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    Elizabeth Nj
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    Submissive bottoms who know their purpose in life is to sexually serve Alpha tops like myself
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    White hispanic, 8" cut really thick. Gym body, beard and tattoos
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    A couple of videos so my favorite bottom later jerks off to me shooting a load inside him
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    See interests. Ideally a LTR with a clean cumdump who lives close to me and can take 3-4 loads a day
  1. For those bug chasers out there, a question. Why are you actively pursuing the HIV virus? What is so appealing about an infection? I am not being critical, i am just curious, since self-preservation is encoded in our DNA and looking to get infected by life -threatining virus seems counter-intuitive to an outsider.
  2. I have discovered that every time he calls himself a faggot i get a raging boner. We fuck like rabbits, with my sub taking all the sexual energy and pain i inflict on him without even a complaint. You are correct, we are living an extreme relationship and we both love it.
  3. I am seeing this guy in Dom/sub - M/s kinda arrangement. He enjoys being called a faggot and prefers it to any other title or thing i could call him. Is he the only one?
  4. piss - do you swallow?

    As a breeding Dom, if i tell the faggot to take my piss he better not spill even a drop or there will be consequences. It is the fag’s place in life and in society to obey and please the superior Alpha. With me, the fag doesnt have an option. The only choices are mine: in which of his holes i will release my fluids

    I would def breed tour ass
  6. whats your fetish?

    Completely anonymous scene Would love to find a very artractive man on all four ready to get fucked. No need to talk, just ready to accept my load. Ideally have that bitch ready to take my cock several times a week. It would be perfection if he also enjoys being tortured, slapped, pissed on and denigrated to the lowest levels
  7. What is your Ultimate Sexual Fantasy?

    If i was single and you lived close you would be the perfect slave for me. No job, Denigrated, collared and locked, sleeping on the floor at my feet, eating off a bowl on the floor like a dog and used as a cumdump by your Sir. We would Eventually finding ways to remove your balls, as they would be in the way of true real happiness.
  8. Depends on the app. Grindr is a fucking bore and there is a lot of condom fascism. I used Kinkd and it worked immediately. I now have a steady sub that i use and breed very often. He is on PreP but we are exclusive. Best faggot i ever owned
  9. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    I fucked my sub in the back of his car in a parking lot at 7 PM. I was horny and unloaded quickly inside him but for a few minutes people in the strip mall were able to see me fucking him (his head was buried in the seat, but i was pretty visible). When i was done using him i made him clean my cock with his mouth and made him swallow my piss. All in less than 5 minutes
  10. To tops: rough when told by bottom to be gentle?

    Never had that situation. I always tell the bottom i like it rough and they better take it anyway i serve it. Never even heard a peep back, they all agreed. Most faggots are cum addicts and will do what it takes to have me unload in them. I also know i am better looking than most so i guess that would help me get away with shit most cannot?
  11. Sex For Money

    Way to go for a business model!!
  12. Wow. I wish i had a sub as obedient as you. You are beautiful beautiful pup.
  13. Small Cock Cocksuckers

    Thank you!! Thats exactly what i say! Bottom is there (and sometimes, even exist) to please the top. Period.
  14. Swallow

    Just sharing my experience, not saying yours is the same. I am a Dom top in a bondage kind of situation. I take charge, slap around and deny the bottom any and all orgasm. The Sub is there to take my load, as many times as i want. What he prefers or wants does not matter to me. And if his mouth is not pleasurable to kiss (because it smells or for any other reason) i wont kiss. That includes because it is full of my cum, which he should have swallowed as soon as i gave it to him, In my situation, the sub is there to be used. He should get more than enough pleasure just from my orgasms. Again, thats just me.
  15. Shit, just the kind if faggot i LOVE to use. Marry me!!!

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