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  1. I travelled a lot and I have a buddy I see in Clearwater He is a younger guy who really loves to sucked off. I was down for there late March and texted him He said he was free later that night Great and around 9 pm he came over. As usual I started to suck him. He had a very nice 8 inch cut dick. I got undressed and was laying on my back sucking him He suddenly said he was up for more. He flipped me on my stomach and slipped his dick in my hole. I asked if he wanted to rubber up and he said no. He pounded away for a while till I heard him breath heavily. Then with one one huge moan he came in my ass. He stayed in until he went soft. He then said he always wanted to see how it felt to cum in a guys ass. Next time he said we will fuck bare again
  2. There is a mixture a lot of Latino men they are not too particular about the bottoms. I will tell you that it is all bareback. Never seen a condom used. Also ne prepared to take the load in your ass
  3. Yes I agree I have never seen a condom I usually get one to three loads
  4. Tuesday’s are 1/2 price for lockers so it is usually busier. I still rent a room last Tuesday I went and rented a room Got undressed and wen into dauna thete was this really cute young guy who kept looking at me As I got up he followed me to my room I invited him him and once the door was closed he dropped his towel to display a huge dick he said he was a junior from Georgetown who comes ove to let off so steam I started to suck him when he said he was really into fucking. I laid on my stomach and he slimbef on top. Withouua word he shoved that big dick in me bare he started slow and the picked up the pace He then said he was going to shoot and shot a big load in me. He stayed in until he went soft and then left I felt his cum dripping out of me after he left
  5. For me it is a top who just slides his dick in me and does not fuck with any force. Kind of like a human dildo
  6. I was about 30 Aleays used condoms One time I hooked up with this black guy. We got hot and heavy and he just put in in me bare it felt so good He fucked me till I could feel him breathing hard Then he just unloaded in my ass After that I never used a condom again
  7. A friend of mine runs a party once a month in DC. He makes it clear that this is a bareback only party. No condoms allowed. If you accept his invite to go be prepared to either give loads in the ass or take them. Got there about 9 There were about 30 guys there already I undressed put my clothes in the locker he provides and started to mingle I was making out with this bear when I felt a hand on my ass It was a twink who had come with the bear. Without any words he shoved hi dick up my ass while the bear was still kissing me. It was not long till I heard him moan and felt his cum shooting up in me. When he finished he turned me around and started kissing me then his bear friend shoved his dick in me and shot a big load in 30 minutes I had two loads of cum in me
  8. Last night went to crew club in DC not too busy Got a room and laid on my stomach couple of minutes this hung Latin guy came in and stared to play with my ass. He wisdpered would I take it bare When I said sure he slipped it in Slow at first then picked up the pace. I could hear him moaning and then he asked where I wanted him to cum Once I said inside he shot a huge load in my ass he laid on top go a while then left
  9. My friend askec me last week if I was up for a breeding party. I said sure He arranaged for a number of guys to come over. Around 7 he asked me to shower and get ready. I cleaned out and went into the bedroom I layed on my stomach with ass in the air. He put his bottle of lube and poppers next to me It was not long before I heard the front doorbell ring. In a few minutes I felt fingers on my ass. He poured a little lube on my hole and then I felt him go in. He pounded away for a few minutes till I heard him groan and then felt his cum flooding me i the next three hours he had 15 guys fuck me . The best were two of I8 year old studs and who fucked me twice i fell asleep only to be at wakened by this huge Latin guy He just climbed on and dropped his huge load in me by the timen itb as over I had taken 17 loads and my ass was dripping with cum
  10. I new family moved in last week Dad older son and two daughters and wife. They invited me over and we had just a nice time Food and drinks and good conversation The dad got talking to me and confussed he was bi. Did I know any bi guys around. Well I said I am a gay bottom and would play if he wanted. we left it at that and then yesterday morning he texted me. Girls were out and coul he come over Sure and in a few minutes the doorbell rang. there was the dad and his 19 year old son I was surprised but he said he wanted to introduce his son to man sex we all went into the bedroom and got naked I was sucking the dad went he told his son to try my ass He told him real men bareback With one swipe the son entered me and started pounding It do not take him long before he unloaded deep in me At that the dad went in me and added his load After a while of rest they both put another load I me they asked is they could come over another yimr and I said sure. The son said his cousin may want to join them
  11. I was at a party last Saturday night. It was a fuck party with about 40 guys. There was one really hot young guy around 20 Swimmers built with a huge dick. Any way I played and sucked and was fucked by a number of guys. When it was time to go the host asked if I wanted to crash there for the night I said sure and found a bedroom to crash in . I fell asleep and next I looked it was about 6 am. It was then I felt someone playing with my ass. It was the hot guy with the swimmers build. He said he liked to get off early in the am and would I mind. Hell no. He played with hole for a while and then I saw him lubing up. He asked if he could fuck me. I said sure He also said he did not like rubbers so would I take it bare I said sure and in one motion he shoved he huge dick deep in my hole.He fucked me for a while and I could hear him breathing harder He said he close and did I want him to pull out to cum I grabbed his hips to pull him deeper and then he have out a groan. I felt his cum flooding me. He stayed in until he went soft. He pulled out and said thanks I felt the sheet under me and it was full of his cum. Hope he comes to the next party
  12. I was at the gym a couple of days ago Just working out. nothing special. After I get done I see this young stud looking ar me in the locker room, I pay no attention and go into the showers. These are private stalls. While I there this stud pulls the curtain back. He says he saw me and liked my ass. Asked if I fuck guys. I said yes and he comes in.He prcceeeds to slip his dick deep in my ass. He pounds away till I feel him tense up. He shoots his big load in my ass. I then notice a wedding rink on his hand. He said he just gets off every so often fucking guys. He said thanks and off he went
  13. Last Friday night I was in DC and went to Crew Club . Got there about 8 pm Not a lot of action so I just laid on my stomach with the door slightly open. Around 9 or so two twinks entered the room They had been out bar hopping and wanted so action. I stated to blow the one when I felt the other finger my ass He said he wanted to fuck me and would I take it bareback. Once I said sure he was in me like a rabbit. He fucked me for a while till I felt him tighteneup and moan He shot a huge load in my ass All the while I was still sucking the other one. When the one was finished he went right for my ass and blew his big load in me. They then said that they were meeting their girlfriends at 11 and had to be going. They both said that every so often they just like to fuck a guy
  14. Last Saturday my buddy came over and said he was bored, asking me if I was up to a sex party, proposing I bottom for as many tops as he could line up. I replied 'sure', but honestly doubted he would find all that many tops. He said we would begin at 8:00 PM so I showered and cleaned out and got ready. What I didn't know was he got in touch with the local college and located a number of horny guys who wanted to play. To my amazement, when 8:00 PM rolled around a whole host of guys, 16 guys in fact, ages 19 to 23 showed up. They stripped and almost all of the guys had a huge cock. I lay on my stomach, put my ass in the air and presented myself. One by one each man slid his big dick into my ass. Some came quickly while others lasted a while. In the next three hours all had cum inside me. A couple had cum twice. My buddy just watched. When they were done a huge pool of cum was dripping out my ass. I was sore for several days but it was worth it.
  15. I was in DC Memorial Day Saturday. I checked into the crew club and rented a room. It was not crowed so I thought I would just relax. I took a shower and then laid on my stomack in the room. The door was slightly opened but I expected no one. In about 30 minutes I felt a hand rubbing my ass. It felt great and then a felt a finger in my hole. I looked up and there was this wonderful young guy. I did notice he had a wedding ring. He never spoke just smiled. He closed the door and took off his towel. He had a nice 8 inch cut dick Without a word he climbed on me rubbed his dick on my hole and then shoved it in me He started slow and then picked up the pace. He then moaned and I could feel him stiffen. He then shot his huge load in my ass. He stayed in until he went soft then slipped out. He. Opened the door and left. Before I knew it another guy was right behind him. He said he and buddy came here to fuck some ass while their wives were shopping. He blew his load in me and then left.mhe did say thanks and maybe another Saturday they would see me again. He did say they both liked to fuck ass bareback and blow their loads inside. Their wives would not let them so they came here. Great time.

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