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  1. Will be in London this coming weekend. Will be at SOP Sunday afternoon but otherwise looking to play and take some loads. Can be vers, but prefer to bottom. Accom in my hotel or at yours.
  2. early 50's here - bottom guy
  3. Staying here again on Friday 17/Saturday 18 August. Have taken quite a few loads in Trades over the past few years. Cenrtainly never been fucked with a condom here. It's best after midnight, when guys roam the corridors looking for fun. I usually stand behind my door naked, holding it open just enough for guys to see what's available. Once I've got someone interested in filling my hairy hole I'll prop the door open so everyone can watch. One time recently I had seven guys standing in the room waiting to take a turn at my hairy arse. never left here disappointed...or empty!
  4. This evening I had the opportunity for quick pump 'n dump with a buff, muscley little power-house FB of mine. Soon as I got to his we both stripped off and I got my hairy hole lubed to receive his 7 inches of fuck meat. Because he trains every day at the gym he fucks like a piston and in no time he was pile-driving that sexy spunk machine deep into my gut. Less than five minutes later I had a huge wad of his thick, creamy cum in my hole and I was getting dressed and ready to leave again. As I drove home, deeply satisfied with his cum in me, I got to thinking - I love the act of taking a raw cock, but it really is ALL about getting that load inside me...
  5. Tall, hairy arsed Scot staying in Trades Hotel,Blackpool on Friday and Saturday night this weekend. Will have my door slightly ajar for the late night cruising and i'll be naked with a lubed hole, ready for as many loads as I can get.
  6. Staying at Trades this cumming Saturday night (10 December). Will have my room door open late on and looking to have my hole well and truly bred. Was there in October and at one point during the night had seven guys in my room watching on and taking turns at breeding my hairy ass... Looking forward to enjoying a good few loads this weekend! Cum and join us....
  7. Hmmmm. Love a good piss fuck. Especially when I get to push the piss into a glass and drink it....
  8. I always swallow. Love a good piss session, especially with a few tops all bursting to feed me their amber nectar!
  9. Visiting London this weekend and planning a visit to SBN at The Hoist on Saturday and then SOP on Sunday afternoon. Be good to hook up with some fellow bb enthusiasts while I'm there. Message me.
  10. Going to SBN for the first time tomorrow night. 6'4 Scotsman with a very hairy arse - cum say Hi and then load me!

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