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  1. Never used a rubber..still negative! But most of my sexlife has been In LTR’s and long term fuckbuds ( yes I have fucked anon on occasions as well).
  2. I had many fem boys..and they are fun to play with...been dying to fuck a hot FTM
  3. Totally naked! Barefoot/bareass/ bare cock....I’m a nudist anyway so it’s automatic
  4. Craigslist was the shit! Especially in its early years! ....and even toward the end it was still a easy go to if you just wanna nut
  5. I believe I’m the only one....That Day ...so far!!... If I’m about to mount his hole at 12:01am lol
  6. If I see a condom Im done with that video and on to the next one! Plus I’m getting awfully tired of the pull out to shoot loads videos...rather see a jizz glazed dick pull out of a soaked leaking hole
  7. I find it humorous and a turn off when guys bring up BBC when referring to my cock! It’s pointing out the obvious ! ( I have pics of me so they know I’m black lol...and it’s even brought up in person ) I never referred to anyone who’s white about their white dick...Latin guys..brown dick...etc. pretty pointless and stupid if you ask me!
  8. Jarod is one of my top 5 fantasy porn stars I would love to mount and load seeds into
  9. I been like that since forever...throw in the scent of cum and fuck sweat then you have nature’s poppers
  10. I get a laugh out of the “get naked and putting socks and shoes back on”...it’s on the same level of watching 2 guys go at it ..about to fuck..and without notice..a fucking condom is on the tops dick!
  11. Sweat and cummy sheets / fuck mats cum puddles on floor from group or sling play big plus if the top cums inside the bottom and when he pulls out...some cum oozes out the ass everyone is barefoot and bareass ( even the cameraman)
  12. Bbrts : Primalsole Asspig: Marko313 NKP: Rawsole
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