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    Rual Victoria Australia
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    Poz, On Meds
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    5-11H 85K with 8 1/2"tattood & pierced Cock with low hangers ,always Commando. Active since I was 14 years old19-56
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    Pig sex,cum eating BB deep Breeding ,no seed ever wasted no condoms ever

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  1. RobDog

    Brotherly love

    Hot,Got my Poz preecum flowing freely
  2. Piercing \Yar I have OO PA and sum cum guzzlers don't like to deep throat me or give head .on the other hand,those into heavy rough piggy scenes love it .Some bottoms go crazy fit it and carnt wait to get their mancunt battered and breed l got my piercing ,on the scene,back in the early 70s and I blew my load as the needle went though .
  3. RobDog

    Hands or No Hands

    No hands ,just tongue and throats do massage his balls with my hands to get the maxing load of sweet cum down my throat
  4. RobDog

    Chasers and gifters

    Poz pig full of toxic cum . Can be in Melb. during week to breed a hole.
  5. The top who knocked me up had a large PA which ripped me up ,Blood on his shaft, He pumped his load deep up my shoot. A very successful Poz breeding.
  6. RobDog

    Dirty Uncut Cock? Dick Cheese? Smegma?

    Oh yes fa glory I need to service that beautiful cheeses cock for you

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