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  1. Thistle at Euston also doesn't need key cards to get to the room
  2. KeineHier

    Anon Loads? Yes Or No?

    Been a while since I last took some anon loads - really need to get back into it. The more loads the better!
  3. KeineHier

    Pozzed By a Demon?

    Hot! Would love to hear the next chapter
  4. KeineHier

    Gay Sex Bucket List - What's Your Score?

    130 for me - obviously need to do some catching up!
  5. Hot, hot, hot profile!

    1. pozkuntboi


      cheers pal u too sleazy fukker:P


    2. KeineHier


      Thanks mate - I aim to be - sleazier the better

  6. KeineHier


    Great story! Looking forward to the next chapter!
  7. Never had the opportunity to try it, but given the chance I would!
  8. Very hot guy!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. bareall77


      @POZ4Chasers has one of the hottest tumblrs out there! 

      And @Negbottomtwink, I love young guys with a kinky side to them...who know what they want! 

    3. POZ4Chasers


      Thanks for the plug!

    4. Negbottomtwink


      No problem! ;) @POZ4Chasers


      i try try my best @bareall77;)

  9. Fuck.... I'd love to take your dirty poz load. I'm only local, want me to come over sometime? ;)

  10. You're the perfect hot breeding machine mate!

  11. Perfect story - bring on the next chapter!
  12. KeineHier

    Stranger Danger

    Sounds like a very hot time, and makes me want to invest in a sling to be able to do something similar
  13. KeineHier

    I'm Gonna Have to Charge You

    mmmm nice story

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