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    Rual Victoria Australia
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    Poz, On Meds
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    5-11H 85K with 8 1/2"tattood & pierced Cock with low hangers ,always Commando. Active since I was 14 years old19-56
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    Pig sex,cum eating BB deep Breeding ,no seed ever wasted no condoms ever

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  1. I really like your feed, I ts great and keeps my cock leeking precum.

    1. Saturn1


      I thank you SO MUCH for the compliment! I just LUV posting stuff that gets the BZ Peeps all horned up!!! YAY!!! Hopefully, I will post something that will MAKE you CUM!!! Lol! ;) 

  2. RobDog


    Breeding,as aposed to just fucking refers to a special bond, may be even spiritual between two men
  3. My score,313 .im proud of it, I've had a great time achieving it
  4. Same thing is happening to me, 230 Tumblr this morning and over 100 yesterday It takes ages to delete them all
  5. I'm in the same situation , and happy with the results, It takes time and dedication
  6. I to like to get my tongue under the hood
  7. RobDog

    First time being double penetrated

    it's high on my bucket list,being seeded by two studs at once ,what a feeling.
  8. RobDog

    I Pozzed the Stud Muffin

    Great story,. Got me boned up and oozing precum.
  9. RobDog

    Berlin Part 1: The Bull

  10. RobDog

    Off The Beaten Path

    I hope my large P.A is helping the Breeding of my Bois
  11. Great hot story one of the best
  12. RobDog

    Muscle Bear Dad

    I wish I had had a Dad like that, what a great start for aBoi just starting out on his life as a gay man
  13. RobDog

    What Nationality Are You?

    Australian,Decended from 2nd fleeters
  14. RobDog

    Poz Tattoos And Piercings

    I have aPA, Nipple piercings, and a snake tottoed on my cock shaft . This was all done on the scene back in the early 70s well before AIDS The PA is great preparation for the cunt helping to shred it and make the breeding a success I'm planning to get a Biohazard tattoo just above my pubs and a scorpion on my ball sack coming up my toxic shaft.
  15. RobDog

    The Tattoo Artist

    Great story, I had a hardon all through it I'm going to get my biohazard tattoo this week ,A real turn on.

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