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Cum Courier...


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==== Cum Courier ====

A few days ago, I hooked-up with this guy online. His picture was amazing; massively muscled chest and shoulders and a great-looking bulge. He didn't send me any pics of his cock but said that I wouldn't be disappointed. I was feeling really horny as I had been visiting family for a week so hadn't even had a wank, let alone got off with someone and it was only 11am.

His name was Gareth and he invited me over for a drink and a shag. I said yes straight away; I'm a slim guy and don't usually get muscle-men interested in me, especially one as big as he seemed to be, so I showered and dressed in a jockstrap, tight jeans and a white T-shirt and then caught the bus over to his place which was about half an hour away. The day was boiling hot and I was already feeling horny just from the heat.

Arriving at his door, I rang the bell and waited nervously for him to answer. The door opened and there he stood; his pics hadn't done him justice. He was huge! He was wearing a very tight muscle-shirt and tiny cotton shorts, which barely contained a hugely thick cock with massive, heavy balls. His chest was massive with really big nipples showing through the thin cotton of his shirt. Blue eyes and a great smile made him look like a god.

"Hey Paul" he said extending one massive fist to shake my hand. "Come on in. Fancy a beer?" We went into his lounge where a screen was showing a video from Treasure Island. He told me to have a seat whilst he went into the kitchen to get the beers. Returning, he handed me a can of Red Stripe and sat next to me.

"Look, before we do anything, there's something you should know" he said, taking a swig of the beer. "I only do bareback and I'm very verbal. I'm going to breed my hot seed deep inside your ass and I want you to know it." He put a hand on my leg and looked at me. "Any problems?"

"No" I said. "But I want to take your cock in a particlar way."

"Hmm. OK. How?" he smiled.

"I want to be on my back with my legs around your huge bod and I want to chew your tits when you shoot." As I said this, I noticed his cock hardening in the shorts.

"I think we're going to get on just fine!" he said, flashing a smile at me.

He took my hand and guided it to his rapidly swelling bulge. I rubbed it hard and he groaned, the material was stretched thin across his cock and I could feel that it was a real monster. He stood up and shucked the shorts off, exposing the most massive piece of meat I'd ever seen. It was so thick that I couldn't get my hand around it at all, and so long that I gasped. He picked a tape-measure off the table where he'd put his beer.

"Want to measure it?" he said, grinning wickedly. I took the tape measure and placed the end against his body, rolling it out to the end of his cock. "Oh my god!" I exclaimed. "Fourteen inches... Wow!" He took the tape out of my hand and wrapped it around his girth. It was nine inches around. I looked up at him, face flushing with desire and before I could stop myself, dropped to me knees and tried to fit as much of his beautiful cock into my mouth as I could.

"Fuck, you're enormous" I whispered as his big hands steadied my head against his meat. He let me suck him for a bit then swiftly spun me around, threw me to my knees and mounted me. The pain was incredible; I hadn't been fucked for ages and he was massive, but after a hit on my poppers, I started to enjoy taking his massive cock.

"I'm really gonna seed that hole" he said, moving deep inside me. "I'm gonna blow my three-day load up inside you and I cum a LOT!" As he said this, I could feel his excitement build and his cock started to spasm inside me.

"Tell me you want it, you cum whore!" he shouted.

"I do, I do. I want your enormous load shot deep inside me, give me your cum, breed my sloppy cunt..." He started to breathe more heavily and remembering what really turned me on, picked me up still impaled on his cock and lay me on my back. He lowered his massive chest to my face and I sucked one of his bullet-nipples into my mouth.

"Oh yeah!" he cried, forcing more of his cock into my hole and more of his nipple into my mouth. "Suck on those big tits!" I tightened my ass around his hole. "Oh, fuck, I don't believe it! I'm gonna cum" he said. My mouth went for his other nipple and sucked as much of the nipple and the muscular pec into my mouth as I could manage.

"You fucking little cum whore!" he shouted. "You're gonna get my huge load bareback. I'm not wearing a rubber, I'm gonna breed your hole, I'm gonna pump my massive load deep inside you. My DNA's gonna mix with yours. I'm fucking knocking you up!" As he shouted this, I felt his cock pump what seemed like half a pint of very hot spunk into me. I sucked harder on his tits and felt another six or seven spurts of his cum flood my ass. I went to touch my own cock but he pushed my hand away and reversing our positions, pulled me on top of him, his amazing cock still buried inside me. We lay there a few moments then he got to his feet and smiled at me.

"Wow! That was one hot fuck. Give me a few minutes and I can go again."

"Really?" I asked. He nodded.

"Yeah, but I'm really thirsty and out of beers. Can you just go down to the corner shop whilst I take a breather?"

"Sure, I'll just get cleaned up a bit." I replied, gently fingering my hole which was beginning to leak cum.

"Don't" he said, picking me up so I was standing. He handed me my jeans and helped me pull them on.

"But your load was so big!" I argued.

"Don't worry, the shop's just down the street. You'll be OK." I put the rest of my clothes on and started to leave.

"Hey" he called. "Ask for St Pierre. It's my favourite beer." With that, he handed me a tenner and let me out, pointing in the direction of the store.

A few minutes later I was in the local shop, scanning the beers in the fridge and on the shelves. I'd never heard of St Pierre so asked the tall, blonde Polish guy behind the counter.

"Sure I've got that but we don't get much call for it so it's in the store-room." He started towards the door at the back. "You'd better give me a hand" he said. As I followed him into the back, I admired his tight-fitting jeans and the back of his wide neck. As soon as we got inside the store-room, he pulled the door shut.

"St Pierre" he said, nodding. "The only person I know who asks for that is Gareth down the road." "Yeah, it's for him" I answered. He put his hand on his crotch and squeezed.

"So, has he knocked you up? Has he pumped his load up inside you? I bet he has, hasn't he. You're probably full of his cum right now!" He pushed me up against the wall and began to unbutton my jeans. "God, I love it when he sends over one of his shags, filled with his spunk for me to swallow." He pulled my jeans down, lay down on the floor and pulled my ass down onto his face.

"Relax" he said, tongueing my hole. "Give up that load and you can have mine in return!" I relaxed a little and felt the cum load begin to dribble out of my ass. His slurping tongue was really turning me on, and the knowledge that he wanted to shoot inside me, to mix his cum with Gareth's was making me hard. I loosened up a bit more a a ******* of warm seed ran out of my hole directly into his mouth. He pushed me away and got up, then unzipping his jeans, took out his extremely hard cock. It wasn't as big as Gareth's but it was still pretty big. I dropped my jeans and turned around, presenting him with my sloppy hole. He rubbed it into the spunk still dripping from my ass and then began to push it into me. I relaxed and he gasped as my hole suddenly sucked him in deep.

"Fucking hell! You're hole's so sloppy and wet, I'm gonna cum really quickly!" he breathed, pressing his swollen head deep into me.

"You want my cum?" he asked, sweat dripping from his face as he pounded my hole.

"Oh yeah, I want your big load. Breed my cunt with that big meat, fucking shoot that spunk load deep inside me. Breed my hole. Seed me!" I cried, and with a yell, he unloaded inside me. I thought Gareth had a big load, but this guy's just didn't seem to stop! He fucked my raw hole for ages, spurting fresh spunk into my already well-used hole. Just as I thought he'd finished, he gave another yell and I could feel more spunk spurt into me. He finished, and stood dazed for a moment, then reached up to a shelf and with one quick move, pulled out his cock and replaced it with a butt plug.

"That'll keep the spunk up there for a bit" he said. giving it a final push into my swollen hole. "Wow! You really know how to drain a guy!" He smiled at me and pulled on his clothes. I did the same and he reached up for a six-pack of beer. "Here you go. No charge!"

"Thanks" I said, stroking his smooth abs. "That was an amazing fuck!"

"Yeah, well I like sloppy seconds." he replied. "Now, if you're really getting into this, perhaps you should drop by at number twenty-six. It's a few doors before Gareth's place, on the way back from here. My boyfriend's there and feeling really horny. You like older guys?" I nodded. "He's fifty-three, really built with a beard and the biggest siliconed balls you've ever seen. Sound good?"

"Yes" I said, already looking forward to it.

"Ring the bell, tell him that Marek sent you and that you need another few loads to take back to Gareth. He's got some friends around at the moment so if you want to be gang-fucked, you probably will."

He unlocked the door and let me out. As I walked through the shop, my head was reeling and my heart beating really fast. I'd just been fucked by two guys, was about to get gang-banged and had't even shot a load of my own yet. As I walked down the street, I could feel the base of the butt plug pressing against my jeans and it was keeping me rock hard.

At number twenty-six, I rang the bell and waited for it to be answered. After a few minutes I rang again, leaning harder on the buzzer. I heard a door opening inside and through the glass saw someone approaching the door. As the door opened, I felt the blood rise to my face. The guy was a real muscle-bear; beard, huge shoulders and a sexy smile and all he was wearing was a pair of shorts showing a bulge that was about the size of a melon.

"Hey Paul" he said.

"Hey!" I replied, wondering how he knew my name.

"Come into the bedroom. I've a few friends around and they're getting really horned up." Before I could help myself, I grabbed his huge balls with my hands and dropped to my knees, inhaling his scent through the thin cotton.

"Not in the doorway!" he said, hauling me me to my feet. I apologised, but couldn't take my eyes of his bulge. He led the way into the house, and in the bedroom I saw three other, older but really good looking, very hung men standing around a sling.

I dropped my jeans, shrugged off the T-shirt and jumped into the sling. Immediately, the first guy pushed his hand between my ass cheeks, pulled out the butt-plug and replaced it with his cock. After only three strokes, he yelled and began to pump spunk into me. I relaxed and let him breed me. He didn't last for long, but as soon as he pulled out, another guy was ready and pushed his hard meat into me. This guy had a short cock but it was nice and heavy.

"I can feel that spunk sliding over my dick" he grunted. "You fucking little cum-whore, you're a fucking little spunk hole just waiting to be bred!" As he talked, his cock got harder and I squeezed my hole around his cock. "Fucking little cock-jockey" he grunted. "Can't wait to get cock inside you, can't wait to get bred by big guys shooting their loads into your ass!" As he said this, he too gave a yell and unloaded into me.

The third guy had been watching and stroking himself, and without a word, pushed his cock into me and shot his load, then the guy with the silicone balls approached. His cock was also siliconed and I knew he'd waited until last so that I was stretched enough to take it. As the other guys stepped back, he pushed his meat into me with both hands, ensuring no spunk dribbled out. He wrapped his hand around the base of his cock and began to wank himself into me, not saying a word. My hands reached for his balls and I squeezed their hugeness as he began to moan. I could tell that the first guy was fucking him from behind as he suddenly leant forward, pushed his huge hairy chest into my face and commanded me to chew his nipples. The moment my tongue touched the first one, he began to spasm into my hole, filling it to overflowing with his big sperm-load. After a few more spurts, he pulled his massive cock out slowly and quickly replaced the butt-plug in my hole.

"OK" he grinned. "Now you can take those loads back to Gareth!" I got out of the sling shakily, I was so horny but I knew where I wanted to blow my load. I pulled on my clothes and the muscle-bear showed me to the door.

"See you around!" he said.

I walked back up the road until I reached Gareth's house. As soon as I approached the door, he opened it and pulled me inside, leading me straight into the bedroom.

"So, where's the beer?" he asked.

"Crap! I must have left it at..."

"Number twenty-six?" he finished for me. "Excellent!" He led me to the bed and unbuttoned my jeans.

Producing a funnel and a pint glass, he had me squat over it.

"C'mon" he urged. "You must be full to bursting. How many loads have you got up inside you right now? Four? Five? Let's see!" I carefully pulled out the butt-plug and a ******* of hot sperm shot out of my ass and into the glass. He carefully massaged my hole and a new load spurted out.

"You got any more up there?" he asked, stroking my shoulder.

"I don't think so" I said, just as another powerful surge squirted out. When I had emptied most of it, he held up the glass. It was half full of mixed spunk.

Handing it to me, Gareth dropped onto the bed on all fours and rammed the funnel into his ass. "Now, give it to me!" he said. I began to pour the white liquid into the funnel and his ass sucked it inside him. In a few minutes the glass was empty and he was full... almost. My cock felt like it was going to burst, I was so turned-on by what had happened to me that morning. Using the last few drops of spunk from the glass, I lubed my cock and pushed it into Gareth's filled hole.

The feeling of that amount of cum on my cock was mind-blowing. I grabbed his beefy thighs and began to stroke my cock into his hot hole. Within a few minutes I literally could not hold back, and with a roar, I dumped my load in with the rest. I seemed to shoot for ages, and when I stopped, I could hardly stand.

Gareth pulled me down onto the bed and wrapped his arms around me. As I stroked his muscular chest, he whispered into my ear "You like being a cum courier? Delivering all that hot sperm to me?" I nodded. "Good" he said. "Because that's just the first assignment I have for you. I'm gonna send you all over the city picking up loads for me and bringing them back so that we can share them. OK?"

I smiled and replied "Fuck yes!"

****** THE END *******

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