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  1. While far from ideal (like most people, I'd prefer to have more money!), in many ways I like a fairly ideal life. Working in the porn industry as I do, but behind-the-scenes is pretty good for a highly-sexed barebacker such as myself. I both know and have sex with lots of hot guys but don't have to deal with some of the negative issues that come from being in front of the camera. It's been especially convenient the last year or so - a lot of the usual places I'd go to fulfil my desire for cock and ass have been closed (bathhouses, etc) but have had the connections to get invited to lot of priv
  2. 152 loads up me so far.
  3. Woof sexy fucker


  4. Over 24 hours, I've been fucked by 43 different guys, all cum in my ass bareback. Love getting gangbanged, and do so frequently, though most are FAR smaller than that. When I've been topping the sloppiest ass I've fucked had 58 loads in it before me. Again, most cum-sloppy holes I've fucked had been nowhere near as sloppy as that!
  5. I wouldn't be at all surprised if quite a few venues have been holding parties behind closed doors - I know of a few in the US and UK who did during 2020.
  6. When I'm having a group fuck and taking several loads, I prefer to hold it in me, but then do a huge cumfart right at the end. Of course, sometimes I take so many loads, then my ass reaches the overflow point, regardless.
  7. Playroom1.png.a26e4aabfe4e5128e7c98aad85ab601e.png

    1. astrokc


      Looks like the PERFECT room!

    2. evilalex


      Is that where I'm going to fuck you?

    3. takingdeepanal


      @evilalex - I thought it was where you were going to fuck me!


  8. I assume what you are trying to figure out is how much wilder the scene was before Covid? I'd say it depends. On the surface, it seemed to change dramatically, with most places closing bathouses and sex clubs at least for a time. But, and I admit I'm just speaking about guys I know so perhaps its a bit of biased perspective, things were going on largely "as normal" for quite a few just unofficially - lots of orgies, group fucks. The difference being they weren't advertised. So perhaps it's more that during this time, someone just starting at on their journey of "cumdumpery" might find it harde
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