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  1. I agree. Although I am on the verge of bringing clorox wipes to the the video booths and sucking through the gloryholes.
  2. I don't drive so when I'm on vacation and leave a Bathhouse, I am always jumping in an Uber or Taxi reeking of sex. I love the thought of the driver judging me, especially knowing that they are picking me up at a Sex Club or Bathhouse. I took a trip to New York City and the night before an midday flight I went to Paddles. It was my first trip, it was Bear Night and as a Cubby Black Bottom, I had no idea I would be as popular as I was. Multiple guys fucked me that night and I stayed long enough that I ended up at the after hours party. Towards the end of my night I got fucked by a wrist thick PA Daddy Cock who loaded me up at about 430am. After that I hung out for a little while Jacked off and then left. I packed up my hotel room, boarded the train for the airport. Checked in, cleared security and boarded the plane. Immediately feel asleep, I had been fucking all night after shopping during the day and a concert that evening. Of course while sleep I relaxed ever so slightly and woke up to what felt like wet butt cheeks. I got up and went to the bathroom and sure enough had a nice juicy spot in my underwear and shorts.... luckily I was alone in the back. When I got into my city I changed pants before my retired mom picked me up and dropped me off at my house.
  3. Most recently my last stop on tour required that I find another location to have fun. In a smaller city in Florida, with no Bathhouse, small Gay Club and not much else to do; I sat down during the 3 weeks stay that we were there intending on finding a place to go to get some fun. I finally settled on Orlando; and scheduled a day off booked a Red Coach Bus into Orlando, which was Super cheap thanks to Groupon and set out to have some fun. I got up early in the AM and jumped in an Uber to the station and posted on Barebackrts to let the city know I was on my way; and planned on a good time. It was also 1/2 price night at Club Orlando so I knew that at least I would save some money on my fun day out. I got off the Bus and walked a few blocks down to the a Denny's grabbed some breakfast and messaged a gentlemen on who invited me over for some fun. He was near to the Bathouse; so it gave me a chance to chill before 4pm and 1/2 price night a great way to get started. He let me swallow a load; wanted to fuck me only when i had a sloppy hole and sent me on my way with a stomach full of cum and coffee. I got to Club Orlando at 1pm and figured it was worth the early entry to lose the 1/2 price charge; and just went ahead in checked in. It was quiet inside; but I still had some fun. As the time went by and 4pm hit; it got crowded and it was great to have started some fun before and be settled in to watch people who came in. Once it got busy; I played around with quite a few people mostly swallowing some dick; before I got dragged into fun with 2 pumped cock Daddy's who took turns stretching my hole; it started out as one of those occasions where my eyes tried to write a check that my ass couldn't cash but I just relaxed and let the stroke happen and eventually my hole opened and he slid in and out giving me some of the best pleasure I had had for the last 6 weeks on tour. I kept going with them while we were in the elevated gloryhole wall; and before I know it we had been joined by a few others. Someone grabbed my cock and slipped it into their mouth; and kept going back and forth from licking my hole and the cock that was pounding it and swallowing my dick. Before I knew it a loud grunt starting coming from behind me...... After that 1st load I kept going; I found a muscle daddy with a pierced monster cock who let me swallow his load and while doing so got my load splashing out. And then one of the pumped Daddy cock refilled my hole, and gave me another load in my ass before I knew it was time for me to leave and head back to catch my bus back to the quiet city the tour stop was in. 3 days later the Coronavirus shutdown our tour and I had to take solace in knowing that I was well on my way to the best year as a cumdump I was going to have almost ever!
  4. From a Cumdump that is a Man of Color I say this: Turning the BBC into a Fetish is a nerve-wracking issue for all. I will say that in many parts of the world and especially the US it isn't necessarily just the fault of the bottoms; the BBC's themselves play into this which makes it difficult for those that are not. The Fetish itself separates that one appendage from the person attached to it; making them just an object and no longer a person. Much like the term "thug" is used in porn descriptions on MyVidsters or Pornhub; it removes individuality as well. Leading to people applying both to a wide swath of folks whether they want or need that
  5. I have 2 lists: Bucket List and a Raw List, events to re-attend now that I am POZ and a Cumdump. 1st List: Bucket List * Berlin Horse Market & Hustlaball Berlin * Demence Cruise (Fit-ish) * Beef Dip * MAL * Bear Carnival * Amsterdam Pride * Pig Week * Sydney Mardi Gras Raw List: * Folsom * IML * London Pride * NYC Pride * Chicago Pride
  6. I am on the verge of trying something. I was considering heading to a place with gloryholes and bringing my own clorox wipes in a Ziploc bag. Clean off where I am gonna touch from the previous usage and the wall providing us some social distancing.
  7. Wonder where people have had the most fun on a Sex Vacation. I travel a lot normally yearly, but with the Coronavirus and everything else 2020 looks like it is going to be a wrap; even for sex here for me in Atlanta. So where in 2021 should I got to get the most loads and have the most fun? Anyone have plans they'd like to share?
  8. If you take Carnival on both cruises I have taken with them they had a LGBT Mixer, its a good way to get an idea of who is on the boat. I also recommend jumping on the apps as soon as you board. You have cell service from the port city so it makes it easy to message folks; and then you can add them to your message list with the name and room number. Just be aware that before you depart you may find some cross messaging from other ships. I met folks on both Carnival cruise and slipped away from Family for some fun.
  9. One of the many I wear when I am being a cum whore.
  10. What are your plans post Quarantine?
  11. I always make sure that a straight guy gets the best blowjob I can give.
  12. #19😑. Wanting to be a whore. But off to the side being ignored.
  13. I saw that the March edition was canceled. Hopefully I can get some loads in April....
  14. Anyone hear about the next Cumunion at Tokyo Valentino with the "Social Distancing"

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