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  1. G4P, but I suspect he's bi. He's been in str8 scenes on CF as well. -- Bad news though, he's been retired from CF for awhile now. Guess not many of the guys could handle how gifted he was down there.
  2. Why It Is So Addictive?

    Remember back when you was a kid and told not to do something? It made you want to do it more so. Same logic. We're told not to bareback. We're told not to embrace our sexuality. So, it makes us want to do it more so once we are able to jump over that initial hurdle of ditching condoms.
  3. The words bareback and safe are contradictory to one another. If you want to bareback, then you have to accept that you could possibly catch a sexually transmitted disease. If you're not willing to accept that, then you need to wear a condom and he needs to wear one as well. With that said, there are ways to reduce the risk: -You can have him take an Oraquick test beforehand to screen for HIV. -Topping has less risk of catch an STD vs bottoming. -If you're cut, you're less likely to catch an STD vs if you're uncut and you're foreskin is intact. -Make sure to use lube. Some guys just like to spit or go in dry, but that's far more likely to result in bleeding of some kind. -Don't brush your teeth at least 6 hours prior to engaging in oral sex. If you want to freshen your breath, use a mint or a piece of gum instead. -If you have an anal plug at home, work on inserting that in your ass today. If you're ass is more open upped, you're less likely to bleed as a result of being anally penetrated. -Rimming helps to make a person more receptive to anal penetration vs just sticking it in there. Suggestions on how to properly bareback? -Make sure you have properly cleaned out your ass with an anal douche. -Make sure everything is properly clean. -If you're going to flip flop, each partner should be allowed to cum in the other. The whole point of bareback is either you want to put your cum in your partner or vice versa - your partner wants your cum. -Rimming and lube, makes anal less painful. -Personally, I perfer to use poppers when bottoming. It helps to relax your anal muscles. If topping, you want to hit them right before cumming.
  4. Straight Porn Vs Gay Porn

    Plus, in straight porn, if it is a creampie scene there is none of this pulling out stuff and putting it back in. When a guy cums in a creampie video, he generally keeps it in till the last drop is out.
  5. Damn! That would be my ultimate fantasy. Live in Northern VA, but would be willing to move.
  6. I called a clinic that deals with HIV that is a few counties over from me. They only deal with people with HIV and not those that want PREP. An infectious disease specialist claims she doesn't deal with PREP and was told I should visit my primary care physician. So, that's what I did. However, she said she doesn't know what PREP is and claims she couldn't find it on her cell phone. I was told that they would try to figure out what PREP is, what steps are needed and that they would call me back later. So right now, I'm trying to find a doctor from which I can actually get a prescription for PREP.
  7. Biggest Regret?

    I've been turned on by poz guys for at least 10 years. And I used to get hit on by them all the time or they wanted to hook up, but being in my 20's and coming from a small town, I thought if I converted, I would be dead in a matter of years. So I turned down so many poz guys it isn't funny. Now that I'm comfortable with poz guys and having sex with them, it seems almost impossible to find some poz cum. How ironic.
  8. Same here. Initially, poz tops used to hit on me like crazy, but I brushed them off. However, the idea of taking poz cum really turned me so I started talking to poz guys. I talked to plenty of them, but then they never followed through. Had one guy who seemed serious, but I chickened out in that instance.
  9. Trusting a guy from bbrt?

    They do have OraQuick don't they?!? It might suck having to pay for those tests, but you or a partner could take it in the privacy of your or your host's home and have results within twenty minutes.
  10. I'm not trying to defend Jackson Taylor, but the kid is only 20 after all. Of course, I knew how to have sex at the age of 20, but I didn't personally know all the vocabulary associated with gay sex or the culture or what not. Also, if I needed a job, I would be willing to sign just about anything to make sure I got the job even if I disagreed with or didn't fully understand it. I guess what I am saying is, I do think it is possible that Taylor didn't know what he was getting into and I do think it is possible that TIM took advantage of his nativity. Is it illegal? No, cause Taylor was technically an adult. But just cause he is technically an adult, doesn't mean he was an adult mentally and understood everything he was getting involved with.
  11. Took my very first load

    Was holding out wanting my first load to be poz, but I decided to go ahead and take the plunge and take some loads. Hooked up with an older daddy type off of Craigslist. He breed me twice. I'm happy that I finally took some cum in my ass for the first time even if it was Neg. Can't believe I waited so long. Now I am ready for some more.
  12. Craigslist Flakes...

    I guess I am the opposite of everyone here - I had the most success with Craigslist. Sure, I've had some lousy encounters here and there, but there was one point where I put an ad up everyday for about 4 months straight and I got laid every single day as a result.
  13. Home testing

    I'm sure they will have a thing on there about STD's, or safe sex or barebacking. You've seen those birth control pill ads and at the end they always have some kind of warning. I'm sure they will have the same thing in place.
  14. Home testing

    I am sure they will offer a number that people can call in to get counseling.
  15. It wasn't with me. I told you I knew of some poz tops in my area. You asked me to set you up with them. I arranged to make it happen.

    You said you were visiting the Baltimore MD area over X-Mas cause you had some family there. It was supposed to happen around then.

    We had stayed in contact, but then you flaked at the last minute and never responded. I could deal with someone flaking on me, but you made

    me look bad to other people. It was especially rude cause I took my time and my connections to make this happen for you since you asked me to.

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