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  1. Visiting from Boston. I will be ass up taking loads in my FIDI hotel the evening of 6/27 and 6/28. Looking to get pumped full of cum. No T and No Drugs!! Poppers ok. Cum breed my hole!
  2. Cumdump from Boston visiting SF 6/27 and 6/28 and would like to take as many loads in my hotel room each evening from 10PM- 2AM. Where is the best to post to let all the tops know I am ass up, lubed, blindfolded and taking loads in my hotel room? Anyone want to whore out my holes?
  3. Looking to. get bred, ass up in my hotel. No drugs, poppers are ok. 1 on 1 or multiples. Cum fill my hole!
  4. Cumdump will be in the loop at State and Washington, looking to be ass up in my dark hotel room taking loads!
  5. Hungry Cum dump will travel for your load. Looking for a top to breed my hole on a frequent basis. Also available to be whored out and used! Love to be fucked and bred!
  6. I'm in Boston, would love to get filled on a regular basis
  7. If I want to get my ass bred, where it the best place? I am thinking about Club Orlando but have never been to a csex lub before.
  8. I’ll be ass up in my room at Saratoga Springs ready to suck cock or take loads!!
  9. I will be hooded, ass up, lubed takimg loads at the Econolodge on International Drive tonight
  10. I will be in Orlando 7/28 - 7/31 and would like to be ass up taking loads. Where is the best place to get my hole filled?
  11. Visting from Boston, a late Night Cum dump at Econolodge looking for many loads in my hole in Orlando on International Drive the night of 6/2 (late) and 6/3 afternoon - All night. Looking to get my holes used and filled. Cum one, cum all, bring a friend.
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