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Daddy Pimps Me Out

bareback fucking dad/son poz prostitution teen
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Posted 18 July 2012 - 06:11 PM



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WARNING!!!: This is a complete work of fiction. This is my first attempt ever at writing an erotic fiction story, much less one about pozzing. I am not the best with grammar so forgive me. I wrote it and it involves boy/Dad incest themes, prostitution, bareback sex, pozzing, Abusive verbal language, and aggression. If any of this bothers you or you are not of age please do not read further. Comments are always welcome and make me a happy boy. Send them to southernboy83@gmail.com

My name is Ryan. I’m eighteen and I want to share with you a hot story about my relationship with my Daddy. I am horny with boy-lust just writing this all down and my teen sausage is dripping precum and messing-up my pair of black Calvin Klein briefs.

I was always the quiet and shy nerdy type. Just graduated high school I am 5’10” and a bit chubby at 200 lbs. I have a cute face, an average cubbish build, and a sweet fat round peach ass with a little bit of fuzz around my unfucked shitter. Even my own eighteen year old cousin pumped his jizz down my throat a few times and made me spread open for him to rape my butt and told me not to tell anyone. He always made me be the girl, so I had to suck his dong for hours, eat out his pucker and tell him how good it tasted. He would make me spread myself for him while he played with my boner, humiliating me and making my face get red. We will save the stories with my cousin for another time.

My mother died when I was a boy, and my Dad, at 6'3", has always been a strong and outspoken man, with the result he has towered over me for most of my life. He was a real stud. I remembered on my thirteenth birthday I stole a pair of Dad’s jockey shorts just to get a whiff of what he smelled like and tasted the sweat from them like the dirty little naughty boy that I am. I lost count how many premature ejaculations I wasted into Dad’s underwear. He is a real stud and a true Alpha male in every sense. His body was strong and thick and his hands were rough like sandpaper. He had a five o’ clock shadow that would make any boy late for school. But the best thing about my Dad was that he was a true sexual deviant with a pecker that was horselike in length. That same huge piece of fuckmeat was that which squirted the DNA that also made me. Fuckin' hot, was how I felt about it.

My Dad came into my room early yesterday morning, his package cupped in a pair of boxer briefs, and barked at me “Boy, get the fuck up. No sleeping in under my roof. Boys get so lazy nowadays. They have become smart mouthed fuckalls and sit around all day whackin their pud to porno. No boy of mine is gonna be a lazy faggot!” I saw his huge dong jerk in pleasure as it laid back against his thigh. I snapped to attention and rolled out of bed. Dad had a strict family rule that real men got to wear underwear around the house, but bitches had no right to wear bottoms to protect their penis or their sweet spot.

My average teen dick bounced over my balls as I stood at attention. “I am sorry Dad, I…I..I will do better about my sleep schedule.” My cheeks burned red with embarrassment that my own Father just punked me out like that. Even though there was no audience it felt like everyone in the world was listening and knew that I was a submissive bitch son to my own Dad. Dad’s eyes lit up with fascination and a greedy perverted smile hastened his tongue across his lips as he purveyed my body like a predator. His calculating grey eyes lingered over my fat round butt and on my flaccid boy cock. His hand was quick as he snatched me by my hair and pulled me in close. His grip tightened, making me wince and cry out as he handled me roughly, but with a seemingly tender grace. “Got a job for you fagboy, starts today and pays a whooooole lot. You gon be a good boy for Daddy and take the job? It pays really well. Wanna know what it is sport?” My Dad’s voice was really creeping me out and making me give in. I no longer fought his grasp and relaxed in his grip. “Sure Dad, I would love to make some money. What does it pay? What kinda job is it? Not many places hire seventeen year olds, Daddy.”

“That was the one thing I wanted to mention bitch, I will be collecting the money that you make for your services rendered. Do you understand what I mean boy…that you are the goods, and I am the dealer? I am going to find you some nice gentlemen to visit. I already have one set up for tonight and he will be here in just a bit. We need to get you cleaned up and ready boy. Get in the fuckin' shower you cute little tramp!” He threw me into the bathroom door and ran the shower for me at a lukewarm temperature. It saved him money and he enjoyed seeing me beg for hotter water. I had to clean myself out but Dad would not leave the room, I was so embarrassed. Dad played with his huge meat watching me shower, telling me that I better get my shithole clean because the men he was taking money from did not need disappointment from Daddy’s prized little whoreboy. I knew what Dad meant about me being the goods. I had seen a few boys at my school and one girl who were prostitutes. I knew what Daddy was talking about. How could he make his boy do such nasty things? I knew it got him off and that was good enough for me. As you can see, I worshiped my Dad.

Dad pulled me out of the shower roughly and forced me to my knees. He opened my mouth wide and shoved his fat horsecock in, causing me to choke a little as he sampled the merchandise. “Fuck son you have such good cocksucking lips. I will see to it that they get used often. A good fagboy like you needs a healthy dose of semen every day.” He dislodged himself from my throat and pushed me into the bedroom. He had it set up with a St Andrews Cross and a bed with leather restraints. Daddy pushed me to the St. Andrews Cross and used the restraints to strap me on standing with my back and cute supple boy butt facing the doorway. I felt his hands on my throat and as they trailed down my teenage skin, I got goosebumps. His hand rounded and cupped my ass pulling the meaty cheeks apart. “My little chubby fuckslut son. Gonna make a lot of dough off you queer.”

He leaned in and kissed my neck tenderly. He smelled like a boy pig's wet dream, leather, which is my favorite scent. My Dad was an Alpha and not always so tender but he did show me some affection as his son. He left quickly. A half hour passed and my legs began to hurt and I needed to pee really bad. I heard the door creak open behind me and in walked the john. I couldn’t see him as my ass was to the door but I heard his footsteps as he moved up behind me. I heard his belt unbuckled and his trousers drop behind me to the floor. His voice rang out softly but commanding. “You must have a real good piece of ass for your Daddy to whore you out like this. How many men been up in that juicy teen bubble butt of yours? I am gonna enjoy myself whether you do or not. Your Pa did give special instructions that you are not to cum at all during this and that if you do, there will be consequences, so hold in your boy juice - if you can, bitch.” I heard the swish of the belt before it shocked my skin with a loud thwack. It hit my left cheek making it jiggle furiously with what felt like tiny needle stabs.

I let out a cry that echoed around the room. “I am guessin your old man didn’t spare his rod, but we will certainly spoil the child.” The man laughed cruelly and let the belt fly again, simultaneously hitting both my butt cheeks. He snapped it again and it struck me square on my butthole. It felt like a massive sunburn, as my flesh heated up and my teen cock strained against the wood of the St. Andrews Cross. He layed into my bare butt for about five minutes until my ass was good and blistered and I knew I wouldn’t sit well for a day or so. The rough stranger approached me closer and I heard him wetting his fingers and spitting on them. He spit on my back and let a trail of it run down my buttcrack and over my exposed dick ditch. I struggled against my bonds as he handled me. His hands smacking and rubbing my sore tempered globes like a vicious animal. He pulled my head back by my hair and added further pressure to my knees making them buckle as he bit into my skin, leaving small marks.

“Please sir, I am a good boy. Please don’t make me do this” I cried out as he undid my restraints and pushed me to the bed. “Listen you little piece of shit. I am only here to drain my dick up in your sweet teenage guts, so shut the fuck up with the crying like a little sissy faggot and spread yourself for me. Show me what every boy in your high school has already sampled you fucking cunt!” I reached back and spread for him showing him my puckering starfish. He groaned and rubbed the pad of his index and middle finger along it making it clench up. He roughly shoved his fingers in clawing at my soft rectum walls tearing them and making them bleed. My butthole was starting to give as he finally pressured in a circular motion against it with his poisonous cock. He spit on my hole and then leaned in sticking his perverted snaking tongue up my shitter. He pulled me apart and tasted me deeply, making sure to get me as wet as he likes his wife. Then he stood up and lined himself with my puckerhole. “This is gonna hurt boy….but feel free to make noise. I like my boys moaning in pleasure and pain. I am gonna spear that sweet little teen hole. Gonna open you up for business boy, ruin you for these other men. Even your own Pa won’t be able to get off in you like you want him too cause you will be so fucked out. Just a washed up slutty boy with a loose hole. And maybe a little something extra to remember me by.” His chiding and threats made my dick harder and rivulets of my salty teen semen ran down over my nuts.

I looked around as his hand left my hair. This guy had to be around 6’ 0” with a strong muscular build and a decent sized uncut babymaker. His face showed signs of wasting so I wondered if the guy was just old or what. It was oozing precum as he forced me down face first onto the bed with his rough and sinister intentions. He circled the head of his prick around, lubing up my hole with his slimy toxic prefuck. He then let his weigh push against me and send the head burning through my clenched tearing ring. I clawed the bed and tried to escape as he inched further into my insides. He pushed me down again roughly smacking the back of my head and not allowing my limp cock to harden against the soft sheets and firm mattress below me. I bit down into my hand as he inched up even more. It felt like this guy’s cuncut hog was gonna come through my stomach at any second. Finally he hilted his big rod at home in my guts. He laughed down at me, mocking me and calling me nasty fucked up things as he begin to inch back out. “Gonna rip you open like a virgin on prom night boy. Then I am gonna shoot all twenty-five bucks of my goo into you, my fuckin toxic boy cumdump.” I froze in fear as he mentioned toxic. I knew that that meant. This asshole was breeding me full of his AIDS juice. He was going to give me the death fuck, I would later get the fuck flu and other nasty complications and perhaps go on to infect others as a whore for my Daddy. I couldn't get away, but maybe I didn't want to.

He slapped my ass as he fucked into me and rode me for all I was worth which was apparently only twenty-five bucks. My Daddy sure had a sick sense of humor. I bet it got his Daddy dong nice and hard thinking about me being used for only a small amount of money. I wonder if my Dad knew that this guy had the bug. I was his sweet little sub son and he wanted to fuck me up in many ways so I guessed he had arranged for it to happen, which made me even more turned-on. I felt the man begin to breath hard on my neck as he hilted himself and I felt a huge amount of his noxious biohazard spunk filling and washing against my torn guts. He kept slamming into me even with his softening cock. His cockhead slamming into my sweet boy button deep inside. I fought to control it but my neg nuts started to empty all over the sheets the last negative load of my life. I had done my sticky business all over Daddy’s sheets. He was going to be furious. I cowered in shame that I could not hold my end of my Dad’s orders. The man pulled out of me with a wet cummy plop and his spooge rolled down out of my pouty fucked hole along my thigh and down over my nuts. I looked well used with pinkish tainted spooge running out down my thighs but that wouldn’t be enough to sate Daddy’s anger. The john smiled down at me with a satisfied smile and rolled me over.

His words hit me like a time bomb “I thought I felt you go when I was inside you. Fucking ingrateful little teen slut. I am telling your father and for good measure just because I am a sweet guy, I am gonna tell him what a useless fuck you were and how I had to work for my own nut. Have fun getting punished faggot and have fun spreading my AIDS bug, as you can see I am far along and on no meds with a super high viral load that will rip through your entire body. I will be visiting again for a discounted rate…and to reinfect, believe me.” As quickly as he came, the man left me there. I tried to clean up as much of my boyjuice as I could with my mouth and tongue on the sheets. My flared rectum now looked like a fucked out rosebud cunt and was still spitting his load out as I heard Daddy come storming in behind me. “You embarrassed me!” His voice clapped like thunder and shook me to the core. I turned over, frightened and glued in place as he came down on top of me like a swarm of bees. He slapped me hard across my cheek creating a sting and then his hands tightly clasped my face.

“I gave you specific order not to cum boy, Did I not?” My father spoke in a quiet menacing tone. I nodded yes to him and felt his finger wiggle up to my sloppy butt. He dug three fingers straight into me to the knuckle causing me to groan and working the poz nut into my asswalls. “Next time slut, you obey what your Daddy tells you. I provide for you and clothing and feed you. I have to put up with a lot, and boy I am tired of it. You will listen." He roughly turned me over and laid into me with his hand so that his pain was my pain. His hand had to have been hurting the way he tore into my sweet teen butt. It was rosy red and really sore. Daddy lay down in bed with me and looked at me. “Do you know why I turned you out to that poz dude for only twenty-five dollars son?” His voice shifted to concern for my feelings. “I wanted to remind you of your place to me as Alpha of this house. You are worth more to me than any money. I love you sweet boy. You were always the quiet one, like your slut of a mother. You are also naturally a whore just like her as well. I knew you would get bugged so I figured why wait. I will still be pimping your ass out to the lowest bidder but that is just because Daddy has been taping you and wants to witness first had your descent into true queer pigdom. You are Daddy's little cumdump cocksleeve boy.”

He chuckled softly in my ear. He kissed my head and tucked me in, but not before a taste of my royally fucked and infected seeping hole. “Sweet dreams my little poz slut. Tomorrow you have a big day. I have a client roster filled with a hung black dude, a trucker bear gangbang and also a smelly homeless dude wanted a go. Sweet dreams baby boy.” He turned off the light and shut the door leaving me to myself. I masturbated furiously thinking of my Dad making love to me and adding his Daddy milk to the toxic load that was soaking into my body. I imagined him taking his time and being rough in a sweet way. I climaxed all over my hand and quickly ate my tainted boyspunk. I imagined infecting my Dad, rolled over and pondered what my life would be like without him.

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Posted 19 July 2012 - 11:12 AM



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Nice! Great story! I want more! Tell me about day 2!


Posted 19 July 2012 - 03:47 PM


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fuckin hot story.. that's how a conversion must be done!


Posted 19 July 2012 - 08:46 PM



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Sweet!! Love it. nice job mate.


Posted 21 July 2012 - 03:45 PM


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Wouldn't mind reading the next part of this story. Especially that trucker gang bang. And wouldn't mind seeing a story about the dad getting pozzed too.


Posted 22 July 2012 - 04:21 AM


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What a lucky slut boy! Wish my Daddy had been him! Hope there is more!


Posted 31 July 2012 - 10:28 AM


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yeah - would love the same


Posted 30 May 2013 - 08:12 PM



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You have a deliciously twisted mind....this story needs to continue.


Posted 30 May 2013 - 08:54 PM


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Awesome story man... loved it..


Posted 01 June 2013 - 12:42 PM



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Great story it brought me back to some awesome good memories I have of my own step-father teaching me all about being Gay and about the times I had with Skip away from my father.

Thanks Again!


Posted 02 June 2013 - 12:01 AM



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Hot first chapter. Looking forward to reading more.


Posted 02 June 2013 - 06:48 AM



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more more more of that wonderful story, thanx


Posted 12 June 2013 - 11:47 AM



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Please more more more...nothing hotter than dad-son sex...well, yes, dad-son poz sex!!

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