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    Love everything bareback and raw. Loving taking loads, feltching and being a cumdump till my hole is drippen with cum. Love to swap toxic poz loads with other poz pigs.
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    other like minded pigs to breed my hole and maybe swap loads. Love Poz Play which is a big turn on.

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  1. FUkkkkk what I would do to get fuking piggy with you stud.. let you be the last one to breed me after a night of taking loads and being the piggy cumdump I am.. then after u breed my sloppy poz hole slurp it all up and you and me just lay there making out with all that sloppy cum ... hopefully dirty poz cum
  2. Would love a recharge from u. 😉 

  3. Hey there... Austin Texas here. lets play together 

  4. Hey guy thanks for following me.

    Where’s home at? I’m in Dallas 

  5. Hey man, it would be great to have your load inside me.

  6. Same here bro.. I don't know who pozzed me either I do know of the time It happened and have it narrowed down but I was taking soo many loads left and right being the cumdump I am that I knew it happen eventually. After I found out I was POZ I turned into a BIG Poz PIG !! like a pig in heat wanting loads left and right ass up on my bed door unlocked for guys to cum over and breed their load in my hole like the pig boy I am
  7. Would love to get your dirty seed in me 😉 

    1. barebacker83


      Visit seattle and we can swap strains.

    2. PozJockPig


      Ive never been... Would love to swap some dirty seed with you bet ur strain feels/taste real good. 😉

    3. barebacker83


      text me sexy 

      ‪(425) 224-5361 Parker

  8. Wheres my LA Pigs at? In town till early next week and would love to swap some poz loads... def love to take some dirty poz seed HIT ME UP 

  9. Any pigs in the LA area wana swap loads? Would love to get some dirty poz loads in me 😉 Hit me up staying in the Marina Del Rey area...
  10. Hey sexxxyyyy 😉 

    1. BBSwimmerBoy


      hey!!!! whats up?

    2. PozJockPig


      how u been?  we need to finally meet and breed the fuck out of each other swapping poz loads 

  11. Love to fuck Bareback and breed with you 

  12. Fuckk. can't wait to swap toxic loads with u 😉 and let u recharge me up !!

  13. Sent ya a message on BBRT, for some reason I can't reply to ur message on here. =/

  14. in Austin but travel to Dallas alot .. luv to get some of ur poz seed in me

    1. GotTheGift


      I've got enough to share

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