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  1. Woah ... what a good looking, sexy looking, eager looking blond bombshell I've just come across!

  2. Beautiful. I converted in April and lost about 30 lbs and am now under 140 lbs and my height is 5' 10" so I am happy that I look like the poz chem whore that I have become.

    1. NastyPigDad


      Excellent Raw...soo hot when a real aids whore starts loosing weight and the telltale "signs" appear..hope you continue on the wasted road fast Bro..

    2. RawPozAdventures
  3. Damn you look great!

    Can't wait to join you in that look.


  4. just saw your aids pics you look great can t wait till i am like thaty

  5. Would love to take your disease inside of me multiple times, helping me gain resistance and move closer to full blown AIDS

  6. [Neg2Poz] Little Poz Boy - Converted Chaser

    Fuck that is so hot I even got rock hard reading it, I believe in only bareback all the way
  7. tcell now @ 65, vl 220k

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    2. chrisbb


      You are what it means to live a poz life, seed ass and live. Gift giving is what men do, you are my hero!

    3. chrisbb


      Congrats on the you count, hope that will be count some day.

  8. Dad's Worst Nightmare

    thats how it should be we all need to breed everyone No Regrets ever
  9. Tcells 98 vl 114,040

    1. CumInBugMe


      Where are u? Need that in me.

    2. Poz2play


      If I was in San Diego I'd give you a load. My vl is around 350,000.

    3. BBNudistBoyWhore
  10. New #'s tc 115 vl 95,870

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    2. BBNudistBoyWhore


      fuck yeah give it all you got



      We should definitely meet up when I go to plam springs and get converted into poz by you

    4. BBNudistBoyWhore


      For sure I'll give you my toxic aids cock anytime you want

  11. Hiv without meds

    I don't do meds but I always do natural herb and if you don't want the meds, go on ozone treatments and/or bath in h202 35%food grade it works hiv cant live in a high oxygen body, meds are never the answer, as for me, my doc says I'm not a case for me to take meds my body is rejecting all meds, since I have been doing natural stuff for my whole life, my body is treating any meds a poison and the meds have kill my system more then me being on natural herbs, even so look up Silica and hiv, and bentonite clay, vits and minerals
  12. Proud Sick Poz and Toxic Perv here, develops too slow. Would love you to recharge me with your AIDS juice and STDs, Bro! No meds since 2013, high viral aids seed here.Chasing full blown loads. WISH WE WERE CLOSER!

  13. Losing Undetectable Status

    to bearbandit, I don't do any meds, but I have always do natural treatments and the all do work, from the feb test I had done a lot for the 8 years and I was rehabbing a house and dint care to do much with natural herbs and such, so I just wanted to live without the BS of it and I somewhat burnt the candle at both ends a few months ago, and I was having fevers every stinkin night. As of this month April 2016 I'm becoming stabilized even without still any meds. I found out that it's is more in the intestines then anything else. as like this body temp in ass would be at night roughly 101.5 -102.5 but as I check oral it's 98.6 and armpit would be 1degree lower the heat of the 102 is more central of intestines. so I got a 7 day 200 billion probotics and shy of 2 days left on it and I'm doing a lot better no fevers and stabilized, I'm going to get another test done in may 2016 and I will post it here and on profile.
  14. Just BareBack Boy

    horny cunt pics
  15. test results tcell 163 vl 90,330

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    2. BBNudistBoyWhore


      thanks, I think I need another raw cock with a sicker infection

    3. mn_gary


      sweet! would enjoy swapping strains with ya !

    4. BBNudistBoyWhore


      Yeah then I would be a good deathfuck

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