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  1. Hey guys I'm looking to set up my first gangbang but not sure how to do it. I have roommates so I won't be able to host it, so I think I'll get a hotel probably or just go to a bathhouse and post an ad. I tried setting up one once before but everything got too complicated trying to organize it so I thought I'd check with you guys for some tips. If I'm having it at a hotel any tips on how to get a room with some privacy so guys can come in and out easily? I thought about just doing it at a bathhouse to avoid that problem, but I want to get as many tops as possible and I don't know
  2. Hey guys. I was on BBRT today looking for cock and saw someone I knew from an old job who called himself a raw pig top. When I knew him. I had no idea he would be into breeding piggy guys like me and as soon as I saw his face I got hard thinking about giving up my hole to him. The raunchy side of my sex life has always been separate from the rest of my life but its such a turn on to think about getting fucked by him and outing myself as a total bottom slut. Has this happened to any of you guys? Did you act on it?
  3. Took my first load from a stranger. Went over to his place and he bent me over the couch. He said he only fucked safe, but I got there and he just shoved his dick in me. That was my first load from someone I hadn't met before and it got me so hot, I went home for more. Found a guy online and waited for him ass up in my apartment and he fucked his cum in me. Now I'm sitting in bed with two loads up my ass on grindr looking for more Pretty basic fucks, but a fucking awesome start to the year. I've been waiting for this day for so long when I can let loose and be the piggy slut I've alw
  4. Thanks a lot that's all really great advice. And I actually honestly didn't know that about insurance companies. Since they handle it all I wasn't sure what showed up on it. And yeah I am haha. Thanks again I really appreciate it.
  5. You guys have any advice on getting on prep without insurance or discreetly somehow? I am still on my family's insurance plan and if they find out I'm on prep they'll freak out. How does it show up on insurance statements? Is there a way I can make it discreet?
  6. Hey guys. I've been reading these forums for a while but this is my first time posting. I've barebacked with ex boyfriends before and barebacked occasionally during a drunk one night stand or two, but as a lot of you seem to have felt, I've always known that I love barebacking and that the idea of taking loads from strangers or groups is the absolute hottest thing in the world to me. I can't get off to porn with condoms and even thinking about getting in a sling at a bathhouse and taking endless raw dick makes me hard as fuck. But, like a lot of people, I am still scared to just start t
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