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  1. Got my 2nd dose about 2 weeks ago(Pfizer). Remembered to use the left side for the injection, I sleep on my right side. Minor discomfort in the arm the day it happened, headache the following day wouldn't go away for about 16 hours. After that I was fine.
  2. So as of today I am fully vaccinated. So I maybe trying to head to Tokyo Valentino or Flex next week on Monday or Tuesday on my days off. Any suggestions...
  3. Anyone pay for premium. I'm finding more and more of the videos that i want to watch are premium videos. Let me know
  4. Hopefully a month or two to go. I haven't really had sex since last March
  5. Still haven't been, waiting on my Covid vaccination before I get a good chance to whore it up
  6. Rio was amazing, especially during Carnaval. Did you get to Festa Do Vale Tudo? Mmmmmmm.
  7. So I have an excuse to whore it up even more in preparation. Especially since it's been nothing since Covid! Practice makes perfect
  8. I stayed in an Airbnb. But went out to be a slut bottom to a few different locations. I stayed in the Copacabana area. Just a few blocks down from TV Bar, which when it is open has a dark room night. [think before following links] http://www.bartvbar.com.br/. I also visited Cine Rex an Adult Theater as well as Sauna Carioca. The rental was only $360 for 6 days during Rio Carnival.
  9. For me its the knowing that I will sacrifice my breathing to get your nut. It's the position; my preference is you standing and me on my knees looking up into your eyes while I continue to choke on your dick. I have been known to choke on a dick and then go back for more. When I suck dick I produce a lot of saliva; and sometimes (What i mean is most time) if I get a large dick I suck to long and feel like I am drowning. Its the grabbing of thighs for me as well as the stroking of the stomach for me.
  10. My sluttiest moment used to be post Jamiroqaui concert when I got 3 loads at Cock and at paddles right before flying home from NYC. But in 2019 I flew out to NYC for the Gay And Lesbian Travel Agent Conference (I plan all my whorecations and for a few others as well), and Friday night after all the meetings and trainings I snuck out to Paddles. Meaning to stay. short time since I wanted to see the World Pride presentation the next morning. However, Me and Paddles are a hit or miss, this night I was a hit. Got fucked and loaded for the 1st time by a guy with a PA, having been fucked slowly
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