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  1. Dr Gary Werntz is a good one to go to. Very knowledgeable.
  2. I'd love to breed you
  3. Would love to fuck Dawson, but he seems to have fallen off the face of the planet
  4. He had an extra space Here you go
  5. And it works! Spoke too soon. You can view headers and posts, but once you select a post to view it says "page not found"
  6. I used to use Forum Runner to browse on my phone. Is that or another app still supported?
  7. That's me. I'm a neg top. BB only, no drugs
  8. It's actually cheaper than condoms
  9. Nothing better than seeing $0.00 for cost for PrEP.
  10. Link is broken. Fixed link:
  11. I couldn't tell if he was upset he didn't or worried he did.
  12. 23. Total top
  13. Is this going to continue?
  14. got me hard

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