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[Neg2Poz] Little Poz Boy - Converted Chaser

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Up next is Little Poz Boy, who got into the whole bareback, bugchasing scene at a young age. Not only has he been fucked bareback and token anonymous loads, he also happened to convert after the very first time that he had sex with a poz top. Here's what Little Poz Boy had to say.

Hi. What is your screen name and what site(s) can people hook up with you at?

Littlepozboy - nastykinkpigs.com & scatboi.com.

And how old are you?

I am 19.

For anyone that wants to hook up w/ you, what do you look for in a sex partner?

Someone who has a cock and wants to breed me. I'm not picky.


Let's go back to the beginning, tell us about your first bareback encounter?

It was my stepdad. He popped my cherry and he did it bareback. He fucked me on a Friday night and took his time. He fucked me two times during the whole session. He had been having me suck his cock three months prior. On that Friday night, he told me that I was ready to be popped. He had me suck his cock as he fingered my boyhole. He told me that it was going to be very painful, but to understand that is part of getting popped and that he would really enjoy it. He fucked me two times, but each time was for a very long time.

Is that what got you hooked onto bareback?

Yes. This is what got me hooked. Plus my stepdad trained me only to be fucked bareback.

Why did you make the leap from bareback to bugchaser?

I was bugchaser from the start. I was trained that it's a badge of honer to be a pozzed up bottom.

What training did you receive from your stepdad? What exactly did he teach you about being poz and sex in general?

He told me that being poz was a honor. He told me that I had to take a tops cum like a good boy cunt. He taught me that sex with a man needed to be bareback because true sex is skin to skin. He told me true bottoms always accept the cum in there boy cunts.


What were your thoughts, emotions when you were having sex and being trained by your stepfather?

I always looked up to my stepdad and wanted to make him happy. When he first asked me to suck his cock, I felt like I was really something special to him. Then when he started fucking me, I felt like he enjoyed being with me. I liked how much time he spent with me, going into detail how to service a man. I love my stepdad. I know he trained me for his pleasure. I now like what I am and we still have a very special bond with each other.

Can you tell us about the first time you knowingly took a poz load?

My first anonymous top was a black top. He was hung. I wanted it so badly. I was kneeling and sucking his cockhead while his hands were on the back of my head. He told me he was poz. All I could do was mumble. He put me on my back. He then used duck tape to tie my legs wide open. He told me he was going to gag me, because I would scream as he entered me. He was right. I did. He fucked me the first time for 2.5 hours and then bred my boyhole. He plugged me. I then relaxed for awhile. Then he started over again.

After it was done and over with, what were your emotions? How did you feel?

I was happy, because my first black top fucked me hard and was poz.

Did you try to hold the load in as long as possible or try to get it out of you immediately?

The black dude plugged my boyhole. He fucked me several times over a long weekend. He told me that plugging my boyhole would help keep my boyhole open for his cock.

How did you hook up with a black poz man?

One of my stepdad's buddies told me he was into younger bottoms and that he would most likely love fucking me. So he emailed me and ask me if I would be interested in meeting him. I was scared, but I did it.

How many poz loads would you say you took during that time when you were chasing?

I was bred poz by my first anonymous top.

What was your favorite memory during the bugchasing process?

That I was so lucky to have my first anonymous top fuck me, bred me and poz me too.

Now that your poz, does your family know? What was their reaction?

My stepdad knew and was proud. My mom found out later and that was the breaking point for her. She told me that she did not want to see me again.

Now that you are poz, what have you been getting into sexually? What are you up to these days?

I love nasty no limit sex - K9, pain & bondage.


Any words for people that are on the fence as to whether or not to take poz loads and/or bugchase?

I got bred poz. It is going happen if you get fucked bareback. It's nice to know who bred ya poz (well at least know what they look like; I did not know the name of my breeder. He just had me call him daddy).

Any final comments?

Bareback sex is the only true way to be fucked. Getting bred poz is a honor in my book.



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OMG this cute little boy reminds me of me except I was 17 and bug chasing before I knew what the term even was....I would go to rest stops and seek out old men with facial wasting to poz me.  Oh, and I fucking loved every minute of it.

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Such a hot interview, and such a hot guy - I'm sure he still as hot, if not hotter, now he's a few more years down the line. Hope he's cultivating a huge v/l.

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