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  1. Five Minutes To Aids

    Fuck this story is perfect
  2. Demon Seed

    If there are any tops in NYC into this hit me up
  3. Finding extremely submissive bottoms

    If you are ever in NYC I am your bttm. I love to get roughed up, bruised and choked by a verbal abusive top
  4. Demon Seed

    Fuck yeah, I would let that beast take me away any day.
  5. Demon Seed

    This scene from Sick Fucks gets me every time. Any other vids like this? Amateur would be even better, but anything with this kind of verbal. Love hearing them say they are gonna kill him and obtain his soul etc... When you buy the scene, by the way, its a little longer and more depraved. And that tops face as he unloads... there need to be more scenes like this. http://elfinion3.tumblr.com/post/160902349186/demon-breed-ave-satanas-sick-fucks-6-2667m
  6. Show us that Hole boy spread those cheeks and let us see that cute puckered hole. Beg for it boy

  7. Its a huge difference. Condoms feel rough and require more lube. There is also an energy exchange with skin on skin that the thinnest condoms on the market can't replicate. Not to mention, I fucking love have cum deep in me
  8. Les Hommes, Vishara, Bijou, Blue Store?

    Yeah I am curious too
  9. Help finding this twisted video

    I think you are talking about the scene Demon Seed from Sick Fucks. You can buy the scene on their site. It's also on a bunch of tumblrs too
  10. Video store/bathroom Hook up question

    I am also curious about bathroom stuff. I know you can signal under that stall... but thats about it
  11. Video store/bathroom Hook up question

    Fully naked, ay? Interesting. Thanks for the answers. Looking forward to see what happens
  12. Newly single and been curious about going to try out the buddy booth/video store scene. Is there is some sort of signal lingo I should know? I want to be fucked raw and bred... How do you accomplish that in few to no words?
  13. Newly single and been wanting to try one of these places out. Especially Les Hommes... seems filthy and I love that. But curious any one have any info or an opinion? Is there any sort of signal lingo or code I should know? Does everyone bb or do you ask for it?
  14. Porn Wishlist

    Tops faces as they cum in an ass

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