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  1. Sorry for the delay. Part III – A decision to make The dark wooden door to Assbreeder82’s apartment opened, and Daniel entered a well-designed flat that showed taste and money without being to bold or extravagant. For a moment he stood in the hallway not moving a muscle, taking in all the impressions he could visually see. The apartment was designed mainly around nice pieces of wood, paired with steel and leather. He thought about the usual visitors to this flat. Business partners, friends, family, did any of them suspect Assbreeder82 to be kinky and perverted? He doubted it, this
  2. Part II Fantasies are a place were lots of things are allowed – some of them should stay fantasies though The address Daniel was given, was not far from his apartment. He took a taxi anyway, since he was somewhat excited and didn’t trust himself with his bike. When he arrived he was standing in front of one of the newly build buildings in town, the ones that were most certainly out of his price-range and would probably never be affordable for him unless he inherited a ton of money from a rich aunt he didn’t know of. When he entered the building, he was greeted by a concierge wearin
  3. English is not my mother tongue so please excuse my typos etc. Part I It was a normal day for Daniel. Boring work in the office, small talk with his co-workers during coffee break and couch and Netflix afterwards. The only thing that seemed somewhat exciting was his online activity. He had several profiles on all the gay dating websites and apps. Most of them were anonymous, showing no pictures of his face but maybe one or two of his body. After all he was proud of his muscles and liked to show them off a bit. Most of the time he only tried to get some dick pics from other users onli
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