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    To talk kinky about bareback sex. Drives me crazy how dangrous it is.

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  1. I love being dangerous 👄It's hot thinking about getting pozzed and how they will convert me.👄

  2. Message me sometime I'll talk kinky and finger you

  3. traincrash111

    [Neg2Poz] Little Poz Boy - Converted Chaser

    I so agree i am a bug chaser
  4. traincrash111

    Should I Keep On With Bb?

    I am new to this and so want to go bare only. The danger drives me crazy. It is so hot as you know. How should I start it.
  5. traincrash111

    I Love Drinking A Man's Piss. Do You?

    I just started doing this and I crave it all the time. So fucken hot.
  6. traincrash111

    Drinking piss from a Urinal

    I have never thought of that but I will say tomorrow I will be looking in restrooms for unflushed ones and drinking that up. So hot im jacking hard right now.

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