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  1. blkoraltm

    Jockstrap Recommendation

    I have a few like this.... Amazon!
  2. blkoraltm

    Most stupid...

    I get this a lot. As a Black Man they ignore the profile and just see vision of a BBC breeding them.
  3. blkoraltm

    Which Daddy Tops Your List?

    Jake Mitchell has always been so hot to me, and he fucks black bottoms.... YES!
  4. blkoraltm

    Getting Caught

    My worst experience of getting caught was when I was 14. I got caught sucking the cock of an older man by the cops. I was kneeling in the grass at Lake Harriet at the Bird Sanctuary and was concentrating on getting that load when the top noticed him, and took off. Being that i wasn't in a place and position to make a quick exit, he caught me. He talked to me about what was going on, offered to bring me, since I was underage. I declined the ride home, and didn't return for the rest of the summer.
  5. blkoraltm


    Hmmmm. This post makes me realize I have return to a few places from b4 my BB days.... last time I was at Manhadler was like 2007, my pigginess was still underwraps as was any cock that went up my ass. Raw Tour: the Return to take my first loads Chicago, San Francisco, Boston.
  6. blkoraltm

    Ever been filmed?

    Its been a while and most of the time its while I am sucking dick... would love to get more on screen.
  7. blkoraltm

    whats your fetish?

    I'd go ass up for you!
  8. blkoraltm

    Manifest Cumunion

    If you go to the Augusta CU let me know what you think
  9. blkoraltm

    Atlanta Pride

    Saturday was amazing. No loads for me. But got fucked quite a bit. 🔥🔥
  10. blkoraltm

    Ass Surgery

    I am going through this right now. Frequently, I go months at a time without so much as a single fuck, and then this past weekend it was 14 or so different cocks in Atlanta for Pride and early September it was close to the same in New York City on the weekend and a few more 2 weeks ago, in Curacao. Ive had more items enter my rear end in the last 6 weeks than I have had during the rest of the year. I am taking it easy, taking a Sitz bath everyday, drinking plenty of fluids, using my stool softener and hoping that I heal up before I head to Chicago for CumUnion and that it's just a "repetitive stress" injury that will heal up and next time I will use more lube and better lube. 🤞🤞🤞
  11. blkoraltm

    ATL Pride Loads

    I do too. Next trip I want to try The Den.
  12. blkoraltm

    Lube Suggestions

    They make good stuff too. I'll bring both next time I go whoring in Atlanta!
  13. blkoraltm

    Lube Suggestions

    Might have to try Elbow Grease. Can't keep being fucked hard if ima be having problems 2 days later. 😯
  14. blkoraltm

    Lube Suggestions

    Can anyone make a suggestion for the best lube; for this eternally dry bottom. In the heat of the moment; I think I'm good but after a few days I come to realize that at one point I didn't have enough lube to ensure that I am not suffering still days later.
  15. blkoraltm

    Leaking Loads during Flight Home

    @BBBoyfromTN Ima have to try Southern Decadence, need to join the mile high club!

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