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  1. I don't know what about him, I find so hot, but I like him, which i could find more like him
  2. i really don't care about the face only cock, not like i can see you when im face down ass up anyway... and you have some sexy feet too yum
  3. There are some lucky bottoms out there, I have to fast for a day before, and fiber and water two days before and douche for an hour and had tiny accidents here and there, I don't know what is wrong. While my best friend also who is a bottom can little eat Taco Bell every day and go bottom without incident. How do these bottoms do it? Some guys I know I hear get fucked in the bathroom or got cruised and fucked without a plan and I know they didn't go douche earlier because they weren't really planning on getting fucked.
  4. have you picked up any guys from there? some of them have tents, maybe they can host? heh
  5. has this worked for you? I just don't know how to pull a guy away from all the other homeless guys, Have you done this? I need to learn how to pick up homeless guys
  6. really? but do you feel its effects? I can't imagine it being like actually doing the drug
  7. I love and want to marry Gunner Erickson, he only has one scene with David Grassia but damn look at this top hung wasted daddy... ugh... anyone know where i can see more gunner?
  8. I found a place where a bunch of homeless guys have their tents, it is spread over several blocks, I went a few days ago when the weather was warm and a lot of guys were running around shirtless. I am not sure how to cruise these people. Do I take off my shirt and walk around? Do I park a few blocks away and wear junky clothes and just try to blend in? Any tips appreciated. I don't know why homeless guys turn me on so much, especially if they are tweakers!
  9. I've been up and down McDowell and Van Buren from what I heard might be cruisy but no luck. The area is pretty sketchy, but wouldn't refuse tweaker dick or homeless dick really, the sketchiness makes it hot but any good spots in phoenix that guys cruise a lot?
  10. I have been looking other videos that he has don't but I can't find it... He is so hot he is here in a scene with David Grassia from the video "Cream of the Top" I would marry him, this is my PERFECT guy!
  11. i like a day or two worth of musk on a man.... Unless he's homeless and hot then I might just have to hold my breath.
  12. I should be able to say no/stop to a top. The top should respond by continuing and getting more aggressive to punish me for telling him what to do.
  13. I love sketchy looking homeless guys, they turn me on, the only thing that kinda turns me off is really overweight guys, guess they look too healthy, I love of skinny looking meth heads, or AIDs wasted guy, that makes me hard. One thing of concern is picking up these sketchy guys because what if they mug me? Had a bad experience once picking up a sketchy guy who was hot as hell, but he wouldn't get out of my car after we did the deed. How do you guys handle your personal safety when picking up a sketchy guy?
  14. Where can I find some porn where guys are fucking a bottom bloody, using cruel condoms, and blood slamming? The closest I found was Camilo Uribe was fucking this guy and got some blood on his dick it was super hot, but it is difficult to find. I don't want anything super gory, but be hot to see guys pulling out their cock and having some blood on it. Thanks
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