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  1. blkoraltm

    Toronto Club120 BB Orgy

    How was the Pride Parade bash?!?!
  2. blkoraltm


    Have to meet up to get that load when I'm in NYC in April. Bbrt- blkoralbtm
  3. Im headed to Toronto and  hope to swing by Fukdto for a couple loads!

    1. FelchingPisser


      Excellent!  You might get your first felch there with some of those pigs!

  4. blkoraltm

    Being felched - Bottoms what do you think

    I have always wanted to try it!
  5. blkoraltm

    Being felched - Bottoms what do you think

    How about one loads me than the other felches it out, and then we do it all over again in reverse!
  6. blkoraltm

    Being felched - Bottoms what do you think

    I do get my hole ate out! I just have never had anyone who has felched a load out of me!
  7. blkoraltm

    Record me taking ANON loads

    I want to find a costar for a fuck video as well! All I've managed to get on video is a few videos of me blowing some guys and a single fuck video
  8. blkoraltm

    Being felched - Bottoms what do you think

    I never been felched... Anyone?!?!
  9. https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/bareback-buddies-breedin-me-breedin-you-9143566
  10. blkoraltm

    Punny/Bad Porno Parody Title Submissions

    Shercock Holmes. Ungapeable. With Mr Ass Anal Toy Story
  11. blkoraltm

    Updates from the front

    Sounds like a good time
  12. blkoraltm

    Thinking back to the old days

    I remember Loring Park. Pretty sure I got pozzed there while I was cruising. Dream Crusing Destinations: The Dunes in Maspalomas Meat Rack on Fire Island Hampstead Heath in London
  13. blkoraltm

    How many loads have u taken in ur ass

    Not enough
  14. Sounds hot as hell. Ima have to try that.
  15. blkoraltm

    Cock bar - NYC

    And a lot of action on the weekends

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