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  1. Shoulda gone years ago. Knee replacement and Quarantine 30 got me too fat probably. SF Here I come
  2. Allergies and Asthmatic here. Never touch em after I got grown grown. Especially after it became super difficult to suck a dick when one overzealous top when I was in my 20s repeatedly shoved that bottle under my nose
  3. I'm sure he's straight but I'd pay watch him talk like that and spray a load or 200. Anyone's recognize British Daddy?
  4. I loved the Crew Club, only been a few times on vacations! Gotta make a trip to let a few run up my hole
  5. I love the feeling of a guy shooting in my mouth. It's how I take most of my loads- down my throat. I've had a much more frequent experience where they pull out and waste it. 🤬🤬. It's my reward! And tastes amazing
  6. I just no with the lack of sex during the pandemic it was my go to for a good load or 2. Let me know who on other platforms has good content
  7. What is your plan as news is breaking that is banning or possibly banning sexually explicit content based on pressure from banking/merchant services company.
  8. We would expect the best from a vers god such as yourself! I love being the dump for another dump as it means one I may get a BIG Load and 2 it means they know better than to just slam 10 inches of schmeat up your hole in one power thrust. I personally always experience some pain when I try to take big dick. First it never fails that the 1st person at a bathhouse, sex club or sex party that decides to run up my hole is HUGE. I rarely ever get the chance to work my way up to big dicks! But I will always risk the anal fissure to try; I don't go often so I would have the time to heal. I occasionally get a top that will continue away.
  9. Both occasions occurred during my unemployed time in 2008. 1. My first occasion was just a blow job but still was one of my scariest of my life. I was sucking a guy's dick in the park and the police came into Loring Park in downtown Minneapolis and luckily they didn't catch us but it was time to move on. So we got into his car; and continued. When I went back to work we were now mobile and it started out ok; and then as he got more excited his foot got heavier on the gas pedal. And even though we were on streets I swear we hit near 50mph with me out of my seatbelt and my head under the steering column of his moving car. NEVER AGAIN. 2. I once again met up with someone at Loring Park; and I wanted a little more than just having my throat used. So I invited this man who appeared to be homeless to my apartment. We walked up the stairs went into my bedroom and had a good ole time. He used my hole well and I enjoyed the experience it is what happened afterwards that caused the issue. As he left he grabbed my phone and like an idiot the first call he made somehow ended up to my sister which started a emergency situation with my family. She called my mom and my dad; and before I knew it at like 4am I had a ton of company. Folks coming to check to make sure that I was ok; that I wasn't kidnapped, being held hostage or just mugged. I let them know that I had left my phone on the table of a coffee shop late at night. Since I was unemployed everyone knew I saved money by not having WIFI and would go out to the coffeeshop during the summer and "borrow" WIFI from a coffeeshop around the corner. And someone must have picked it up; I would go out and apply for jobs from like 12am to 2am since the coffeeshop closed at 10pm and the crew would be gone after cleaning up between 11pm-12am. Needless to say no more homeless folks invited into my home.
  10. Finally a story to tell!!! Only took 3 months since vaccinated and then 15 months since the start of the Pandemic. Well on my 5th trip to Tokyo Valentino I went prepared. If you haven't been to ATL, Tokyo Valentino is a Sex Shop with a 3 floor Sex Club as part of it. So as time creeps by and COVID is mutating which is probably gonna end up putting us back in quarantine/lockdown in 2021 I increased my search for loads. So this afternoon I uberred up there and waited. Wait long I didn't have to do. I started in the Dark room sucking dick and swallowing as much meat as was presented to me. I had one on the ropes and when I offered my hole he wanted a little more privacy and little more light (I'm tight and from past experience my hole is not where it is to be expected). So we went up to the 3rd floor and he slow stroked my hole after I fluffed him a little and up my hole he went. He was rather quick; which was disappointing but he left a huge deposit. So large that I spent the next hour or so fighting the urge to push it out; especially as I knelt and crouched to suck more dick. 2 more gentlemen decided to use my hole but no loads from them, And then my favorite. Chubby daddy who spent the entire time smacking my ass and calling me his faggot cum dump which made me want his load even more and asking me to beg for it. As he keep asking me if I wanted it; "Yes Big Daddy" smack. This is what you came here for. "Yes Big Daddy" smack and as he continued to pound away; pulling my tank top I feared it being torn to shreds and not having a replacement shirt to get back to my office or home; I was gonna have to find somewhere I could buy one to replace it. Well I didn't have to worry since it made it. But what I wasn't expecting as he pounded away is him to whisper to me that he was about to give me a 5-day load. And boy did he. I was huge I felt him let lose in my hole and then on my hole and then on my back. I was shocked by the sheer amount of cum that he gave me and I thanked him. He also helped me by creating such a racket that I almost immediately got my 5th dick down my throat. So for that I have to thank him. This guy just wanted my throat which was shocking as he fucked my mouth like he wanted ass. But when I offered he said no, and I got back on my knees and swallowed away and pretty soon he was pulling out to cum in the corner on the floor. WHAT A WASTE! After that I ran around got a little more play; and as I was tired went upstairs grabbed my bag and prepared to leave. But like everyone knows you gotta make one more circuit of the place and sure enough I got some fun inside one of the booth; I didn't want to push my luck and try to ride the dick through the gloryhole in the booth; but I did suck it and got my 4th load to swallow. After that I was reinvigorated; all that protein gave me a second rush of energy and endorphins and I snuck into the dark room only to find a favorite again. Big Daddy started playing with my ass; which was no covered more and less. I had my shorts on; but had removed my underwear as I need to clean up a little to get the uber back to the office. And he decided to go ahead and jump up my hole again; he pounded away again. Smacked. Was just as verbal and just as much a Bear Daddy fuck machine and I loved it even more. After he gave me his second load of the day. I felt a different hand on my hole; and someone immediately rammed their dick up my hole and pounded away and then they gave me the last load of my trip. All in All; it was a great day. My inner pig was almost satisfied; but knowing it may be a few more months before I have fun after i start my new project on Friday..... I gotta try more tomorrow . Stay Tuned. Also feel free to see my gloryhole BJ at Tokyo Valentino [think before following links] https://twitter.com/justwatch2/status/1425604811211354113?s=19
  11. At least once daily, usually twice per workday and sometimes 4 to 5 times per day off work.
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