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  1. i live by burgess park, want to show me where the action is?
  2. Any guys want to take me to locker room when it reopens? not been before so a bit shy
  3. 16 in Queens Park bent over the bandstand. Sadly with a condom, but was happy to get a dick in me. 15 for oral I picked a guy up off the tube & went down on him in a pub toilet.
  4. looking to serve an older guy or guys. 42 medium build in south london. prefer if poz but not nessary. looking for regular use. have pics to share.
  5. love crusing at the clinic when i got for a check up. think it would be fucking hot to find a guy there to get fucked. anyone done it? i go dean sstreet lots of hot poz guys there but no luck.
  6. You're a horny fucker & great contributor to the site. Cheers

    1. MuscledHorse


      Thanks man! I have a huge sex appetite and am striving to be the best sexual athlete I can be with my fellow males. 

  7. to be controlled by an older dom top in a bar & being used in full view of everyone under his orders. servicing anyone he says.
  8. I've always been into older, piggier guys but have been pretty shy about it & never really acted on it. Well behind doors maybe, but what I really want to submit to a older bigger poz pig in public as well as private. I'm not into the pretty boys, I prefer the guys who look like they've lived & fucked! Older the better, I'm 40 so any one older but 50+ pigs is where my heart & cock is. When I first came out I used to love Comptons, Old Compton St. Thats where the dirty men used to go, proper old school soho, I i want to be in the middle. But was always too shy to get involved.
  9. New cock & ball strap



  10. How is Central Station? Busy? Not been in ages
  11. looking for 40yo+ top to train me up as a cum dump and used by whoever they choose. bit nervous so need to go easy but want to unleash my inner pig bored of randoms, want to develop a sleaze realationship with a man. a man who never washes. no limits. dom masters in thier 20s would love to serve
  12. next time in london i'd love to swap seed with you
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