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    im in GB usa home of the packer....just ask and i will let u know more about me.

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  1. tinkerblizz

    Doctor Death

    Please don't stop writing for it....keep on going deeper
  2. tinkerblizz

    Doctor Death

    Please more
  3. tinkerblizz

    cherry popped

    Keep on going
  4. tinkerblizz

    Brother's Infection

    Please more
  5. tinkerblizz

    New Owner

    Please let him see he need to be Knocked Up n poz
  6. tinkerblizz

    Doctor Death

    Keep on going
  7. tinkerblizz

    Doctor Death

    Can't wait to find out what is next for them
  8. tinkerblizz

    Doctor Death

    Keep it going it's good just make sure there is an end when ur done writing it so it's not like the rest who don't finish.
  9. tinkerblizz

    Doctor Death

    Please keep on going this get hotter n hotter don't stop now.
  10. tinkerblizz

    A Brother in Trouble

    Can I join them next time...
  11. tinkerblizz

    Doctor Death

    Yes that is y I asked for more
  12. tinkerblizz

    Doctor Death

    Please more...please
  13. tinkerblizz

    Scottish Delight

    Well writing wish there is a part 2 the story
  14. tinkerblizz

    Gifted By A Guest!

    I like it keep on going please
  15. tinkerblizz

    Doctor Death

    Please keep on going

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