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  1. Part 4: I lost sense of time and space. My mind was only loosely aware of what was happening to me. I enjoyed myself, I lost all control, and I felt like I was doing exactly what I was needing to do in that moment. I never passed out, but I also wasn't fully aware of what was happening to me. At times I was blindfolded, at other times I was locked in and looking forward at the screens while I was getting fucked, other times the red lights came back on. There was a show being put on for the people in the room and for the viewers on the internet, and I wasn't the star, but I was the landscape and the horizon all in one. The sex, the degradation, the humiliation, and the lust, these were the real stars of the show. I don't know how long I was there, but it had to have been at least the day. I never fully had the chance to come out of it. However, I did notice when the action stopped. Things went quiet for a time. I may have slept. I remember being wet and raw. I didn't get off the entire time and my hard on had long left me, but I was soaked through on the cushion I was draped over with a mix of my own pre-cum and the raw fluids of those who used me. I was released and still slightly out of it, dressed, and then thrown into the back of a car. I heard a few words being given to the driver, then I was pulled away from the house. The driver asked me a few questions, but I couldn't really respond. I was barely cleaned up before being thrown in the car. I likely had semen in visible places. I mumbled to the driver a few words, assuming I was being driven home. I blurted my address. The streets and landmarks passed by, but it wasn't until I was in my own driveway that I started to come to. It was now night time, probably late. My phone was dead. I fumbled for a wallet and keys and the driver stopped me, saying in a think middle eastern accent, "No no. You don't have to pay with money. Do you need help?" I nodded and tried to find the door handle. I managed to get it and open the door but dropped my phone and keys as I did. The driver hopped out of the car and started to help me with my items and getting in the house. He pulled me roughly from the car and stood me upright, holding me much tighter than I would have liked, although, I appreciated and needed the help. His hands and body heat started to stir up the longing in me. I had been used quite heavily already that day, but not having gotten off myself, nor having the chance to really appreciate the experience left me wanting more. Or perhaps, it was because I truly was a whore now. Craving cock and intimacy more than dignity. The driver used my keys to let me enter into the dark house. My bedroom wasn't far off from the entrance and I indicated where it was and he brought me there. He threw me on the bed. I landed face down and ass up, barely able to move. I felt him start to undress me, pulling my clothes around me roughly, while he said a few indistinct words. I had an idea of what was coming and I neither wanted to resist, nor did I have the energy to participate. "This is how you are going to pay". He got on top of me, my pants and underwear were around my ankles and my shirt was pulled up over my head. I was exposed, but not quite naked. I felt a few slaps of a cock against my ass and the sound of him spitting. I doubt he even needed the extra spit for lube, but who was I to tell him otherwise. He entered with aggression and purpose, diving deeply into my ass without much warning or care. He let his body rest on mind as he pumped in and out of me. I had no ability to tell how big or thick he was, my ass was too numb from the drugs and the use. As he plowed me I felt myself get hard and as he thrust inside me, my cock robbed against the comforter on my bed. He didn't last long, and neither did I. The friction from his fucking caused me to explode as he did. He bust inside me with a loud grunt and I moaned as my dick finally had a release. The driver pumped in and out of me a few more times then pulled out, slapped my ass and said, "Thanks for the payment, slut. See you around." He got dressed, leaving the door to my bedroom open, and left. I laid there in a mix of my own cum and his, mixing in with the many loads I had taken dribbling out onto my bed. I was exhausted, spent, used. I didn't even have the energy to take off the rest of my clothes. I fell asleep as is, exposed, with cummy ass to the world. I barely dreamt, but when I did, it was of cock. This experience was likely to change my life forever. The end (Maybe for now).
  2. This is my old account and I dont have a way to get back in to finish the story 😞
  3. Part 3: Brrrrup. The sound of grindr notifications were echoing through my mind, as the sound of a person disrobing came from behind me. I couldn't see the person, as my head was locked and forced me to look forward at the screen that my captors were using to broadcast my future. I couldn't control what was going to happen to me, but I could see what was being planned and what was happening to me. It was an out of body experience in the best way. I was so turned on. I love seeing Grindr messages and emails and communications from others that were short, sweet, and dripping in sexual energy. My high mind and used hole were twitching with anticipation. The image of me in black & white on the right hand side showed a top down image that was cropped to show my ass, my lower and upper back, and all the way up to my face. The screen showed a bit of empty space in front my face and behind my ass, but not for long. I could hear the other person in the room approaching me and from the screen I could see the hard dick appear first. It was rock hard, pointing upwards towards the ceiling. Meanwhile, on the other side of the screen I could see the messages and notifications coming, with my captors responding. The message that was currently on the screen read, "Yeh. Someone is fucking him right now, just arrived. You can join if you want, or you can have him after?" The other person replied back, "On my way". I was too high to know where to focus. Do I stare at the screen, the video footage of me getting used, or do I close my eyes and focus on the sensations? Was I scared? Did I agree to this? Did that matter? I couldn't really ponder these questions, but as I failed to take the thinking much further, I felt the cock enter my hole. As he did, the top groaned just as he bottomed out. I couldn't stop watching myself being fucked. There was a bush sprouting up around my ass cheeks where the tops cock met his body. He was fully impaled in me and it was amazing to look at. I would know it was me and then forget, then I would realize again, and these realizations came in waves just like the feeling of the drugs. The top pulled out and plunged back in and started up a rhythm. I started huffing on the poppers. It had been a few moments since I had taken any poppers, too lost in thought about my previous fuck-escapades. The high of the drugs and the poppers met with a furious warmth and my brain lost as much control as my body had already experienced. I was so happy to be used. The top didn't say anything else except for his first few words when he entered and the initial groan. I just started at the video image of him pumping me deep and fast. He leaned forward over my body and the image was slightly obscured as he reached his arm around the front of me and pulled me back by the neck. The room was still dark, even with the screen portraying the messages and live footage. I could barely make out the shape and size of his arm as he pulled it around me, tightening on my neck. I heard the door open again and suddenly the screen shut off and the light in the room was gone. The top inside me kept plowing with an intensity that would have broken me if I wasn't high. The light in the room switched and suddenly everything took on a deep red glow like I was in a seedy darkroom at a bathhouse. My captors knew what they were doing. The top inside me kept plowing me as I heard the sounds of someone or some others enter the room. The top inside of me released my neck and let me fall down again a bit. My whole body was moving with his thrusts and my dick and balls were being slammed against the furniture I was strapped over. I was getting used to the rhythm and had my eyes staring aimlessly at the ground. I didnt want to look up, I barely could look anywhere anyway. I saw two pairs of bare feet lit up by the dark red light appear in front of me. I felt a dick swat my cheek followed by a command. "Suck me". I felt the dick on my face slide down my cheek and across my mouth. It came from the right. The pair of feet in front of me approached closer as well and I felt a second dick on my face from the other side. I opened my mouth and took in the dick from the right. The man inside me growled. Now I was being spit roasted with a dick on the side, my whole purpose to be in service of others. I was high, out of control, not knowing what day it was, who I was being used by, and what the rest of this day had in store for me. The dick in my mouth pulled out and was replaced by the dick to the left. This was a smaller uncut dick, with a dripping wet head. My mouth was smeared with precum. Again, another command was issued from my right. "Suck him. Get him ready for your ass fag". The top on the right moved away out of my limited sight, towards the back. I felt him trail my body with his hand as he moved towards my ass. The top inside me moved from being mostly on top of me to standing and plowing me in an upright position. His breath and movements became more intense, less rhythmic and more lost in my body. He made a few guttural noises and I felt a deep and hard slap on my ass as he bottomed out and spasmed. He held his jerking dick inside me while I had the smaller wet uncut dick in my mouth and another dick next to my body, waiting to use my hole next. The top inside groaned, "fuck" as he pulled out of me. I felt my asshole stay open, as if to invite the next top in. It didn't take long. I heard the sounds of shuffling and the dick that was in my mouth moments ago was now at the edge of my hole. I heard soft sounds of clothing being put on as this next dick was shoved in. The scene played itself out exactly as you could imagine. The top in my ass was loving my used and wet hole. The dick in my mouth was building up energy and intention for when it was the owner's turn to use my ass. The drugs kept me as high as ever. The two men who were left didn't talk, barely interacted, just the odd "fuck yeah" and grunt of encouragement to each other. The top inside me didnt last long. He pulled out and jerked his cockat the edge of my hole, cumming on my ass and then shoved it back in. "Yeh, take it bitch. Fuck". He plowed a few more times, milking his cock in my hole, and pulled out. The owner of the cock in my mouth paused, pulled out half way before saying, "you ready? Im not pulling out all like he did and Im gonna cum quick". I could feel cum leaking down my ass cheeks and cross my balls. I was mounted again quickly by this third top. His dick was already wet, engorged, and ready to use my hole from having some prep time from my mouth. As he fucked me I couldnt hear the other guy and I assumed the guy before him had already left. I felt ravenous. The top inside me didn't last long, a few minutes at most. As he built up to his climax he put his fingers in my mouth and pulled my head back. His fingers tasted awful, like they were covered in something acidic and metallic, but the flavour was soon replaced by warmth in my ass and in mouth. He was giving me more drugs while he was seeding my ass. He didn't linger in my asshole. A few shudders and gasps and he pulled out of my gaping hole. I heard him mutter a few words, then silence for a few moments, followed by the sound of a door opening and closing. I waited for something else to happen, some indication that I was going to be used again, but nothing. I waited in silence for a few moments. I was so horny that I couldn't stop grinding my dick into the furniture. By now everything under my hips was soaked with lube and cum. I was a wreck. I was fuzzy and had trouble focusing. The light in the room changed again as the screen came back on with black screen and white letters spelling out, "You get a break now. Enjoy it, because more men are on their way. Soon you will have some decisions to make. Till then, enjoy the show. Our subscribers surely will". The video changed again and I could see the footage again, except this time there were three different screens. There was the top down image from before, but also there was a wider shot showing more of the room, and a shot from what looked to be right from the screen in front of me highlighting my face and shoulders. I watched myself take a hit of poppers as a man approached me from behind. I realized, I was watching the scene from a few minutes ago. I was going to relive it. I took a hit of poppers and decided I would take this opportunity to enjoy it. At the bottom of the screen I saw messages coming in. "Fuck, this video is hot. He is going to get used." "What a fag" "Best videos on the web" I was being streamed. The people who had invited me over and put me in this position, were not just whoring me out, they were filming it and making money off of some sort of live stream. I took another hit of poppers. I guess I might as well enjoy the show before I become the show once again.
  4. This is one of my all time fav reads and I come back to it often for inspiration.
  5. PART 2: I was spinning. I could hear porn playing but not much else. The volume was low enough that I could make out that someone was getting railed on a video, probably with multiple people, but I couldn't make out much else. I set there and felt the last remnants of jizz dribbling off my face and cooling on my exposed ass. I wasn't cold, the room felt hot and I was high as fuck. I was grinding my cock and balls into the ottoman and waiting to hear any noise or indication that something else was going to happen. Yet, nothing did. I could feel myself getting more and more high, whatever they had given me was electrifying my body, making me incredibly horny, and giving me zero interest in turning back. Fear was not something I was currently experiencing. While I waited, my mind was drifting. I needed something other than the subtle sounds of porn and grinding against my soaked jock into the ottoman. I couldn't really process how I ended up here, the steps from home to this position seemed blurry, however, I started to recall other times I had been fucked while high and out of control. My first experience of partying and fucking, and my first experience of bare sex, came flooding back to me. I replayed the scene over and over in my head while I waited. I was a few years younger, having spent most of my time bartending and partying. I got in with a really fun crowd of people who liked to get a bit messy, go out, and hang out well into the next day at after parties. Before I had partied too much, a friend offered me some after a shift had ended where we worked together. I didnt think much of it, I didnt really know how it was going to make me more of a cock slut, I just figured, why not have a little fun? I asked for a half dose and my friend agreed. I didnt realize that she had actually given me a full dose and only pretended to give me a whole does. The night was fun. I didnt really think about hooking up or cruising, I mostly just enjoyed my time with my friends. When things started to wind down we all headed towards our respective homes. I stopped by my friends house as it was on the way to my place and we chatted a bit. She was ready to pass out and could barely keep herself up. She told me I could crash in her sisters room downstairs in the basement if I wanted, as there was no one else around for the weekend. She didnt say much of anything else, just got up and headed up to her room. I hadn't been rolling too hard, nor did I feel all that fucked up. I hadn't even opened Grindr or any other apps the entire night. I decided to get up and leave, then suddenly, I felt like I wasn't ready for sleep. I also didn't feel like going home. It was still dark out and I wanted more. My friend had left her purse downstairs and my mind started to wander. If I had only taken half a hit, why not take some more? I got up, grabbed her purse, and headed to her sisters room. Her sisters room was down in a half finished basement with a bathroom, entrance, and a small kitchenette. My friend was two floors above me and there was no one else. The bedroom was nice and dark, with deep curtains over the window, but still I couldnt bring myself to go to sleep. I just stared at her purse, wondering, were there more drugs, could I or should I take some? What then? I went to her purse. I didnt need to look hard. Inside was a small mints container with the same small brown pills I had seen before. Rolled up in the bag next to it was another smaller bag of white powder. I knew what was up. I grabbed the small container and went to the kitchen. I grabbed a beer out of the fridge, and downed two pills. I was feeling sweaty and realized it would be a good time to take a shower or bath and to just relax into the day. I hadn't brought any extra clothes with me, I also knew I could go home at any time, but I figured id wait here to see how I feel, just in case. As I went to shower, I realized I had not eaten in over 12 hours, yet I wasn't hungry at all. The pills would probably take a while to kick in and I started to feel a bit nervous, but I wasnt too worried. I opened up my phone and it was almost dead. I was feeling a bit of a buzz from deep swigs of the beer and I decided to ramp it up a notch with the white powder. I cut up a few lines and hit some, thinking, "fuck, I am going to need to pay for this". I'd figure that out later. I noticed that I had a few Grindr notifications and as the buzz grew and I stood there in the bathroom contemplating a shower and what my next steps were going to be, I opened up the app. There wasn't much. A few message from guys way earlier in night. I was in a somewhat residential area so a lot of blank profiles were near me, likely straight closeted dudes. I could feel warmth and electricity radiating out from my belly and my brain started feeling foggy. I realized I better shower quick. Just as I took off my clothes I heard the familiar beep of a Grindr notification. I got two messages, one from a 25 year old blank profile, and another from a 47 year old profile of a guy with a pic where he was wearing bike shorts and a tank top and you could. make out a sizeable bulge. I turned on shower and checked the messages. Both profiles indicated they were tops. 47 year old: Hey, you looking? 25 year old: Sup? I didnt want to waste my time or battery charge and the growing high was suddenly making me horny. I was stroking my dick and starting to roll a bit, with a bit of difficulty looking at the screen. I sent my location to both and wrote, "bottom here, horny to get fucked. At a friends in their basement in a bedroom. There is a separate entrance to the floor I am on. Friend is passed out two floors up. Can host if you are cool with it being quick and quiet. Battery is almost dead." I didnt get a response from the 47 year old before showering, but the 25 year old responded with a dick pic. A nice 7 in uc dick with shaved balls showed up on my screen with a message, "awesome. looking to top here. I can be to you in 10 minutes if you want? into anything else?" I wrote back, "Cool. Come on over. I am just jumping in the shower. Come on in and I will be on the bed in the dark waiting for you." I sent the address and instructions for my room. By this point I was really high, not sure off of what or if I was going to get any worse, but I was really rolling. I knew my time was limited so I jumped in the shower right away. I could hear my phone beeping a bit more, but knew I needed to get clean. I had a hard time not stroking my dick. I focused on the key areas, trying to clean out as best I could but I definitely rushed. I was banking on not having eaten in hours and knowing my body to feel if I was clean enough. I fingered myself in the shower and there was no resistance. Just complete horniness. I went from being completely uninterested in sex to becoming ravenous. I got out of the shower and saw messages from both guys and a couple of taps. I bolted to the room bringing the drugs and the beer, while grabbing another beer from the fridge and turning off all the lights in the unit, and dove into the bed. I opened the message from the 47 year old. He wrote, "I am a few streets over. I can come over if you want? Sounds like a hot set up." I saw my dying battery and rolled the mental dice and wrote almost the same message to him that I wrote the other guy, except adding that my battery was about to die. I checked the message from the 25 year old, and could barely read it. "I am outside in my car across the street, you ready?" I wrote back, "yes". I checked the message from the other guy and didnt get a response, but saw that my phone was at 1%. I figured, might as well be honest in my final message. "Hey, I have someone else coming over right now and phone is about to die, if you want to come over do so in 20 minutes? Door is unlocked". I hit send, and heard a grindr notification pop up and went to check the message. It was from the 25 year old and just as I was about to open the message the phone died. Fuck. I wasn't sure what I should do. I sat there silently, ass up on the bed. I was rolling super hard and felt so horny. I realized I dont know if either of them would actually come, then also realized I didnt have any lube, condoms, or poppers. Just me, high as fuck, in my friend's sister's bed, making bad decisions and stealing my friends drugs. The 25 year old had said he was on the street so I figured I might as well go look out the window. I crawled out of bed, feeling all kinds of wobbly. My eyes were starting to shift and cross and it was hard to stand up right. I got out to the living room and looked up and out through the window. I could see a car parked across the street, but I couldnt see much else. Suddenly, I saw two feet cross the window from that side of the street and head towards the drive way. I figured it must be him and he was coming in. I bolted back to the room as best I could. I took one more rip of the white power and buried my face in the pillows. I heard the door open and a tentative "hello?" I didnt say anything. I just groaned into the pillow. I heard footsteps and then the door to the bedroom close. "Hey?" I just groaned again. I was flying and my head was heavy. I just wanted him to take control. I was ass up naked and grinding on the bed. There wasn't much light in the room, but I knew he could see me well enough to know what he could or should do next. Clothing started to be removed. I stayed silent and just grinded slightly on the bed. I felt him walk over next to the head of the bed. He reached out and grabbed my head and pulled me towards his dick. I didnt open my eyes, but when it got to my lips I could tell it was rock hard and dripping. I sucked it for a few minutes, groaning the entire time. As I did I heard him say, "you got any condom or lubes?" I just groaned something akin to no, while his dick was in my mouth. He replied, "So can I rawdog you?" I just groaned. He pulled out of my mouth and moved behind me on the bed. I felt him spread my ass checks and I heard him spit. He spit a few more times and then I heard some slick sounds and I assumed he was wetting his dick. I heard the bed creak a bit as he shifted forward, and then his wet cock head at my hole. He slid in. It faced zero resistance and he went deep in the first thrust. "Holy fuck dude". He groaned as he held his dick inside me. I felt his dick jump a bit, bouncing deep inside my hole. He pulled out a bit and plunged back in. I just kept my head down and groaned into the pillow. What followed was a series of groans and gyrations. I was fully rolling now, everything feeling warm and fuzzy and excellent. My ass felt amazing. I realized that while this wasnt my first time bareback, it was really the first time doing it with a stranger, and with so little information being shared. I didnt know anything about him, just what his dick looked like, that his age was supposedly 25, and that he used the term, "raw dog". He pumped in and out. My ass was making wet slapping sounds as he plowed me and I was too high to care about the fact that I was in my friend's sister's bed, or that I didnt even ask this guy if he was neg. He just kept plowing. The paced had picked up and he was being fairly rough. The kind of roughness that comes with inexperience, as if he was trying to get deeper into me, but without much understanding for pace and rhythm. I didnt care. I was getting used. His head was right behind mine as he plowed into me. His body rihgt on top of mine, full body contact, as he shoved his dick in and out. He spoke into my ear. "Fuck dude, where do you want me to cum?" I just groaned. I didnt have the power to form words, just sounds. I groaned and felt a tension within me between wanting to get creamed and also knowing that the version of me that would eventually not be high, would want him to pull out to cum. He asked again. "Oh man. I am getting really close. Where do you want it??" He had an urgency to his voice. A pleading. "Dude, oh fuck. Dude, Im gonna nut... Where do... fuck... oh shit.. fuck." He pushed deeper, groaned, and spasmed. "Oh fuck, Im cumming in you. Fuck. Oh fuck" He shuddered and whispered these groans into my ear. He shuddered a few more times and pulled out, rolled over, and got up. I felt cum dipping out of my ass and down onto my balls in my jock. I didnt move. I heard him get dressed and as the door opened, he said, "Thanks." I heard him continue on out through the door and to the basement entrance. He left. I was incredibly horny. I wanted more. I could barely move, but I grabbed for my phone and went to check it,a nd realized the phone was dead. I willed myself to get up and search for a charger in the room. I groped around in my high junkie state and found power cords, a laptop charger, and eventually an iphone cord. I plugged my phone in and waited a few moments and then booted it up. It was slow to respond as it gathered more juice. I reached back and fingered my hole, it was sloppy and wet and it felt amazing. I rolled over onmy back a bit and fingered myself and occasionally stroked while waiting for Grindr to load. Just as it did, I saw I had a few message. There was one from the 47 year old. "I saw another young guy leave. Im here and coming in." Just as I read it I heard the basement door open. I rolled over, through my phone under my pillow and assumed the position. I was about to get used again. This guy was very different. He came in and was very direct. As soon as he was in the room he demanded, "Turn toward the window and get on your knees". I did as I was told. He disrobed quickly and walked up behind me. I was groaning and twitchy. I probably looked tweaked out. He noticed. "Fuck dude, you are hungry for it. You partying?" He slipped a finger inside me and I groaned. His finger was replaced by a heavy dick and he pushed in. He didnt say a single other word for the rest of the encounter. Just pumped me. As he did he rubbed my back and would grab my hips. This guy knew rhythm. I could hear the sloppiness of my hole as he plowed me and I am sure he knew it was filled with cum. He didnt even ask about lube or condoms. Not that it mattered. He kept up a heavy pace, not letting up once. He groaned heavily after a few minutes, put his dick completely inside me, and emptied his balls. I was in heaven. He pulled out suddenly, leaving me gaping, and then put on his clothes and left. I had just taken two loads within the hour, while also rolling super heavily on drugs. I checked my phone and saw more messages, but I could barely read them. The message from the 25 year old was from before asking if he could fuck me raw. I guess I missed it after my phone died, but it didnt matter anyway. I could see light starting to come out between the curtains and I knew it was morning. I was rolling heavily and figured I probably shouldn't stay, If I was going to be able to continue any of this fun, it had to happen else where. I stumbled out of bed, put on my clothes, and brought my friends purse back up stairs. I took an extra pill and did another line, but I had to leave. I called an uber and decided to head back home. Walking wasn't an option. That morning I had taken my first two raw loads. I had barebacked before, but never had a guy, especially strangers. fuck me and cum inside me. I refreshed my Grindr page as I waited for the uber and saw more guys nearby. I sent some initial messages, but wasnt sure what the day would bring. But I needed to head home. In the end I started to come down and by the time I got home I was ready to jerk off and roll over into bed, saving that list pill for another time. I ended up jerking off for 3 hours while refreshing Grindr, but never getting the energy to follow through with any other guys. I was thinking about this encounter while I was strapped down around the ottoman, wondering what was going to happen. I was just as high after taking these two loads, as I was that first time I got fucked by strangers. The memories felt so vivid and connected to what I had jsut experienced. I heard a Grindr notification and almost thought I was still thinking about my memories, when I heard someone enter the door. There was no speaking, just someone walking towards me. I felt hands around my mouth and ball gag, removing the ball gag and also removing the blindfold. In it's place. I opened my eyes, but the room was completely dark. I heard the Grindr notification again. The sound of the person retreated and I heard a door open and close. My eyes were adjusting to the light in the room and I could make out small details. In front of me there seemed to be a big screen, but a few feet away. I tried to turn my head but realized that my neck was now fastened to a harness that was attached to something else. I could only look forward. The screen lit up. The people who owned the place must have been screen sharing somehow. On the right hand side I could see a video of what looked like me but in black and white or nightvision, on the other side of the screen I could see a mirrored iphone. The iphone screen changed to Grindr. I saw a series of messages on the grindr screen. Again, I was pretty high so it was hard to read them, but I could make out details. One of the messages was opened. The owner of the phone had written, "Yeh. He is tied up downstairs and we are whoring him out. He is pretty fucked up. You can come in, fuck him, and go. However you'd like." Someone responded back, "k. Just outside, be in a minute." I heard the door behind me open and close again. The user of the phone that was being broadcast to this screen then went to a web browser. I saw a lot of tabs open. Adam 4 Adam, Craigslist, and Manhunt. By now I figured the guys who fucked me earlier were legit whoring me out, while also making me watch and anticipate by seeing who they were talking too. I twas worse than being blind. It was seeing my fate and knowing there was nothing I could. It made me so incredibly horny. I heard someone behind me groan, then say, "Fuck. I am going to enjoy this." ----- More to come later.
  6. Thanks guys. It was hot writing it. I am hoping to update more this week.
  7. I was horny and hungover and feeling a bit burned out from partying the night before. In total I had about 2 hours of sleep between hanging with a few friends and then getting home and trying to pass out. Every time I tried to sleep, I would end up on my phone and refreshing my Grindr screen over and over again. After a few more attempts to sleep, I said fuck it, got up and smoked some weed while cruising for dick. I live in an urban area but with COVID-19 and a relatively small bubble, I have not been hooking up much... or at all. The sexual frustration was getting to me. I am a late 20s guy, pretty sexually adventurous, but also really shy and often afraid to make the first move. I am 5'11, 180 lbs, 6in uc dick, and handsome, or so I am told. My online profiles are pretty tame. I usually use two different accounts and this early morning I was logged into my slut account. Barely any information, just a picture of me in my underwear showing off a thick ass, and the title, "Looking now" with a downwards arrow. I tend to get a bit of chatter from guys but rarely do I get and solid action and I often chicken out before anything can happen. I am a bit goofy but have a dark side, especially when I party. I have lots of desires and fetishes, but rarely do I act on any of them for fear of being hurt or in catching something. Also, I am always worried that my sexual adventures could follow me publicly. Today I wasn't really sure what I was looking for, I just knew my thresholds and inhibitions seem to feel much lower than usual. Shortly into my Grindr refresh and toke journey I got a message from a blank profile about 5 miles away, asking me what's up, followed by a dick pic, and, "looking to play? hosting here." The dick was wet and hard, uncut, and looked like it was attached to a fairly average body and a huge set of balls. My stoner mind, hard dick, and hangover combined, making my mouth water and my ass feel tight just at the sight of the dick. I took a hit of poppers and started crafting my reply. Me: "Hey, hot dick. Horny here. Hungover, not sure what I am looking for. Had a pretty late night" Him: "Nice. Your ass looks nice, you like to get fucked? Hosting and alone here. You should come over." I dont know what compelled me to write what I wrote next, but I did. Me: "You ever like it anon?" I often watch a lot of amateur anonymous bareback porn, with the scenes where a younger guy is blindfolded and used by a few men always making me cum. Him: "Fuck yeh. You want it anon? We can do it anon. I have my own place and I can blindfold you. We never have to even see each other's faces." My dick started to throb. I closed Grindr for a minute, feeling overwhelmed and thinking this conversation was going to get me into trouble. I switched back to some porn, took another hit of weed and a hit of poppers. As soon as the poppers and weed starting hitting I switched back to Grindr and saw a few more messages from the same guy. "Come on over, I can fuck you, you can leave. It will be fun. Trust me"... "Hey? You interested?"... "Fuck dude, where did you go? So horny here"... "you like to party?"... "fine, you are just another cock tease. fuck it." I had only ghosted for a few minutes but clearly he was frustrated. I zeroed in on the party comment and decided to say fuck it, I am going for it. Me: "Yeh. I like to party. Ill come over. But I want it anon, you do what you want to me. I def like to party, Stoned here but open to all kinds. Do what you want." He replied with his address and asked, "how long?" I ordered an Uber. Me: "10 minutes away, should arrive in 20. What are my instructions?" ----- In the 10 minutes before the uber arrived I did a quick clean out. My head was a bit light, but I could feel the stone starting to wear off so I took a shot of tequila. It was pretty early in the morning, but I knew I was going to lose my nerve. When the Uber arrived, I locked the door to my place, left a note for my roomie, and headed out. In the car I read his instructions over and over again. Him: "When you arrive, come in the side door off of the garage and strip down completely. I will have a bandana and a jock strap for you to put on. Leave your clothes in the garage. Once you are ready, I will come and get you and lead you into the house. Then, you follow instructions. Is that clear?" I had responded and said yes, but between the time I confirmed and getting into the uber, my nerve was starting to dissolve. The shot of tequila hadnt done much, the weed was wearing off, and I couldnt sniff poppers in the back of the uber. Suddenly, I felt afraid. I sent him a message. I was having second thoughts. "Im on my way over. Im getting nervous. You do this often?" No response. The uber kept driving along. Thankfully the journey was a bit slower than I anticipated. I wrote some more. "You got condoms?" No response. His profile indicated he was online, but he was either ignoring me or he was preoccupied. "Man, I am really having second thoughts. How do I know you wont hurt me?" Still no response. I sat silently in the uber and refreshed my grindr page. His profile was getting closer and closer. As we neared his place, more hot profiles starting showing. I thought, at least I could ditch him and head somewhere else if needed. I was wrestling with myself and my head, feeling my cock strain against my tight undies in my blue jeans while my rational and logical brain were telling me to go home, find another way to scratch this itch. I was lost in my thought when I felt the driver slow the car down and stop. We pulled over on the side of the street and in the lot next to where we were was a nice average looking home in a decent neighbourhood. The lights were seemingly off and there was no car in the driveway. The driver asked, "are you getting out?" I mumbled something, looked out the window and just as I did, rain started pouring down. "Man, I got other rides I gotta get. You want to get out here or do you need to go somewhere else?" Was I ready for this? I wasn't so sure. I was incredibly horny, but I wasn't sure the guy was even there. He hadn't responded to any of the messages and suddenly my phone vibrated. It was a message from him. It read: Him: "get out of the car and come inside like instructed". I looked at the uber driver, said thanks, and walked out into the rain. I was instantly soaked. The entire time I kept one hand in my pocket, holding onto my poppers. The other hand held my phone, which was thankfully waterproof. The walk from the curb to the door on the garage was only a few moments, but my clothes were completely soaked through and the wet denim was rubbing against my cock as I walked. I stood outside the door for a few moments, looked at our grindr conversation, and said to myself, fuck it, you are here now might as well go through with it. I was overcome with anticipation and I couldn't turn back now. I opened the door and entered the dark garage. It was quiet except for the sound of the rain. My eyes took a few moments to adjust, but over to the left hand side next to a door going into the house I saw a stool with a bottle of water, some fabric, and a note. The note read, "Take off your clothes. Put on the blindfold and the jock strap and sit on the stool." I did as I was instructed. My pants were soaked so I wasnt sure where to put the phone or my blindfold, so I held the phone in my hand and tucked the poppers into the waist band of the jock strap. The jock was tight, pulling my skin and holding my cock and walls up tight against my body. My skin was cold and wet from the rain and my nerves were feeling pretty intense. I started to shiver. I heard the sound of a door, possibly the one next to me. I heard some breathing. My senses were overwhelmed without being able to see. The rain sounded like it was pounding furiously against the roof. I was about to ask if everything was alright when I felt a hand grap my wrist and pull me up abruptly. Then he spoke. "Give me your phone and your poppers. Ill give them back once we are inside". I wanted to speak or object, but my body gave in. His deep voice and commanding tone gave me no room to say otherwise. He started to lead me through the door. He didnt talk and he guided me roughly, but I felt I didnt have much choice. We went down a set of carpeted stairs shortly after going through the door. It smelled like we were in a basement, not bad, but distinct. I made a few surprised sounds as he guided me around, but we didnt talk. We stopped. I felt him come around in front of me. He seemed taller, bigger, and much more of a man than me. I couldn't see him, but in my eye I kept picturing his dick and the grindr messages. It was much warmer down here than the garage, but I was still shaking. He grabbed both my wrists and held them up in front of me. He started wrapping something around my wrists. I was scared and I wasn't sure what was happening. Was he tying me up? I opened my mouth to say something and just as I did he leaned in close and I could feel his breath on my face. He spoke, "Repeat after me. 'This is going to be fun.'" I was startled, and wasn't sure what I should do. He was tying my wrists very tightly. He said it again. "I said, repeat after me. 'This is going to be fun'." I started to whisper his words back to him. He laughed with a short gruff chuckle. "Fuck yeh." He stepped away. I wasnt sure where he was, I couldnt really tell where in a room I was. I was just standing there in my jock and now my hands were tied in front of me. I was able to move my elbows and extend a bit, but I wasn't sure what was going to come next. Suddenly I felt a rough push, shoving me forward. I couldnt catch myself and I fell forward quickly. I didnt fall far or hard, but I landed on something soft and about the size of my torso with my knees hitting the carpeted floor and my head and part of my chest falling a bit over the edge of something. It felt like he threw me over an ottoman. He spoke, "Hold these, use them as you'd like". He put a bottle in my hand, it felt like my poppers. My nerves were really getting the best of me. I wanted to ask what was happening. I felt him grab my ankles and start pulling them apart. I was prone, half tied up, and ass up over an ottoman. This was already more than I bargained for. Me: "Hey, I think this is getting out of hand and I..." I wasnt able to say anything else. He leaned forward and shoved his fingers in my mouth. Him: "Shhh. You are going to love this." Somehow with his free hand I could feel him wrapping something around my ankles while his other fingers were down my throat. He switched hands and continued probing my mouth with his other hand. The hand that was just in my mouth went to my ass. It felt like he was trying to explore my throat with this hand from the inside out. I started to gag and convulse a little bit, but he kept at it. His mouth tasted funny and at times it felt like there was something in his hand as if he was trying to force me to swallow something. As he did this started poking at my hole. I could feel the left over saliva on his fingers from when he first entered my mouth. He applied a little bit of pressure and slipped inside in with his finger going straight in. I groaned. It felt good but I also was starting to feel terrified. I also couldnt speak. He fingered my mouth and my whole for a few minutes longer while I groaned before pulling out suddenly. I started to speak. Me: "Hey, this is hot, but did you get my messages? You got condoms?" He laughed again in that short gruff sort of way, but didn't respond. I considered my options. I was now tied up at the feet, attached to something, not sure what, but my legs were pulled somewhat apart and my I was splayed out over this ottoman, my hands being tied too. I could operate the bottle of poppers, but otherwise, my wrists were joined and I wasn't overly mobile. "Look. You can fuck me, but.. I ..l ... " My brain started feeling really warm. I could feel myself grinding the ottoman slightly, my dick rubbing against the fabric of the jock and the furniture. It was feeling somewhat hard to speak. "...I... i... I really want to play safe." He chuckled again and spoke, "I can do whatever I want." I started to reply again but as I did, he interrupted. "There is something to drink in front of you. Ill be back". With that, I heard him walk away. ----- I couldnt see anything, all I could do was feel my other senses. When I first got in the room I couldn't hear anything, now, seemingly alone, I could hear the rain, occasional noises from the house, and I could hear porn playing softly. I was completely over my head here, but I was also getting more and more horny. The night before my friends and I had taken some MDMA, and I have partied a fair bit, so I could tell that I was now on something. My growing horniness was alongside my lack of ability to focus on anything but my dick. I could still operate the bottle of poppers and also reach the water bottle in front of me. I took some swigs of water and took a few hit of poppers and my mind exploded. The water tasted funny and everything was becoming more difficult while my ass and dick were radiating heat. I had nothing else I could do but sniff the poppers, drink the water, and grind. I heard the door open and I groaned. I must have been a beautiful site, ass up, tied up, and grinding into the ottoman. The faint sounds of porn that I could hear earlier suddenly got a lot louder and music was turned on. It was a deep thumbing electronic beat, with the sounds of someone getting fucked on top of it. I couldn't hear anything else. I felt a hand on my ass. Then, the hand glided around my body. He was coming around to face me in the front. His hand felt like electric fire tracing a line from my ass to my head. I could barely think about anything other than cock. I was clearly very high, on some sort of MDMA mix. My ass was tingling really intensely and I couldn't measure the passing of time. As the hand reached my hand I felt a dick poke at my face. I opened my mouth and let it in. It was a nice dick, likely around 7inches. It was leaking precum already and I couldnt get enough. I groaned heavily while I started sucking. The hand became a set of hands and both wrapped around the back of my head and he started pumping in and out of my mouth with the beat of the music and said, "Fuck yeah, take that dick". I was feeling really out of it, but I could tell instantly that this was a different voice. It was slightly higher, less rough, and sounded like it belonged to someone younger. I kept sucking. As I did I felt something on my ass. A cold drizzle of liquid was poured on my ass as this new person drilled in and out of my mouth. What the fuck was happening? How am I now high on god knows what in the basement of a strangers house with lube being poured down my ass crack while another strangers dick was in my mouth? I felt a hand on my ass, pulling and poking the lube into my hole with a finger. There was very little resistance. The drugs and poppers made me very loose. Behind my blindfold the darkness was replaced with a cascading and ever changing series of images influenced by the sounds of the porn, what i was experienced, and the music. I felt helpless and ravenous. The dick pulled out of my mouth. I heard the original voice, coming from behind me, "Ive got him ready to go. You have first go". The person in front of me moved away from me and behind. I started to feel nervous again and began to speak, but it was hard to get my words together. "I... i... use... safe." I heard both of them chuckle. I went to open my mouth again but didnt get any words out before I felt a dick enter my mouth. As it did, I heard the original man. Him: "We are safe. You are safe. Shh. Dont worry. Enjoy the experience." He started pumping in and out of my mouth and I felt the other guy spread my ass cheeks apart as he placed the head of his dick at my hole. I started to mumble while the dick was in my mouth something that might have sounded like "condom" but it was barely audible. He pushed in and entered me fully. I was now high as a kit, impaled by two cocks from two strangers, tied up in a basement. Both men were pumping me with the sound of the music, or at least it felt that way. I was in part feeling like I was in heaven, and in another way, I was feeling like I was on a one-way ride to hell. These men could do whatever they wanted to me, I couldnt do anything about it. I didnt want to do anything about it. I couldn't tell for sure, but given the sounds of the porn in the room, the use of drugs, and the commands I was being given, I was pretty sure there were no condoms being used here this morning. I didnt have the energy to ask or protest. Both men were fairly silent except for the occasional groan. I felt like we had only been fucking for a few minutes, but time didn't quite make sense. I could feel their rhythm, but the loud music and the inability to move with the blindfold only allowed me to really focus on the sensations of their dicks. The cock in my mouth would push in to my throat, then pull out so just the head was inside. I could taste pearls of precum on the tip of the uncut dick and I eagerly lapped it up. The dick in my ass would go all the way in and pause and pull out slowly, then pick up the pace. I was being ridden by two men at the same time in a drugged out fantasy of my making. I really started to lose touch with reality and my brain felt like it was going to spin. The man in front of me, who I assumed was the man I originally talked with, was also feeding me a steady supply of poppers. The man behind me was at a steady pace, but his noises started to increase. The porn that was playing was getting more intense. I could hear a bottom groaning and whimpering at what sounded like a room of men. The sounds of the men inside me and the sounds of the men I could hear from the porn started to become indistinguishable. In my mind, behind the blindfold, I started to picture myself as the bottom in whatever porn they were playing. I was a fucktoy and nothing else. The guy inside my ass groaned, and I felt him put all his wait in me as he put his head behind mine and let out a growl. The man in my mouth shoved his cock deep then pulled out slightly at the same time. Suddenly, spurt after spurt of cum hit my tongue while both men growled. I felt the guy in my ass shudder and push deeper and pull out slightly and hold his dick as it spasmed in my hole. I was being filled up from both ends. I felt my mouth around the dick and I was sucking on it tightly, feeling like I should never let it go. My ass was clenched tightly around the other mans cock. I wanted it all. Both mean eased out of both holes, despite the vice grip my mouth and ass had on them. They both backed away from me and then I couldnt tell what was happening. All I could hear was the porn and the music. All I could feel was empty, with dribbles of cum rolling down my chin and my ass feeling very wet. I felt a hand on my back and suddenly a voice by my ear and then, he spoke. It was the original guy. "Hear, take these. We need a break. We will back shortly. Enjoy yourself till then." He shoved his hand in my mouth, pulled my head back and made me swallow. I wasnt sure what it was. Another set of hands was behind me and I felt something push at my hole. It didnt feel like a dick, it must have been a but plug. My ass tingled and burned slightly, but it felt great to be full at least. After I finished swallowing I felt something being fastened around my head and then felt something rubber being placed in my mouth. A ball gag. Then, I was alone. The music was turned off as well. I could still hear the porn and between the sounds of someone getting railed on whatever video they were watching, I heard sounds of footsteps walking away followed by the sound of a door. I was alone. I heard a door open again, some distance away and the second guy, the one who surprised me yelled, "We might need a break fag, but there are others who are ready to go. We gave our address out to a few guys online with pics of your sweet hole. Get ready to be used." ----- More to come. Sorry if this was too long. Was trying to include details. I love stories like this so thought I would try writing one myself.
  8. Man. I wish someone would finish this story.
  9. Love this read so much. Jerk to it a lot.
  10. This is one of my fav reads. I come back to it all the time. Same with: [think before following links] https://breeding.zone/topic/61394-curious-in-sin-city-forced-in-vegas/?tab=comments#comment-643073 [think before following links] https://breeding.zone/topic/35565-face-down-ass-up-anonymous-loads/?tab=comments#comment-394100
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