front of my face. It was a shorter, uncut white dick, with massive bull balls. I immediately took it in my mouth and sucked, getting reamed by both ends in silence, except for the occasional grunt or groan. Quickly enough, the cock spewed a load in my mouth and I swallowed it down, and with a quick pull out, the hole was empty again. I went back to smoking my cigar and shortly after heard the top grunt and drop a load up my ass. Almost instantly, another cock was shoved up my ass, with an appreciative ‘nice’ said out loud, and my ass being slammed yet again. Another cock in front of my face appeared, long and thin, with a few piercings down the shaft. Much like before, both came without much much fuss, and in between, I continued to smoke my cigar, which was starting to get smaller and smaller. I occasionally would take a few hits on my poppers, enjoying the feeling of the warmth in my body as they did their work. This continued for the next hour and a half, and much to my dismay, my cigar was nearly spent. Looking down, I looked at my phone. Only 11:40. I didn’t really want to end before midnight, but I knew without the cigar, it wouldn’t be near as much fun for me for. And I also wanted to eventually cum as well. At my count, I had to have at least 9 loads in my ass, and another 7 loads in my stomach. Some guys had been verbal, others had thanked me for the use of my ass or mouth. My balls felt heavy and full of cum, and my ass was still hungry for more. I stood up, as there was a lull in the visitors to my holes, and debated getting the plug up my ass and getting dressed to leave when I heard a soft knock at the door. “Hey, it’s me…” the voice called out, at first not registering with me. I first, I was tempted to get dressed before answering the door, but then thought better of it. Most of these men had already or were likely willing to cum in my ass and mouth. Who cares if they saw me naked. I walked to the door and opening it a crack asked softly out loud. “Who?” A hand forced the door open and pushed me back, before quickly shutting it again. “Kyle, dumb shit,” the sexy skinhead before me replied. “H-Hey!” I said, with a smile on my face, as he immediately started stripping, “What’s up?” “My cock fucker,” he said with an evil grin, grabbing his cock and flicking it, the PA in it glaring evilly in the dim light, “I got your message and couldn’t wait to try out the kinky fucking shit we talked about.” Quickly, he pulled his shirt off and reached into the knapsack I had failed to notice him carrying inside the small room. Suddenly, he pulled out a large red and white box. “Had to see you taking all those fucking loads while we smoke these bad boys,” he said, tearing open the box and surprising me as he pulled out a box of Marlboro Reds and tossed them to me before pulling out one for himself. Watching him open the pack, I grabbed my next to completely spent cigar and inhaled a few drags as I followed his lead, before finally getting out one of the long white sticks. Grabbing the cigar butt from my mouth, he held the end to the Red, puffing it to life with a deep inhale and a load, guttural moan. “Fuck yeah,” he moaned, smoke pouring out before motioning to me to grab the butt and do the same, “needed that. You next. Rape those fucking lungs.” I followed his lead and quickly got the Red lit. With a deep inhale, I enjoyed the sensation. Less and different smoke, to be sure, but it was enjoyable none the less. And with the number of cigarette packs Kyle had brought, we would be having fun all night. “So, how many loads you had dumped in you so far tonight?” he asked, stroking his cock as he grabbed my ass cheek and dipped a finger in, grinning when my ass started dripping. “Nine, I think?” I said, as he grabbed his dick and stroking it, inhaling the red before nose jetting it, “I also ate another seven.” “Fuckin’ sexy cum whore!” he said, grinning and shoving two more fingers inside, “Want even more? Word is your ass is taking all sorts of tainted cock tonight.” Suddenly, several things hit me at once. First, the words of the owner of the big black cock hit me. Special swimmers, nasty fuck, getting pregnant… I had to have been fucked by a poz guy who was looking to gift. At first, I didn’t know how to feel. Shame, fear, lust, excitement… However, having not cum, my ass and cock and balls did all my thinking for me. Next, Kyle’s words. He definitely wanted to see me taking poz cock tonight. Much like Jackson, he must get off on the idea of bug chasing, or at least others chasing. “Fuck yeah,” I said, smiling wickedly as I looked down at my cock and watched as some of the anonymous loads dripped out of me while Kyle's fingers fucked my wet ass, some of the loads running down my balls and cock. I took a deep haul on the Red in my mouth and then let it dangle from my lips before continuing. “Get me all the toxic loads you can.” “Good,” he said, pulling them out and bending me back over before shoving my ass against the hole, “Gonna keep you smoking and huffing poppers as long as you keep that hole open for business. A lot of horny guys paid good money to be here tonight, and are wanting to fill you and breed you with their DNA.” I relaxed my hole open as I felt another anonymous cock press against my ass. Looking up, I watched as Kyle quickly smoked his red and stroked his metal filled cock, texting away on his phone. Grinning in reply, I started hauling on my red as the cock in my hole slammed away at my abused jizz-filled ass.

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