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    Poz pig tops to convert my soul and hole

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  1. Ill never forget the first time I saw gay porn, it was a NOVA filn, Kept After Class.. after that I knew that I was a cock loving gay pig
  2. Skys are clear, but its dark and cloudy here...


    1. AZpighole


      Hot fucker!

    2. manux32ccs


      diabolical beauty, at your feet sir, fill me with lust

  3. Would love to visit and maybe have you show me how good a time it can be

    ran out of messages here unfortunately 

  4. Are u on telegram or MeWe tumblr or something


    ran out of messages here

  5. ran out of messages to respond... will reply asap when i have ability again

    1. Taintedpig


      OK pig just let me know.

  6. BFB89F31-AC04-468F-9F85-1DFD6C69B46F.jpeg


    1. PopCultureofPorn


      Love a nice singlet oh a hot guy!

  7. Hail Poz Daddies/Bruders,

    Neg chem Btm vers pig looking for toxic top who’s not afraid to push his boys limits...  Message Me, I’d love to meet


  8. New to the zone, looking for any and all POZ TOP PIGS to connect with...

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