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    Bareback Sex & Breeding/Swapping Seed
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    I'm looking to to get bred and breed. Love pump and dumps/anon scenes. BIG + for Toxic Poz men to swap dirty seed with

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    twitter = @jock_poz

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  1. Hey Pig...  When you coming over to breed me again. 😉 

  2. hmmmm soo fucking hot... that's how a true Pig plays with toxic cum and tasting that load afterwards.. oink .. would love to taste that
  3. Curious hungry 19yo here...would love to chat with you...for some reason I can't write here..feel free adding me on Skype: Chris Konnin

    1. dickluva


      Fuckin'☣️ink~!🐷Please share your pix, and adventures. Pigs like you make visiting BZ the best part ☣️f my day. Thanks for your follow too. X🔱X

  4. Love to swap seed with you 😉 

  5. Soo sexy 😉

  6. hot profile 😈

  7. Yes I do... Love a shaved smooth hole... My smooth hole gets really wet n slick to take that raw cock easy
  8. Sexy profile man!

    1. POZjockpig


      Same w/ you😈where abouts r u?

  9. I've been soooo horny lately I really need to be fucked and bred and I really need to breed a smooth tight hole......

    1. BrazAlex


      Love to flip fuck with you

  10. you are ridiculously fucking sexy.  fuck i want you inside me.

  11. I would love to swap POZ loads with you pig 😉 

  12. Thanks for the follow, stud. Sexy profile!

  13. I LOVE to get your poz seed stud 😉 

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