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  1. The first time I really new I loved the taste was the first time I swallowed it always tastes much much better when I swallow.
  2. oof you all are making me want it even more.
  3. Thanks. Still haven't done it but working on it lol
  4. Looking for encouragement. Have been scared to go bare. Tried once with a guy a few years ago and it felt amazing but got scared and made him put a condom on.
  5. Recently relocated to Naperville IL, hoping to find some new friends. Also how can i post my pics on here? It always says they are too large.
  6. Do they help? I’ve been talking to this daddy for awhile now on scruff and he wants to bareback me. I’m nervous and still haven’t gone fully bare with someone yet but was wondering if poppers might help get me over the edge of worrying so much about it. He says he has some and it would help me enjoy it more. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. So I finally tried bb again, I was ready to let him cum inside me this time but then he pulled out and shot it in his hand. He told me he thought I might be too nervous if he came in me. The load was huge and I told him I wish he would have done it inside me.
  8. Still haven't gotten a load yet and I'm starting to go crazy.
  9. I think I might just post a craigslist ad today. Anyone have any tips?
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