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    Elizabeth Nj
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    Submissive bottoms who know their purpose in life is to sexually serve Alpha tops like myself
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    White hispanic, 8" cut really thick. Gym body, beard and tattoos
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    A couple of videos so my favorite bottom later jerks off to me shooting a load inside him
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    See interests. Ideally a LTR with a clean cumdump who lives close to me and can take 3-4 loads a day
  1. Negative only

    Thanks for that. You are correct, in porn the scenes that turn me on are anon cumdumps. My brain understands the risks but my dick wants to fuck and unload in an ass. I dont like JO, feels like a waste of cum when i could be putting it inside a sweet warm hole. I worry about hepatoxicity and cost of PreP. Any idea where i could find it at lower cost?
  2. Negative only

    I am a negative top, clean as a whistle, and i try to top always negative bottoms. I am looking for an exclusive relationship but sometimes it feels like an impossible thing, at least in NJ where i live. I wonder if i am at risk of getting HIV as a negative top who is still looking for a neg bottom. I dont fuck around but nature has been knocking at my door lately. Advise?
  3. Small Cock Cocksuckers

    I am 100% top. The bottom is there to service my cock and to take my load. Never been interested in cock, not even a little bit and another guy's cum revolts me. I am into fucking and giving my babies. Prefer locked or limp bottoms so there is not even a shadow of confusion.
  4. Married guy stealths me

    Did that upset you? How did you take it?
  5. Hand o my throat...

    As a dominant top i can tell you it makes no difference to me. What matters to me is that the cumpig is receptive and appreciates my load. A thank you comment after i unload shows respect, a sign the bottom knows his place and makes me want to come back
  6. masculine men looking for masculine cock suckers.

    I definetey enjoy a good cocksucker. Nothing better than getting relief from good head. Especially when the fag/pig enjoys the taste of my jizz
  7. Molested as a kid

    Abusive comments deleted.
  8. Why can't I stop barebacking?

    That was beautiful. I know because i am one of those guys, born to breed. I can only find satisfaction when i release my cum inside a nice welcoming ass. I am happy there seem to be more bottoms than tops, reinforcing the theory of natural order. Also in its support, i am now disclosing to my potential partners that i tend to be sexually dominant and agressive. To my initial surprise i have received more interest than ever. The moral of the story is: be who you are. PREPare yourself for it -if you want- but if you ever want to be happy, be who you are meant to be.
  9. How long for a total top to convert?

    I am in your same position, never even had a guy in my mouth, exclusively topped. Still negative. Now I dont take chances though. I have three "regular" bottoms who -for a number of reasons- i know for a fact do not have a lot of opportunities to fuck around, so i only unload in them. i fuck them hard and rough -i am a dominant/aggressive/selfish top- but always well lubed and very slow in the beginning to avoid tissue rupture. It works for us all, they each get my loads occasionally and i get to keep my high sex drive -and sanity- in check.
  10. Bareback Dilemma

    I think that you are looking at this from the wrong perspective. You are not "wasting time" by waiting until you can get PreP. You are waiting until you are READY to engage in unprotected sex. What about oral? Let a guy unload in your mouth, it is close enough. Anyway, if you decide to seroconvert later, let it be a choice and not an accident. At least you decide when it happens, maybe after you fall in love with a poz guy? best of lucks

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