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Found 3 results

  1. any luck with Cumdump Network?

    Hi all, I'm new to the site. I recently posted my "cumdump network" posting -- to make myself available. I have two questions: Has anyone used the network with luck? (to find or be found) If you are a cdump like myself, how often do you get responses? Anyway thanks for the info/guidance etc.
  2. Abel Body

    Abel Bodied boy Abel or Abe as he preferred to be called, was not known for much. He’d spent most of his time on this planet getting by, much like any other teen boy his age. Average was the word most commonly used to describe him: average grades, average home life, average family, average intelligence, average athletic ability, average interests, average looks, etc. Without any significant talents or faults to set him apart, he ended up floating squarely in the middle of his pack of peers, where he got along fine and didn’t make waves…or friends. Those of his school mates who even knew who he was had very little to say about or to him, which suited him fine. Not even noticeable enough to be bullied, Abe enjoyed the anonymity of his status with what few friends he had. For many years Abe split his time between being alone and hanging out with the two people he called his friends, his neighbor Will and the girl down the street, Lane. In all likelihood, the three of them would never have known each other were it not for their proximity and the fact they were all in the same year in school. Once Abe moved into the middle house on the cul de sac it was only a matter of time until he was forced to interact with the only two kids in the housing development. Sure enough, he boarded the bus a few weeks later and sat across from the boy he’d seen outside in the backyard next to his, and they were soon joined by the shy girl from the end of the block. 7 years later they were still bus buddies, only now they knew everything about each other. With summer coming, Abe and Will had gotten jobs at the local pool life guarding, and Lane would be leaving for 8 weeks to visit her Dad in Ohio. Nobody seemed too sad when they were separated, and besides a few random text messages and emails, they didn’t keep in touch. Assuming this year would be exactly like the last two, Abe and Will walked to work the first day with barely a word between them, instead listening to music on their respective devices. Once they were inside the lockerroom it became all to clear how wrong they were. “Suit up guys, and meet me on deck for lifeguard certification tests,” Mike, The new manager of the pool was an eager college guy from the nearby university with grandiose ideas about what his staff could do with some focus and pressure. Abe was not looking forward to losing the cushy gig he’d gotten used to, but he knew he was too late to find another gig for the season, so he pulled up his trunks, shuffled out onto the hot concrete deck and stood up straight, pretending to be interested in what the boss was about to say. “This year we’ll be looking for more than just the requirement,” the 5’9” blonde muscular manager said with enthusiasm. “We’ll be looking for folks that go the extra mile and take this job seriously. Some of you will not have the drive to do what it takes to go the distance, but a few of you might find something unexpected lurking inside you, pushing you further that you knew you could go. It’s my hope to turn those few people into leaders, and together we can lead each other to something amazing.” Will rolled his eyes at Abe and a couple of the other teens obviously felt the same way, Still Abe was desperate to make some money this summer, so he ignored them and tuned in to what Mike was asking of each of them. It seemed simple enough, just some extra laps before and after work, a few hours a week in the attached rec center to build strength on the weight machines, and participation in some activities outside of their normal work hours where they’d be able to learn new skills and take part in teamwork activities. At the end of the summer, if each of them took on Mike’s challenge, he promised that they’d each qualify for their certifications in snorkeling, first aid, and scuba-diving. On the way home from work, tired and wet from the added laps, Will bitched about how much he hated the new manager and everything he had in mind for them. “Who does this asshole think he is? He thinks ‘cause he has three years of college under his speedo that he can make us do this shit and get away with it? I don’t think so. If he tries to make us do it again tomorrow, I say we quit;” Will proposed. He was so fired up that he didn’t notice Abe’s face. The furrowed brow and squint in his eye would have given away the fact the Abe was torn, but Will was so used to having his buddy agree with everything he said, that he didn’t even look. Back at their houses, Will said goodnight and disappeared inside while Abe sat on his lawn and took a folder from his bag. Inside was some of the papers that Mike had laid out on the counter before they left, detailing the different parts of his plan for the teens. Whether or not he was on board with all of it would depend on what he could foresee being a part of it, but that wasn’t his only reason to sit outside and review the facts. The truth was Abe’s mom had started seeing a man a year ago, and Abe wasn’t a fan. Much like everyone else he knew, Abe’s mom’s boyfriend ignored him most of the time. This would have been fine except there was only one person in the world who always put Abe first, and that was his mom, Millie. Around when school ended, Millie informed her son that the new guy would be moving in with them at the end of the month, and before Abe knew what was happening, the boyfriend was trying to befriend him. Suddenly Abe’s home-life consisted of forced interaction or wrestling for attention with Rich, a junior partner at the firm where Millie was a paralegal. The guy was probably not bad, but Abe had gotten used to being the only man in his house and now he was finding any and every excuse to avoid the ‘happy couple.’ Still, this plan of Mike’s seemed to require a lot of hard work and determination; two things Abe avoided if possible. As the sun dropped behind the trees, Abe decided it was time to suck it up and head inside to face his mom and the new guy. The door wasn’t even shut when Rich called out to Abe, asking him where he’d been and why he hadn’t called to let them know he was going to be home late. Shuddering Abe ignored the substitute dad routine and snuck up the stairs to find his mom. Alas she was snuggled under a blanket with Rich watching TV, so he made a few half-hearted apologies for not calling and went to the kitchen to grab some food. When Abe heard Rich yell something after him that sounded like a promise to talk more later, the teen made up his mind to spend as few seconds under the same roof as Rich that he possibly could, even if it meant becoming the best employee Mike had ever seen. Three days of extra laps and scheduled work outs later, Will had had enough. True to form, he tried to pull a coup when Mike was done handing out the schedules for the following week, telling his boss that none of the staff was going to take this abuse. Mike looked puzzled so Will explained that either he tone down the extra work or he’d be walking off the job, with most of the staff behind him. Of course neither of them knew who was really going to take part since the entire staff was literally lined up behind Will, waiting to receive the schedules. Not easily broken, Mike told Will he was disappointed but anyone who wasn’t willing to take part in the activities he had planned was welcome to leave. Both young men stood their ground for a second and waited for the other to crack before Will walked over, picked up his bag and began towards the door. Mike showed no reaction as three more staff members went to join him, leaving only five people standing before him. To Will’s surprise, Abe was one of the five remaining workers. Waiting at the door for his friend to join him, Abe kept his eyes forward, looking at Mike instead, until his friend got the message and went out the door, slamming it behind him. “That can’t have been easy for you Abel,” Mike said as he entered the room where Abe was showering. The younger man was startled and jumped at the sound of the older guy’s voice, but tried to seem cool about the whole thing, just shrugging and telling Mike to call him Abe. “Sorry, Abe. I just mean I know Will is your friend and I wanted to tell you I think it takes a lot of courage to choose to honor your commitments and take on something of this magnitude, especially when your friends want you to quit.” “I need the job Mike,” Abe muttered, very aware that he was naked in front of his boss…who also happened to be naked. Naked, buff and tan from head to toe, even on and around his balls, meaty cut cock and trimmed blonde bush. “Can’t afford to quit.” “Even so, I admire what you did,” Mike moved closer and slapped him on the back with one of his big hands. Trying not to stare, Abe waited until Mike had his eyes closed under the spray before turning and looking at the built body of his boss. When he raised his gaze all the way up, he blushed to see Mike returning the favor. Turning away he mumbled an apology to the jock, expecting an angry rant but hearing laughter. “Don’t sweat it man. I work hard on my body to get people to stare. True, you’re not my usual target but I don’t blame ya dude. If I still looked like you, I’d be checking out the dudes I wanted to look like too. Luckily, if you show the same spirit all summer that you did today, and take part in all the voluntary work-out sessions, I can have you half way to buff by the end of the summer.” Disbelieving, Abe scoffed at the older man, but Mike assured him it was true before flexing an arm and telling him that “this monster gets me all the pussy I want.” That night Abe lay in his bed imagining what he would look like with abs and pecs and arms like Mike, and it made him laugh. Then he imagined some of the girls from the pool he’d seen leaving with Mike, and what it would be like to take his place with them. He laughed again but a little less than before. Finally he imagined himself being mounted by the hot blonde in the bikini from the swim team, sliding his long thin uncut meat into her imaginary cunt. He wasn’t laughing anymore as his hand fished his hard cock from his boxers and began stroking it. The last thought in his mind was his head on Mike’s body, as Lane dropped to her knees in front of him and began blowing him. Laying there with his stomach and chest drenched in boycum, he drifted to sleep with a smile on his face, but not before setting his alarm to make sure he’d be up in time to make the 6:30 workout on Mike’s schedule. Over the next 7 weeks, Abe discovered an unexplored passion. Where average used to be good enough, he found he now wanted more than that. Taking the opportunity Mike was offering him was only the first step towards becoming someone worth mentioning. Once he began taking part in a couple volunteer workout sessions, Abe found it harder and harder to hide out from Rich or sit in Will’s basement and play Halo for hours on end, so he started attending every session he could. No matter why he decided to dedicate himself, he was in completely after a few days, and his boss was only too happy to take it as far as Abe could go. Most of the time, it was only Abe and Mike in the gym before and after work, even on their days off. Soon Mike was providing his new protégé with protein powder and old copies of Men’s health so Abe could work out every spare second of the day. Abe watched as his long lanky form began to take shape, with defined abs, widening shoulders and pecs, steadily growing biceps, thighs and calves, and a tighter, rounder, higher pair of ass cheeks. With only one more day until Lane got back from her dad’s, Abe was proud to look in the mirror and see a stud staring back. He knew he needed a lot more muscle growth before he would be even close to the level of buff as his boss, but he no one could deny that ol’ Average Abe had been replaced with a head-turning, lip-lick-inducing, toned titan. Girls were becoming more and more talkative at the pool, but for some reason Abe only wanted Lana’s attention. That’s why he texted her to come join him at the pool as soon as she got back and was unpacked, not knowing she wasn’t coming alone. Heart pounding, Abe was posed and perspiring atop the lifeguards chair as Lane made her way over to him. Mike had obtained a new pair of trunks for him to wear that was a size smaller than before, and many guys and girls had commented on how great his ass and legs looked in it (they also noticed his bulge in them but no comments had been made yet). He was so excited to see the object of his lust that it took him a moment to realize she was pulling someone with her. Abe tried his damnedest not to look angry or hurt when he realized she was holding hands with Will, who he learned was her new boyfriend. Listening and biting the inside of his cheek, Abe smiled as Lane explained that Will had been texting her all summer since abe “abandoned” him to work out all the time, and the chatting had grown into something more over the last week or so. Turns out Lane had come home the night before, and stayed up with Will, lying on the porch, talking until the sun came up. Destroyed, but too proud now to show it, Abe spent the day with the girl he loved and his friend who had her instead. When school started back up, Mike and Abe decided to keep working out together, and Mike even offered some assistance to Abe with his classes if Abe agreed to join the swim team. Reluctant at first, Abe wondered if he could return to his old habits and be content with mediocrity. Unable to distract himself with his friends, since they were now an inseparable couple in love, or slack off at home, since Rich had doubled his efforts to be involved in Abe’s life; Abe found himself diving head first into school and his workout routine. Rich was so desperate to insert himself in some way that he spent a ridiculous amount of money and transformed the attic above the garage into a gym, with a plan to work out along side Abe and better get to know him. Like most middle aged men, Rich had no idea just how hard the teen liked to go when he worked out, and gave up taking part after two pitiful attempts. Now the gym was free for Abe (and Mike when he could get away from college) to use as often and as long as he wanted. By the time October tryouts came up, Abe was in the best shape yet and had no problem getting on the varsity team. It didn’t hurt that Mike agreed to be assistant coach. A few weeks of Mike’s heavy training and a new practice routine did more than anyone could have expected, leading Abe and his teammates to dominate at the first 3 swim meets of the season. Once Christmas break arrived, Abe was happily surprised to receive invites to parties and skitrips by half the guys on the team. When the next semester began, word was spreading that Abe was on a short list to be team captain the following year and would definitely be making all-state. Almost overnight, Abe was everyone’s best friend. Anyone who was anyone knew who Abe was and what he could do. Rumors even spread concerning his sexual prowess, even though he was still a virgin, too focused on school and the team to notice all the girls who wanted him. Mike was always telling him how far Abe could go when properly motivated, and once his SAT scores arrived, he began pushing the teen to apply to some colleges. College had always seemed impossible, but still Abe had saved all his money from birthday checks, Christmas Cards, life-guarding, mowing lawns, etc. Somehow he envisioned community college and a part time job was his future, but Mike told him to strive for more, just like before. By the end of the swimming season, scouts from schools all over the country had approached Abe and let it be known they were interested. When summer returned and he began receiving early acceptance letters and scholarship offers, he finally believed it might be true. Once he found out that Mike had taken a job coaching across the country the following year, he applied to that school and waited. Working harder than ever, he missed hearing about Will and Lane’s break up until it was all over the pool-gossip line. Abe had written off Lane many months ago, and figured she was out of his life for good until he got a text from her one day as he was working out. “Hey Abel,” Lane was the only one who called him that, including his mother. “wanna hang? Haven’t seen u in 4ever dude! I miss my stable abel!” “Sure, when?” he responded while wondering what brought this on. “In an hour or so? That enuf time 4 u 2 shower and change and come over?” Her text came back instantly and he pondered how she knew he needed a shower. “My window faces ur gym window.” She added, as if she read his mind and knew what he was thinking. “I didn’t mean 2 spy but I saw u and figured u might wanna hang.” “No worries, just need 2 remember 2 close the curtains if I change in here lol. CU in an hour.” He typed, trying to act cute and not dash to the window and look for her. “K, cu soon. P.S. U don’t have 2 close them all the way ” her last text made his dick jump. Had Lane been checking him out? Was that why she and Will broke up? Looking up from the phone and heading over to close the curtains, he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. Somehow, with all the homework, studying, working, working out, hanging with his teammates and spending time planning his future with Mike, he’d never realized he’d become exactly what Mike promised: a walking muscle god. He may not have been as buff as Mike, but his body was more defined, more toned for him to use in the pool. Pulling the curtains closed, he hooked his thumbs in his shorts and slid them and his jockstrap to the floor. His cock was hardening rapidly, so he discarded his weight gloves and took it in his hand. Jerking himself with one hand and fondling his muscles in the other, he honestly wasn’t sure if it was because he was about to see Lane or because he found himself to be so hot. An image of Mike’s nude body flashed before him and he smiled, proud that he was now in the same league as the man who’d taught him so much. Suddenly in the mood to show off, he took a pic of his chest, cock arms and legs with his phone, and sent it to Mike with the caption: “Results you promised, now u have competition bitch! lol” Wondering if he should open the window and show Lane what she was hinting at, he felt a load rising in his balls at just the thought of showing her his cock. Before he could decide, his phone buzzed and he opened a text from Mike. Attached was a few pictures of Mike’s chest, back, arms, legs and butt, all flexed and perfect. The last pic was of him holding his hard dripping cock over the mouth of some lucky co-ed with her tongue out. The caption read “if it’s a competition, I give up, u win. Now get on ur knees and swallow ur prize.” The homoerotic taunt made Abe laugh but the shot of the girl about to lick Mike’s cock was too much for the teen’s libido. Cum started rocketing out off his cock, hitting the mirror and dumbbells in front of him, and finally creating a small puddle at his feet. Breathing hard and keeping his eyes on the picture, he licked his hand clean without a thought as to why, then ran off to shower and see the girl of his dreams. If Abe wasn’t sure whether Lane wanted him around as just a friend or something more, he didn’t have to wait long for the answer. Once he arrived at her house, they snuck up to her room and chatted for 20 minutes before Lane asked him why he was always working out so hard in his gym. As he explained that it had grown from a curiosity into a hobby and was now an obsession, he lifted his shirt to show her his abs as an example. Uninvited and unexpected, she reached out with her petite hands and stroked the curves of his cut abs. As his stomach tensed up from her touch, his pants found less to cling to, and his jeans slid down his torso, revealing the fact he wasn’t wearing underwear. He blushed when Lane pointed it out, not understanding that she was happy about it, until he heard his zipper begin to descend. Over the next twenty five minutes, Abe worked his respectable 8 and a half inch uncut cock into her tight twat while maneuvering her so he could watch her moan and shiver, making her perky tits bounce and jiggle with each thrust. Having seen Will hard a few times when they would jerk off looking at Will’s brother’s pornos, Abe knew Will wasn’t as long as he was, although they were around the same width. Since toning his stomach, Abe had seen his cock get longer, or at least seem longer, so it took awhile for Lane to be able to take the whole thing. In the last few minutes, she was taking it all and begging for more, which worked Abe up until he couldn’t hold back and blasted his load inside her. Informing Lane he was cumming with a scream, she hopped off his cock and let the last few spurts hit her in the tummy and tits before leaning down and licking it clean. Disappointed he’d cum before getting her off, Abe threw her back on the bed and started licking and fingering Lane, imitating the porn video he’d found and watched at Mike’s a few weeks ago when the college stud left him alone after a work out to run to a class. Since she was already worked up, Lane had no trouble giving Abe a hand by stroking her clit and pussy lips while he licked and nibbled on her. In no time she was on the verge of cumming, and seeing Abe’s renewed hard on, she told him to fuck her while she creamed. Showing no mercy, he slammed most of his cock in on one stroke and less than a minute of pounding later, Abe felt her pussy shoot all over his cock and pelvis. The added lubrication made it easier for him to pick up the pace, spending five or ten minutes giving Lane orgasm after orgasm until he felt himself get close again. Pulling out of her wet snatch, Abe grabbed his phone from the bed next to him, and turned on the camera while Lane lay beneath him with her eyes closed. Tucking the phone into the arms of a teddy bear a few feet away from them, Abe hit record and got in position to jerk off on Lane’s tits and face. He started cumming the moment he thought about showing the tape to Mike, and how the stud would react to a video of his younger friend losing his virginity and coating the girl in his warm boy cum. As he soaked her chest, chin and cheeks, somehow the vision in his mind combined the actions until Abe was shooting all over Mike. The idea made him cum even harder. After cleaning up, getting dressed, making out for awhile and then sneaking back out of Lane’s house, Abe was exhausted. Walking down the block to his house, he looked over and wondered if Will had done anything like that with Lane. He decided it was better not to think about it since Will was his friend and he’d just slept with Will’s ex. As if a light turned on, Abe suddenly realized what he’d done might end his friendship with Will. Guilt sat in his stomach like a rock until he decided that Will had ended their friendship, not him. Satisfied with his justification, Abe went to bed dreaming of Lane.
  3. Hey guys. I've been reading these forums for a while but this is my first time posting. I've barebacked with ex boyfriends before and barebacked occasionally during a drunk one night stand or two, but as a lot of you seem to have felt, I've always known that I love barebacking and that the idea of taking loads from strangers or groups is the absolute hottest thing in the world to me. I can't get off to porn with condoms and even thinking about getting in a sling at a bathhouse and taking endless raw dick makes me hard as fuck. But, like a lot of people, I am still scared to just start taking loads left and right like I want to. I feel like this is a pretty normal hesitation and deep down I think eventually I'll turn into a complete cumdump, but it's hard to know when to take the first step. So I was just wondering for those of you who went through a similar process, what was it that finally set you over the edge and made your fantasies start to be realities?

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