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  1. The weight gain can affect it if your suffering from Type 2. Especially after going on meds and getting to undetectable.
  2. Trying to figure out where is the best pace for fun on the 4th; I am off that day but I am coming into the City and want to know where I should hit up.
  3. Honestly I hate when a top uses a condom, but beggars can't be chosers so I allow it. My hole sucks up lube like a towel so adding that extra barrier to dry up some of that lube and add extra friction sucks for my not often fucked hole. My preference is RAW! Hence me being on this site and having a bbrts page that I use way more often than other sites to troll so that helps. But when you end up at some sex clubs or parties you just never know how someone wants to fuck so my hole is their's to use.
  4. I got mine from more from ATM when the A was someone else. 2019 post Toronto Pride at a Fukdto, lost 14 lbs in about 2 weeks and everything went straight through me. It was horrible. But knowing that you can't necessarily prevent it I won't change much. I have smelled the dicks I suck b4 they go in my mouth at sex clubs
  5. Dtil remember like it was yesterday. My first and only experience of actual gag the fag. Was a solid 10. Went down the throat one too many times, and lunch came up with it. Cleaned myself off and finished the blowjob
  6. My fat ass always has a good time whenever I'm in Fort Lauderdale. If I get cock it almost guarantees a good time
  7. Flex is was tragic tonight. Newly moved to Atlanta, where is a good location for fast fun during the week in Atlanta. Especially for the thicker bottoms!
  8. Can we get a 4th Option. When the top insists.
  9. I thought they were cracking down on good Male on Male fun in bars.. I may need to fly down
  10. Never got fucked enough for a wrecked cunt, and after a year off was too tight to take dick at my first trip back to Tokyo Valentino. 🤨🤨 Time to get a new Dildo
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