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  1. Fuck this story has been the hottest fucking one i’ve read in a long ass time! Fucking wish it was my autobiography! Great job!
  2. Fuck! You’re certainly welcomed here! Love that sloppy loose hole! Feel free to post all your encounters here!
  3. Thanks man...it’s a small pic of your ass, but I could spend a lot of time eating and breeding it...for sure! Here’s me at work a minute ago...CAE84956-EAD6-4457-AD0E-8B4F5E663F95.thumb.jpeg.ca092c0bb31c51b59859bc35ea12040f.jpeg

  4. Fuck me too! I’ve jerked off twice at work reading this whole thing start to finish! I wish I was fucking this boy’s cunt after all that abuse!
  5. Thanks for following me! Your profile pic is awesome -I'd love to feel that dick in me!

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