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    ParTyinG and getting fucked all day and night

    Getting bred blindfolded by anon tops
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    39 y/o chubby cumdump
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  1. Best one was a GP (British equivalent of a family doctor) who let me in the back door of the surgery between appointments and fucked me on the examination table in his consulting room. With the smell of antiseptic and the wipe-clean surfaces everywhere it was surprisingly like visiting a sauna/cruise bar first thing in the morning before the odours of sweat and cum have covered up the fragrance of cleaning spray...
  2. Nottingham here, but often in Brum for the weekend (in normal times). Usually bottom, but trans guys make me super horny -- really bring out my top side...
  3. I'm an epidemiologist. I rationalise my visits here as "field research" 🙈
  4. If I'm wearing my black utility kilt and "Privately Owned by Joe Exotic" T-Shirt combo, definitely. Otherwise, not so much...
  5. Interested too. kik: xbigbbbottomx
  6. xbigbbbottomx on kik
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