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    Dirty piggy BB sex
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    Tactile filthy pig who loves to take his time and fuck deep. Depraved fucker

    Yes I've blocked people in the past but despite their holier than thou reactions I've done it for good reasons
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    Open to anything

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  1. Not fake just saw a fake from a mile off. I dont deal with guys who send questions endlessly kindly. Many more can answer that I am far from fake. Understand where hes coming from though.
  2. Is now SpunkDonor, will change it thank you
  3. Raw breeder here based near Stratford on Avon. Never refuse a hole a load


    1. mjkuhl


      that big dick would feel soooo goood

    2. nikkisiisyfag


      fuck thats a nice big cock to serve 

  4. 40yo, hung, based near Stratford on Avon. Can only travel. Permanently horny. Will spunk in any hole, poz/neg/undetectable. Drop me a line
  5. Looking for pig to play with this evening for a few hours. Can only travel
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