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  1. Any suggestions for a Black Bear Bottom to get some loads and party in Sao Paulo for Carnival?
  2. Black Bear Bottom looking to plan a trip to Amsterdam for Pride. Any ideas of the best parties to take a few loads?
  3. So I got fucked last weekend during Capital Pride at the Crew Club by a monster pumped dick and want to see if he's interested in sending me his contact so that when I come back I can ride it again!
  4. Hampstead Heath this weekend

    How safe it is for us visitors? and how often is it raided?
  5. Pride Weekend

    Coming for pride weekend possibly or may switch to World Pride this year in Toronto, which would be better. Pride In London seems to have nothing on it's site for events, and Hustlaball London has no dates, there seems to be very little scheduled other than the the parade. I have one more day to make changes to my trip, and am considering based on the lack of any thing other than a few club visits.
  6. Pride Weekend

    http://www.xtube.com/watch.php?v=nyZR3-G289-#.U3BLZiiLg4E Cocksucker, and than some coming for London Pride Weekend, looking for a place to suck some dick that weekend. Let me know.
  7. Poz clubs London

    Thanks for the advice, I was hoping it was like the Black Party in NYC which does have a lot of porn stars on stage not doing much, but they more are up there to get the party started adn then the rest of us go in the backrooms and corners of the club and do what we want! Do we have a date for CumUnion during the end of June yet?
  8. Got 3!

    ?&^So after a few months with no real sex, I finally made up for lost time. We have a sex party that goes on every Friday and Saturday. The event starts at 9pm and I was running a little late so I debated not going at all. I had to leave at 1 so arriving after 10 was gonna limit how much dick I was going to get to take. But since I had nothing better planned and it would be quite some time before I had a Friday off to go, I went anyways. Somehow my night ended up being the best time I ever went! It started off pretty simple this guy let me suck his dick, long and thin it was still quite a mouthful. As I was leaned over blowing him, he started playing with my ass. So I bent over and he pounded my hole and I definentely felt it. He stopped after a while, wanting to move away from the crowd into one of the darkrooms, where he continued to pound my hole. After a while he said he needed a break and next thing I know there was a guy behind him waiting to saddle up. Like me, he was a cub but then as I bent over to play with his cock I realized that it was unreal how big it was. It was just about the same length as the first guy, but double the side. I was so blinded by dick, that I didn't care if it was too big to "fit" I was gonna die trying. Which it felt like I almost did, but he got it good. Next the first guy came back and started pounding me good, he laid on top of me and next thing I know he asked if I wanted it. And of course I said yes. He gave me his load. A little while I saw the 2nd guy jacking off with another guy in the corner and swallowed his load. After that I went in the pitch black room and was fucked by at least 4 different guys, taking two more loads. I left a little later than expected. But overall my hole was punished so good, and the whole way home I was leaking out cum.
  9. http://malemotion.com/video/2-males-s-eclatent-le-q.erh Thick dick fucking a bubblebutt. not xtube but worth the post. This was so hot!
  10. Just one of the few videos that I have on XT; http://www.xtube.com/watch.php?v=8scom-G277-
  11. Cum in back of throat

    Agree, always a great feeling. At least until you try to make that phone call to a family member or somene else.
  12. My thought surrounding this was the fact that he was immature and most likely already barebacking before he entered into porn or considering it. And the face that even though he knew he was at risk for any number of things, by the sounds of it he never got tested, and ignore all the signs until he was full-blown.
  13. Bottoms : do you like to share your top?

    Nope I don't share well, I have sex some rarely that all the dick is MINE MINE MINE
  14. Poz Guys - Do you know who pozzed you?

    I knew better, but I was a little tipsy and bored and alone and am grateful that he didn't have anything else!
  15. http://www.xtube.com/watch.php?v=EnMMq-G887- http://www.xtube.com/community/profile.php?user=ldndnbbblckbttm Love his video and this one in particular!

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