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  1. I have found them to be very insular and mostly hook up with others in the military. also almost non of them use apps.
  2. so this 14 year old in the neighborhood spotted this account and contacted me. don't use your real name here people.
  3. I thought this thread was a 9 year old asking what cum was
  4. it's to get into places that require vaccination
  5. I;m thinking of buying a fake vaccination card
  6. I [21] would like to bang older [60+] men. any advice? no paid stuff.
  7. Seeing if we have any professionals (doctor/nurses/police/firefighters/etc) that fuck patients/civilians/coworkers on the job.
  8. this thread is prime fap material for pedos
  9. or do you know any cops or soldiers who are on onlyfans?
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