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    Cute sleazy fetish whore. Love groups, darkrooms, woods, dungeon, sauna, slings.
    Friendly and swimmer. Fully vers and prefer to flip-flop fuck, though rarely achieved.
    Boots, leather, nip dads a plus. Also love black breeders.
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    Similar guys. Prefer non smokers and fit-ish rather than fat.
    Older guys fine. NOT looking for chem scenes or total bottoms.
  1. First CumUnion

    Anyone been to the HorseFair party in London? Not sure of numbers and bb action?
  2. Hampstead Heath

    Yes it's a place that lives up to its reputation. All ages, sizes, races. Almost no condoms. Little talk. Just pure raw sex. As much as you can give or take till sunrise! Been in trackies and stripped off. Or chaps and harness. Always leave with loads leaking down my legs and sore nipples to remind me the day after.
  3. Fickstutenmarkt - Would You Go?

    How do sluts go to Berlin for bb weekends and cum back neg?
  4. Fickstutenmarkt - Would You Go?

    How many other red hood sluts as it seems variable? Though the fewer they are more more loads for those bare holes :-)
  5. Thanks for follow me, fella 


  6. Rough Stock Roundups In Vermont

    What numbers go and what do guys wear? Love naked groups or harness & boots. Never had sex in a stable so first time to try! Any pics on the site?
  7. Fickstutenmarkt - Would You Go?

    Yes love the action round the red mask pigs. How many loads do they take at the horse fair?
  8. Hi mate, thanks for the following ... great pic :P

  9. Can't beat titplay, titwork and clamps throughout breeding as top btm or vers.
  10. Fickstutenmarkt - Would You Go?

    Any tops been? What's it like seeing the mares being pounded, sliding up red-mask cum holes? Do the other bare stallions urge you on to breed?
  11. Fickstutenmarkt - Would You Go?

    You wear a red hood then? How many others are bare mares? 2 or 3 condoms out of 50 doesn't seem too bad! Do you get 47 or 48 loads from 50 deep hard fucks?
  12. Brighton/sussex

    Is Subline still a sleazy place with playroom? Dark and busy for random raw fucks pls
  13. Fetish Week, London

    Did much happen? Can't believe there was no bb sex all week!
  14. Fetish Week

    Did anyone go to Recon's party week? Bit surprised no mention of requests before or reports after. Can't believe there was no bb sex in the whole week?
  15. Hiya ... thanks for the follow xx:*xx

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