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  1. yes. growing up in an affluent area pretty much led the foundation for my incest and milf/dilf fetishes. like my friends had some prime milfs for mothers. we're talking blonde, fake tits, tight body, or thicc in the right spots.
  2. I dont want to suck my dads cock. Id rather suck my best friends dads cock. his dad was a beefy ball coach. i had the biggest crush on him growing up. he was so masculine and hairy
  3. ya sure ill go ass2mouth. i know where my ass has been ive got no problem cleaning the cock that was just in my ass
  4. dad/son, gangbang, interracial, raw/bare, creampie, monster cock, public, threesome/orgy/group
  5. Invulnerability so I can be a better cumdump and not catch anything. Being invulnerable would also allow me to push my body to the extreme and not tear
  6. i hope i keep this twitter account. apparently when you insult the admin and mods of twitter theyll suspend your ass and never give your account back. all this over my header, which said fuck me harder, and my pfp, which was of my ass in a jockstrap. lets see how long i can keep this account before i get beleted again

  7. twitter got suspended. gonna close that one and open another one i guess. idk ill flip a coin or something

  8. OK so this happened on my way back from vacation. I had stopped at rest stop late at night to grab an energy drink for the rest of the drive home. I got my drink and sat at a picnic table under a streetlamp to enjoy the cool summer night and to check grindr for any new dick pics. After scrolling thru the usual "heys" and "pic?" for a few minutes, I get a new message from a blank profile that says "is this you" followed by a picture of me sitting on the table under the light. I look up and see a few cars in the dark parking lot but I can't make out any details. I feel my phone vibrate and I look down at a new message that reads "go to the restroom and meet me in the last stall". My curiosity and horniness gets the better of me so I finish my drink and I do as instructed. I sit in the last stall as instructed for a few minutes until I hear the door creak open. Heavy boots sound on the aging tile. The stall door swings open and I meet my mystery man. He's an older stocky scruffy and tanned latino man standing a few inches taller than me dressed in a neon safety yellow shirt and jeans. He says, "you're such a good boy, following my instructions. I'm Tomas and I've got something I think you'll enjoy" Tomas unfastens his belt, undoes his jeans, and whips out one of the biggest cocks I've ever seen. As long as my forearm and almost as thick as the can my energy drink came in. It was uncut and then the smell hits me. I immediately smell the sweat and musk of his cock and balls. It smells so good I forget where I am and i drop to my knees and start kissing the head and down the shaft. Tomas says "I knew you such a pretty little cocksucker the moment I opened that app and saw your profile. I got so hard watching you walk to the restroom I figured you'd like a taste" I lick his shaft back to the tip before kissing it and sucking on the head. I'm sucking his cock getting it nice and wet for a few minutes only reaching half way down his cock. It's so thick. Tomas notices that I'm struggling to deep throat his fat cock. He moans "let me help you with that" and he forces my head down to the base. I hit the base and gag. He holds my head there and I inhale the scent of his sweat and musk in his pubes. I gag again and force myself off to get air. I catch my breath and move towards his balls. Tomas drops his jeans and steps out of them revealing a pair of hairy muscular thighs and his jockstrap. He pulls down his jockstrap and steps out of that and pulls off his shirt showing his hairy chest. Once he's undressed, except for his boots, I reach for his balls to savor his musk. I take his balls in my mouth and suck on them. His musk is so intoxicating. Tomas says "OK now it's my turn. I don't want to bust before tasting that sweet boy ass". He pulls my shirt and shorts off. My pale cock pops out. I've been leaking precum this whole time. "No underwear? You were looking for cock weren't you? Always at the ready like a good little faggot. Now, turn around" he orders me. I do as I'm told. "Wow that ass is unreal. Can't believe you were trying to hide this underneath your gym shorts" Tomas kneels down and spreads my ass showing him a smooth pink hole winking at him. He dives in first kissing my hole before digging his tongue in. His tongue plunged as far as it can go swirling around my insides. He eats my ass so good. After a few minutes of getting my hole nice and wet, he slips two fingers in to start working my hole. He reaches around and slowly starts milking my cock. As his fingers rub my prostate I start getting close to cumming. "Are you about to bust? Cum in my hand. I want to taste it" I do as I'm told and I cum in his hand. He takes his hand and licks the cum off. He stands up and spins me around kissing me, mouth full of cum. We swirl the cum back and forth, our tongues dancing before I swallow it all. "What a good boy. I didn't even have to tell you to swallow. Now bend over facing the toilet. I think you're ready for my cock" I do as I'm told and bend over. I grab the toilet and hang on. He spits on my hole and slowly pushes the head in. I feel my hole begin to stretch to take his cock. He spits on his cock and pushes forward until he's all the way in. "Wow I'm impressed. Most boys your size struggle to take my cock but you took it like a seasoned faggot. I bet you take a lot of big cock." I play with my hole a lot but it feels like he's going to tear me in two. Tomas puts his hands on my hips and begins to thrust slowly at first until he's built up speed, rhythmically pounding away at my hole. His big low-hanging balls slap mine in rhythm. He pounds away for a few minutes before pulling out with a loud pop. I feel my hole gape. He plunges back in before it can close. He smacks my ass with his big bear paw of a hand. A loud smack echoes off the walls in the empty restroom. My hole clenches tight around his fat cock and I feel it pulsate. He moans and cums deep in my ass. It's warm but feels so good. He pulls out and says "you did good taking it all but I'm still hard. Let's go another round" I turn around and see him still hard. He sits down on the toilet and orders me to fuck myself on his cock. I turn around, line my still tender hole up, and slowly sink down on his cock. I moan the whole way down. I start moving up and down until I'm bouncing. I'm moaning the whole time. Tomas leans down, grabs his jockstrap, and says "if you don't quiet down, I'll shove this in your mouth. Understand?" I nod and moan out a 'yes sir' before bouncing some more. The door to the restroom creaks open and I freeze and sit on his cock. Tomas shoves the smelly jockstrap in my mouth and whispers "quiet". He flips me up and onto his chest. He slowly slides me up and down his cock, my feet resting on his beefy thighs. There's someone else 10ft away pissing. Tomas whispers to me "do you think we should invite him in?" I shake my head no. "Good I didn't want to share my toy" The door creaks open again and the stranger leaves. Tomas, still holding me up, picks up speed again, using gravity to drive himself deeper inside me. He pulls the jockstrap out of my mouth and says "let's cum together". He thrusts some more getting deeper and deeper each time. I feel his cock tense up and he floods my hole again, more than when he cummed the first time. I cum too exploding all over my chest. He slides out of me, his cum dripping out of my used hole, and pushes me off of him. I reach to my used hole and push some of his cum into my hand. I lick it off and kiss him, pushing his cum into his mouth. We swap it back and forth before I swallow it. "Damn boy you have been the best reststop faggot I've ever fucked. Spread your ass for me, I want to see it gape." I do as I'm told and bend over spreading my ass to show my gaping used hole. It's tender and cum drips on the floor. We both get dressed and clean up, and walk out one at a time. The cum leaks out my hole as I walk back to my car, my ass sore while I make the trip back home.
  9. i couldnt really care if they wanted condom or not. im just after dick and getting fucked
  10. id love if this would come to atlanta. couldnt really think of a place to host it tho but it feels like the city would be a great host for it
  11. yes. itd be so hot if we both brought home tops to fuck us both and switched. or if we worked gloryholes together. seeing him slut it up only makes me want to slut it up too
  12. compression shorts at work, jockstrap or nothing everywhere else
  13. park bathrooms, sex shops, parking lots and garages, hiking trails, on a boat in the middle of a lake, build a grocery store
  14. im on there twitter.com/putitenmecoach
  15. because its fun and the amount of raw sweaty sex is fucking huge
  16. a married dad who used to pound my boyhole used to call me his sons name. there was prolly a lot to unpack there but im not his therapist, just his cumdump
  17. Ill bottom for daddies and bbc BUT i will also fuck some tight twink ass. I like both because im a hedonist at heart
  18. relatable af. i dont like straight kissing as i view it as romantic and i am not interested in romance at a fucking bath house. i might swap cum and snowball but i wont french
  19. lol no. i dont even get the flu vaccine. i had the rona last week and it honestly felt like the flu. i had a migraine and a fever for a few days followed by a couple of days of runny nose, and then 2 weeks of low grade fevers. like it would never go to 100 but work wouldnt let me back until i could go 24 hours without a fever or fever reducer. honestly 7/10 wouldnt mind getting again so long as i get covid pay and another 3 weeks off from work next time
  20. i prefer the combo of three pigs but im a hedonist so im not interested in romantic relationships
  21. yeah. im a hole, just because i nutted doesnt mean i want you to stop. i can go more rounds. keep pounding away
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