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  1. My sluttiest moment used to be post Jamiroqaui concert when I got 3 loads at Cock and at paddles right before flying home from NYC. But in 2019 I flew out to NYC for the Gay And Lesbian Travel Agent Conference (I plan all my whorecations and for a few others as well), and Friday night after all the meetings and trainings I snuck out to Paddles. Meaning to stay. short time since I wanted to see the World Pride presentation the next morning. However, Me and Paddles are a hit or miss, this night I was a hit. Got fucked and loaded for the 1st time by a guy with a PA, having been fucked slowly
  2. I definitely think it depends on the setting, a dark room I look at it as more of a body type thing. If they want thin, then they want thin. If they want muscles, then they gravitate to the muscley guys in the dark. On apps that's a different story, meeting guys off of Grindr/Growlr/Scruff then it is usually younger and fitter wins out! Not to say always, there are certainly folks who have daddy issues. As well as young is a relative term. Young for a 60yo could 40. Where young for a 40yo would be 20s.
  3. After jacking off 3 loads during MeWe Zoom sex parties, it's become abundantly clear I need sex and therefore the Vaccine sooner rather than later.
  4. I agree.... Whatever whoever is fuckin my hole wants to call it is good for me.
  5. I gotta work up to Huge and as Thick as Possible, but once I get there during play. it feels amazing. only problem is when I try to start with it.
  6. I'm thinking July/August. Considering Pride Amsterdam..... with a stop in Paris and Berlin
  7. In September 2009, I got sick. Not regular sick. Sick sick. I was in bed for 3 days before I was able to drag myself out to the local free clinic. I knew that something was up and it was probably HIV as I had never been that sick before, plus having been unemployed for months I had been up to risky stuff. I had brought "home deficient" trade to my apartment, resulting in my phone being stolen. Had a ton of sex at 2am in the park, including a recurring dock fucking with the local meth addict.... Sure enough on October 1st, I was tested. Full battery and was notified I was posit
  8. Having read the review on Lab.oratory in Berlin it is definitely on my list after Covid is controlled. Palm Springs is always on my list. Love it! But I might make a trip just for a Cumunion instead of waiting for IBC 2022.
  9. 3 trips to London and I have never been to a Bathhouse. XXL was all the fun I needed. But gotta get to a bathhouse on my next visit.
  10. I miss El Mirage. Why did it have to go away!!!
  11. So trying again.... What would we suggest as the best Pig event for one to attend late 2021?!?!
  12. Funny i prefer to absorb personally. but there is nothing hotter than seeing a video where it's pushed out. anyone with videos my messages are open!
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