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  1. Is there a shortage of prep about in the UK now (brixit or covid related)? Ive been looking to buy some and it seems out of stock? The sexual heath clinics are currently appointment only and only dealing with emergencies rather than routine.
  2. I don't think you can get it in the uk from supermarkets (well ive not seen it) so amazon to the rescue! Looking on the net nigella says 'Vegetable shortening is a white, solid fat made from vegetable oils. In the UK it is sold under the brand names Trex, Flora White or Cookeen' but i dont think they are same as Crisco has a shelf life of a year once opened where as these you would need to keep in the fridge.
  3. Thanks ErosWired. I have ordered some Crisco to try. Yeah once they have cum then the lubes not needed it is before that i need it lol.
  4. hard to find but a real treat when you do
  5. cheers i have ordered some to try it
  6. is fuckwater ok if you get it in the mouth?
  7. Hi guys. I am very much a cock sucker and love sucking cock. When it comes to getting fucked I have usually got his dick wet before hand but as I am rather tight it can be difficult. I usually need lube to help, however, I love to suck the cock after, but the taste of lube makes me feel ill. Anyone got any suggestions for a good tasting lube? Also its handy if its not too messy too as with hookups its awkward. long lasting might help too...
  8. quite a lot of time wasters too tho
  9. Thanks for the tip! Locanto has been great!
  10. oh great shout! not heard of it before but looks promising! Anyone had success?
  11. my experience in turkey was great. the cultural thing seems to be if they top then that's not gay (only bottoming means your gay). this means most don't like kissing but eventually you can get them too. it is easy to find turkish guys in the evening walking looking for fun. it is true what others have said that hotels are very strict and you would find it difficult to sneak anyone in + the turkish guys know that and wont try. the weather makes this not an issue with usually a dark spot somewhere that will do fine. its nicer in the heat anyway to be outside and enjoy the slight dusty breeze. i had luck in the deserted market, beach, back street all good. the turkish guys can be rather straight to the point. most seem to be big and hairy. they don;t seem to put any effert in and come as they are (sweaty and manly which i loved) . they know what we are there for and happy to oblige. no small talk after they just pull up trousers and go. leaving my ass dripping and me happy.
  12. I always suck a dick clean! Whoever and however many its been. Respect the cock(s)!
  13. I found turkish guys to have great dicks. most where nice and thick. not always the longest but big enough to play with the tonsils.
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