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  1. How come i have never heard of risk levels before, can someone please educate on different levels please? Thanks.. All levels welcum here... Anoxinthedark on wickr
  2. Such a good cumdump.. So proud of you.. Wish I could slide my freshly shaved cock inside that exposed hole. Chat me up 469-844-1614 Anoxinthedark on wickr
  3. How do I get invited to the basement?
  4. IF you want homeless cocks, go to LBJ park in the evening. They are there looking for sex and someone they can score some quick cash or dope to party with. Be very careful though, cops like to arrest gay men there. Always let the other person touch you first and wear long shirt untucked, so you can dick can be out, (but still covered by the shirt). It’s very important. I got arrested at the park there, it was horrible. Had to go to sex offender group for two years… I made the best of it though and let two rapist fucked me raw and gave him $20. and suck another older perv off….

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