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  1. Is there brazilians here?

    Has anyone been to Festa do Vale Tudo in Rio? Will be in Carnival this february and want to check on a place to get some good dick.
  2. Has anyone been to the Party in Rio?
  3. Anyone want to make a video with me?!?
  4. New Members Introduce Themselves

    Thanks!!! Will be in Rio hopefully can get some good Brazilian dick.
  5. Warehouse Parties

    The new space isn't as good as the previous location. But It can still be a lot of fun.
  6. My fantasy is take 40 loads on my 40th Birthday this upcoming May. Anyone wanna help?
  7. New Members Introduce Themselves

    Like most of us here, not new but just getting into the site more and more. I am soon to be 40, Poz for 8 years and undectable. Bottom here 5'11 around 240, hairy cubbish type. Lived in Minnesota most of my life, but became a pig in NYC where in lived for 3 years.. I miss El Mirage and the Black Party...... Travel alot and always attempt to stop in a Sauna, including Thailand, Hong Kong, London and more. Taking loads at most of them, more taken here in the U.S.
  8. Warehouse Parties

    I'm heading for the 29th. Taking the night off of work and need to take a load or 12.
  9. Bear Bottom for Amsterdam Pride

    Thanks for the info.
  10. DC Pride

    This last June I traveled to DC for the Equality March and Pride and ended up at the Crew Club. Saturday night, was a free for all and the darkroom was not a disappointment. But the dick of the night was one that had been in a van pump. He still had the doughnut on to help keep the size and he was huge. I started sucking and considered for a second that I wasn't up for such a massive member. I just told myself "when will you be able to get fucked by a cock this big again...." So I took him to My Room and continued to work the dick as well as I could with my mouth, and the entire time we left the door open and started drawing a little bit of an audience. Then the real action began. I bent over to take it and took a deep breath and relaxed. It took a while for me to feel him up against me and fully penetrated by the massive member, but once I did the ride of my life started. He pounded away until he dropped a load deep inside my hole. But I was so wide open from the fuck and his dick that as soon as I stood up off the bed, it all came spilling out. I wanted to hold it in for a while, but that wasn't an option so I went out of my room and took a new load. And another after that.
  11. Booker for Carnival Sao Paulo

    Thanks but I am pretty sure I am going to Rio now. Any suggestions?!?
  12. Bear Bottom for Amsterdam Pride

    definitely send the link!
  13. Any suggestions for a Black Bear Bottom to get some loads and party in Sao Paulo for Carnival?
  14. Black Bear Bottom looking to plan a trip to Amsterdam for Pride. Any ideas of the best parties to take a few loads?
  15. So I got fucked last weekend during Capital Pride at the Crew Club by a monster pumped dick and want to see if he's interested in sending me his contact so that when I come back I can ride it again!

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