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    Cute sleazy fetish whore. Love groups, darkrooms, woods, dungeon, sauna, slings.
    Friendly and swimmer. Fully vers and prefer to flip-flop fuck, though rarely achieved.
    Boots, leather, nip dads a plus. Also love black breeders.
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    Similar guys. Prefer non smokers and fit-ish rather than fat.
    Older guys fine. NOT looking for chem scenes or total bottoms.

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  1. I used to find the skinny guys often had horse dicks. And often the muscle studs were tiny.
  2. Sounds amazing! Any dark rooms .. or dark corridors?
  3. Were his nipples sensitive and tasty as well?
  4. You mean they have double standards? Or don't practise what they have been preaching? Or they let their cock/ass take over their lives (sometimes}? Sounds like they are as complicated and confused about being human as every previous generation!
  5. Doesn't have to be a sling. Once guys have seen you taking raw cock there can be a long queue to try your hole. A lot of guys say they didn't think a cute guy would be interested if they saw me earlier. They asked me why I let them fuck me. I said cos your cock is hard, behind me and we both a good fuck.
  6. Sadly I'm not on Twitter but sounds like a bare blast xxx
  7. From this side of the pond, that looks like a 'slow-burn' likely intended by Trump. Similar to what I recall of long-lasting judicial reshuffles started by Reagan.
  8. It could take time for people infected with MP to develop symptoms. Whilst they are asymptomatic (which I think you allude to) they will go about their normal daily and sexual lives. Once symptomatic many guys online here say their routines are painful and sex isn't on their minds. Not sure of any timescale on this.
  9. Does SM Gays still run? I wondered what happened after the Hoist closed.
  10. Cellar Bar was naked from what I remember.
  11. Yes I like Dirty Dicks as venue. Sounds like more stations than your usual sling playroom. Though as top or btm I usually prefer to see the full picture .. un;less it's a total darkroom.
  12. Sounds a rather nice and old-style passing of ships in the night .. without any internet needed! Well done 🙂
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