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    Cute sleazy fetish whore. Love groups, darkrooms, woods, dungeon, sauna, slings.
    Friendly and swimmer. Fully vers and prefer to flip-flop fuck, though rarely achieved.
    Boots, leather, nip dads a plus. Also love black breeders.
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    Similar guys. Prefer non smokers and fit-ish rather than fat.
    Older guys fine. NOT looking for chem scenes or total bottoms.

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  1. I went to Keller probably 25 years ago. Had probably half bb sex there. Don't know if it's still going?
  2. You could always ask the profile guy to explain?
  3. I have wondered this too. For guaranteed BB sex, groups, leather scenes and outdoor action X
  4. Did you also take more than one bare dick at Bull?
  5. No point hanging around, just get on with it 8-)
  6. Yes that confirms what I thought about the preferences of most top cocks
  7. Don't think on the phone but been fucked and loaded while chatting with barman and getting a pint at sex club bars
  8. So hot being shared and bred in toilets. Especially taking black cock and loads. See how Todd's ownership and dominance work out X
  9. Thanks for the follow. Hundreds more pics and vids on Twitter- jonny4dad 

    1. evilqueerpig


      Not on twitter....your arse is made to be fucked and for a bottom, you've a sweet cock!

  10. Same but not all of them spanked up my ass
  11. You soon get noticed and remembered on next visits so you get bred sooner and more often
  12. Get fucked in full view. Everyone will flock to see you on show. And will join the queue to breed you.
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