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  1. beastbuttpig on here has the absolute BEST muscle cum hole in NYC. The BEST. That is all.

    1. PissPigBrooklyn


      Indeed it is awesome!!! My mouth waters!

  2. OMG this cute little boy reminds me of me except I was 17 and bug chasing before I knew what the term even was....I would go to rest stops and seek out old men with facial wasting to poz me. Oh, and I fucking loved every minute of it.
  3. i envy you sir :) you are the kind of bottom i want to be. wish you could train me to be a good cumdump

  4. 12340

    Gay escorts

    Being a bug-friendly rent boy, I have always been up for daddies, grandpas, and frankly anyone who would cum inside me. The cash exchange has always been a giant turn on, since I was 19. It's not the dollar amount, just the exchange that turns me on.
  5. 12340

    The Loneliness Of Hiv

    Same here I don't find it lonely at all. Oh and pozfetish pig....with that hot body and bio tat.....I would GLADLY take your semen any day;-)
  6. Would love to swap strains with you, fucker!

  7. Knock me up stud!

  8. oink oink stud ;-)

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