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    bug chasing is hot to spectate
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  1. I've been in Disney for about half a week with family, so finding some fun down here has been pretty tough. I found another pig through grindr, but today was finally a first time where we both were free. He drove over and picked me up back to the All Stars Music Resort and we got at it in his room. He had me wear his jockstrap (it was a kink of his) and promptly began eating and seeding my ass. I'm thinking I'm keeping the load in there for awhile.
  2. Damn, I had a similar experience scott0882 with a cute discreet guy here at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. He left his door open for me to walk in and blow him before swelling his load and leaving. Really wish we were able to do more
  3. Anybody know any spots in Disney for cruising? Tryna get away from the family for some fun.
  4. Damn, tried bumping the other night with an older man, and he bred me all night long. Kept feeling the high throughout the day though - finding another guy to take me to a sex shop where we bred in a private booth. Fucking love getting TwisTed, only wish I had more cock when I am.

  5. Honestly, I miss getting TwisTed.

    1. Willing


      One hot hole you got,  mmm?

    2. mdboy


      Thanks ❤️

    3. Willing


      Like to eat that and cram it full of cock and cum, mmm??

  6. Finally took a load... after so long.

    1. Fistulike666


      ... now you know what you've missed all this time, so just get down and get going! Well done so far ??

  7. after getting faded with a couple buds I remembered how good it feels to be a tweaked cumdump whore

    1. kawboy


      It does feel good.


  8. Anyone have any tips for bottoms that don't have their douching supplies in their dorm?

  9. Coming back to bottoming after taking a hiatus really sucks.

  10. I got so spun last night and we didn't fuck at all. Needless to say I'm horny as all hell LOL

  11. Thanks for the follow, PIG

  12. This story is sooooooooooooo fuckin hot!

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