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    Cute sleazy fetish whore. Love groups, darkrooms, woods, dungeon, sauna, slings.
    Friendly and swimmer. Fully vers and prefer to flip-flop fuck, though rarely achieved.
    Boots, leather, nip dads a plus. Also love black breeders.
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    Similar guys. Prefer non smokers and fit-ish rather than fat.
    Older guys fine. NOT looking for chem scenes or total bottoms.

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  1. When I was still on Recon and had 'sometimes' I used to get loads of contacts from 'always' safe guys wanting bareback fucks. So I learnt that horny men will be flexible!
  2. Yes I enjoyed Hoist SBN afternoons loads more than a standard leather night there
  3. There used to be a Windows program called Tricks or something to record details of hook-ups, both random and regular.
  4. Enjoy the dick and person you're with 😄
  5. 'Gonna breed you, son' is amazing from a daddy top
  6. Isn't there a big difference between wearing the symbolic clothing out in 'public' public (shopping, dining, travel etc) compared with less public places/times (cruising woods, car parks, evening, night)? I wouldn't dream of wearing and displaying my chaps and harness in public but it's less shocking at midnight on Hampstead Heath among a few sluts looking for pig sex.
  7. Classic look is chunky white socks like the vintage Falcon films. Great if you have muscular calves and thighs 😄 But beefs up skinny legs too.
  8. Black and usually worn / cum stained. Started with a hiking pair then bought army style. I get hard when I lace them up knowing the sleazy adventures I will have in the woods or sexclub. Think it's a look that the hardcore raw fuckers notice as well.
  9. The other side of the coin is why tops are sluts and fuck as many holes as they cum across 😉 😛 😎
  10. I knew plenty of strictly top men who were poz despite never (allegedly) taking dick or loads.
  11. The right verbal can be a turn on. I also love the erotic imagery that scrolls past. Never reached the end of one yet without shooting a big load!
  12. Is this a leather bar with backroom? I found my feet there in my early 20s and guys found my ass lubed and loaded
  13. Had my first with second booked in for May. Playtime cums closer!
  14. Website pix show just about all red hoods. Is it a 'breeding' market? Rather than 'safe'.
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