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    Elizabeth Nj
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    Submissive bottoms who know their purpose in life is to sexually serve Alpha tops like myself
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    White hispanic, 8" cut really thick. Gym body, beard and tattoos
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    A couple of videos so my favorite bottom later jerks off to me shooting a load inside him
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    See interests. Ideally a LTR with a clean cumdump who lives close to me and can take 3-4 loads a day

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  1. BreedingTop71

    Should I go to cumunion tonight

    Depending on your experience level. If you have been into the anon scene for a while then it looks like a natural progression. It if you are new to it, learn to walk before you run
  2. BreedingTop71

    Molested as a kid

    You would be perfect for me. It annoys me when a bottom flaunts his erection, doesn’t even try to keep it away from me. I find it insulting and neglectful. His focus should be on pleasing me and giving me pleasure, not himself.
  3. BreedingTop71

    The hottest compliment you've ever received?

    “I can’t believe you are still hard!” ”you always cum a lot” and this one I get a LOT: “I can’t stop thinking about your cock”
  4. BreedingTop71

    Too Fat To Get Pozzed

    All MALE, all top here, with a big dick. LOVE a chubby ass. I can breed deep even a super chub
  5. BreedingTop71

    The Cumdump Network - Locations & Phone Numbers

    Stunning ass, beautiful bod. Would love to breed you
  6. BreedingTop71

    Dominance - Questions for Bottoms and Tops

    I agree. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone so I don’t have to be an ass. I am just ME. I like to be pleasures and my bottom knows that it is all about ME.
  7. BreedingTop71

    Dominance - Questions for Bottoms and Tops

    Not sure what else I could say. If I am in a relationship with a submissive, I would expect him to ask for permission before going out with friends. Family and work related stuff do not need permission, only notification, like minor expenditures. Large purchases would require permission from me as well. Been in situations where the submissive requests permission to go to the toilet. Every. Time. I like it. I don’t need it. But I like it Some freedoms are allowed, provided they revolve around me and making me happy and pleasing me.
  8. BreedingTop71

    Dominance - Questions for Bottoms and Tops

    I like to extend control to all aspects of life.
  9. BreedingTop71

    Bottoms getting hard

    Nobody cares what these faggots think. They themselves know they are placed on earth to be used by MEN. And they love it. It’s their purpose in life
  10. BreedingTop71

    Dominance - Questions for Bottoms and Tops

    If you are with a self-defined submissive bottom (or better, someone who embraces the term faggot), just use him. That’s what he wants, his emotional/sexual needs revolve around pleasing a top. If you try to please him, you will bore him or antagonize him. Do not do it. This is the type of guy I always go for and the kind that makes my dick hard If you find someone who self defines as just a bottom or versatile it’s a whole different ball of wax. I am not attracted to this type AT ALL. I am revolted by a dick that isn’t mine, so it could never work for me. This is probably what you want also sounds like you are interested in an emotional connection. Most of these guys are not, which may be causing the dissonance
  11. I know someone who wants me to do that for him. He already cut off half his clit and what’s left is useless. Any suggestions?
  12. Be proud. Us real MEN need release, you guys are of great service
  13. You are a good faggot. Congrats!
  14. For some faggots, balls are a terrible Burden. Wish there was a way to help

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