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    Elizabeth Nj
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    Submissive bottoms who know their purpose in life is to sexually serve Alpha tops like myself
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    White hispanic, 8" cut really thick. Gym body, beard and tattoos
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    A couple of videos so my favorite bottom later jerks off to me shooting a load inside him
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    See interests. Ideally a LTR with a clean cumdump who lives close to me and can take 3-4 loads a day

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  1. BreedingTop71

    Making someone be your slave

    You kidding right? For one you can tell him that his release will be more intense if he waits and to ensure he waits you will lock him up. You can tell him that cocklocks are the rage if you want to show commitment. You can tell him it really turns you on and you want to try it. You still need more ideas??
  2. BreedingTop71

    Senior needs

    I am in my mid-40s and in extremely good shape and I am a total aggressive top. I am in that age when significantly younger guys want “daddy” to use their holes or want to re-enact what their uncles did to them when they were 14-15. I also get a ton of requests from older guys, mostly subs who know their place is at the feet of the superior Alpha, worshipping his cock and accepting their goal is to receive my seed in either hole I choose. Bottom line is, all ages offer something different. If a top is interested in busting a real good nut, a submissive older guy is what you are looking for. The older sub knows by now how to take care of your cock, is accommodating and will work around your schedule, has no attitude and all you need to make him happy is to tell him his ass felt so good you want to unload in it again soon. Win-win!!! In the end, if q guy is younger but not clean or so cute he acts like he is doing the top (!!!) a favor, that’s not the bottom you need. Attitude is everything in bed. Not the equipment nor even the experience. Is your attitude and disposition.
  3. BreedingTop71

    Possible dilution of poz loads

    If you are splitting hairs like this, just go on Prep
  4. BreedingTop71

    Ugly Hung Top into slutty bottoms

    Buddy, you wasting your time. If you are a real genuine Alpha male, the complement of those slutty bottoms you are pursuing, your looks mean absolutely nothing. What really matters in an Alpha Top is the attitude. You need to start acting like you are God’s gift to a willing hole. With that cock, you probably are anyway. Tell them faggots, flat out from the getgo, that you like to top and dominate an ass. Before you know it they will be begging you to use them. Fulfill your role in life. And in the process allow one of those fuckholes to get used, all like nature intended.
  5. I had the most intense reaction to your profile. I finally felt my Superior Desire and sexual rage understood and properly validated by a total stranger. 

    We understand each other. If we were naked in the same room my boot would be in your face as my hard cock were raping your cunt. 

    I would absolutely expect a heartfelt “thank you” after unloading a stream of powerful swimmers up your bloodied pussy and a renewed invitation to rape as many times as my heart desire. 

  6. BreedingTop71

    No pussy is as good as faggot pussy

    It depends. If the Mans cock is small to average, ass is better. Feels tighter and it delivers a stronger orgasm. If the guy is big, and he enjoys women, pussy might be a better fit Both statements provided pussy is tight. If the woman has had 10 kids, forget it, you get more bang for your cock buck with a faggot pussy. If you like it extra tight, just slap (or punch, depending on the faggot) the faggot and order him to squeeze his hole when you are cumming. They love the added pain it brings them, as long as it gives the Man a stronger orgasm. They just don’t care, as long as you deposit your DNA up their hole
  7. It depends. I have a really nice bod but not all the faggots I use are worthy. Usually I zip down and unload in the faggots ass, have him clean my cock with his mouth when I am done and move on. If the fag is really cute, I will get undress and let him worship my body and lick what he wants before I use his ass
  8. BreedingTop71

    Unexpected Forced Breeding by Military Stud

    I always felt like with most faggots there is no “rape” per se. Few times what you may encounter are faggots who initially say NO and then different levels of an Alpha applying pressure (if the Man is really unattractive, etc) that reach the same conclusion: the faggot always ends up surrendering his fuckhole to the Alpha. The key of course is to know clearly when the prospect is truly a faggot or just a bottom, otherwise it could become just assault. And none wants that, besides the fact that it could land the aggressor in jail.
  9. BreedingTop71

    To tops: rough when told by bottom to be gentle?

    I am surrounded by faggots who crave my cock. I am picky. Knowing that you understand Me would def put you on the top of my list. I crave ass night and day. I have come to realized a good JO is better than fucking the wrong bottom
  10. BreedingTop71

    To tops: rough when told by bottom to be gentle?

    I like to see that most bottoms here understand their role is to please their Alpha. I know it sounds logical but to us, total tops, it is a relief to actually find a sub who knows his place and embraces it. If a sub likes the Alpha, what he does with his cock shouldnt be a problem. After all, the sub’s pleasure derives and is directly proportioned to the pleasure he gives his Top. If the Top is inconvenienced or annoyed or restricted his pleasure is diminished and the bottom has failed his core mission. When a real Man is orgasming, the sub becomes just a warm hole, a cum repository, a sex object. What happens to it in those brief seconds doesnt matter, only the Man’s okeasure matters. Of course, the stronger the orgasm, the more pride the bottom should feel, credit to the sub’s disposition. After all, there are no tops without bottoms
  11. BreedingTop71

    Truvada Resistant Strain - PrEP failure?

    After the debacle of “real news” posted by the Russians on Facebook during the 2016 elections, why would you consider as real anything posted as “fact” on it? If you are interested look for a scientific/medical reasonable source and educate yourself on the Truvada-resistant strain. But Facebook??
  12. I love topping an ass. Never even sucked cock, just interested in using ass to unload. If the chemistry is really good, would love to use the bottoms ass frequently (6-10 times a week). If the bottom doesnt know his HIV status and happens to be Poz, is there too much a risk for me? I know incidence is lower for us, especially since i am CUT but i still think about that. If i wanted to chase while being a top, i would at least want my conversion to be special not a random hookup
  13. You are my kind of bottom. I have always been outraged by those bottoms who do not understand that their role is to just take cock and cum. Who the hell do they think they are?!?
  14. BreedingTop71

    To tops: rough when told by bottom to be gentle?

    A faggot is there to be used. Pain, no pain, pleasure or not, the fag does NOT matter. It is about ME, i am the Top, he needs to be ready to please and to take the seed i offer. If not, an Alpha like me is not what the bottom needs and he may need to go looking for a boyfriend or something more tender and or sweet.
  15. BreedingTop71

    whats your fetish?

    I love using the ass of self-proclaimed “tops”. I very much enjoy breeding guys who claim they have never been fucked. Its like popping a cherry!

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