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  1. Fuuuuuuuck! I had a great trip there earlier this year. It will be missed and I hope to see it again soon
  2. I still look for Michael Brandon everyone in a while!
  3. Chris Jones. Thick. Muscle. Plus his dick somehow popped out of his shorts during 40 yard dash during the NFL Combine.
  4. When you are at a sex party or crowded bathhouse ATM is an a requirement if you like putting dick in your mouth. I had one problem and that was after Fukdto last year in which someone wasn't clean clean and after sucking a dick I will always make sure that I check before I swallow dick. But I will always go ATM
  5. Wow what are we gonna have left? Hopefully Manifest comes back strong
  6. Lack of flexibility when I bottom and my love of sucking dick and eating ass, means I am rarely able to kiss in cruising situations. Now if we meet up for a one on one, kissing is on the tables.
  7. My last time taking loads was way back in March in Orlando at Club Orlando. It was funny, we were in Jacksonville which had been a great place for one on one play. Swallowed 4 loads on separate occasions during the 2 weeks we were there. But for group play I took off on a red coach on a day we were dark from the show for a full day of fun. Once I arrived, I grabbed breakfast and took off to Club Orlando. Decided to check in early (2pm) before the 4pm half price discount. Got a good room so that helped and throughout the night played besides the pool, in my room, public places
  8. So low. I had lofty goals as I had accepted a position with a touring show and was planning on finding loads everywhere we stopped. Paid for the bbrts and squirt membership for the quarter. But Corona and my mom's preexisting conditions.... As I gave up my apartment due to the expectation of being on the road for 11 months, I'm currently in the guest bedroom and about to start a permanent job from the temp position i worked for months. So I will be based in Atlanta. With my newfound more regular schedule will allow me to both grab a new apartment and maybe grab some more loads
  9. Big Beef. Ryheim Shabazz. 850BDT. Living Larger. (TWITTER).
  10. Strong thighs on a top..... Especially when we start with me on my knees just holding on during a facefuck
  11. I try to never rush. I have really good trips to Bathhouses and really slow trips. And because of that I like to bank as much cock up my hole. Cause I may not get more if I'm too greedy for just the load.
  12. I'm a bottom, but one of the things I love to do the best besides suck dick is eat ass. Same here! Especially the hairy ass.
  13. Beggers can't be picky as long as it gets hard... But Uncut .
  14. I learned how to suck dick right after I discovered a restroom at one of the 10,000 lakes where I grew up in which guys cruised each other. Initially I stumbled into the bathroom because we would ride our bikes up to the lake all the time and I had to use the bathroom. Luckily I have 2 sisters so we all ran to the bathroom and while I saw in there no one was there but I saw the signs. What I mean is I saw the wall art for a good time.... Over the next few weeks whenever I could I rode up to the lake by myself and on the next trip brought a pen. With that pen I added that I'd be
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