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    Hairy and lean jock build. Love feeling my cock kicking as it spews deep in a hungry hole, as well as feeling my hole suddenly get slicker as the cock in me gets cum-coated.
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    Hairy, stocky and uncut are nice.

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  1. mn6

    Say goodbye to Tumblr... Now what?!

    Just FYI, there are apps you can run to make local backups of all the image / video posts for which you've ever clicked the "Like" button. One example is this set of precompiled executables for mac and Windows. It's not extremely user-friendly, but after some monkeying around, it seems to work for me, it's happily grinding away filling my hard drive. Any of these apps use Tumblr's API which rate-limits you to 1000 downloads/hour, 5000/day. I hope the app is smart enough to wait and resume if it hits any of those limits.. I for one will miss these curated streams of porn / erotica, special interest themes, and discovering new types of porn I didn't even know I liked. There isn't much else out there quite like it. According to other posts, Yahoo paid $1.1 billion to acquire Tumblr, then was eventually subsumed into Verizon. Speculative posts are either humorously noting that Yahoo is killing yet another company from beyond the grave, or noting that Verizon hated Tumblr and now Verizon Oath is tasked with dismantling Tumblr, or at least killing off the troublesome annoying parts of it (ie. porn). Some stats from several years ago suggested that porn was only a small percentage of Tumblr's content, but general consensus seems to be that this had increased considerably. I guess soon enough we'll see what remains in a post-porn Tumblr world.. Anyways... Summary: There's a link above if you want to locally archive your favorite Tumblr pics/vids, before they all become flagged / inaccessible / deleted / whatever.
  2. mn6

    Help! I'm A Bottom Trapped In A Tops Body*

    I echo several of the previous suggestions. A leather (or whatever) armband on the Right bicep goes a LONG way towards self-selecting out the potential mismatches. And slutty attire that makes your hole visible and enticing will make other bottoms "jump the fence" and breed you, just because a slutty hole appeals to them. Good luck, and let us know how it goes. Maybe your stories will give the rest of us additional ideas (and stiffies) too! woof
  3. mn6

    Storage Unit for Hookups?

    I sprang wood as soon as I saw this thread title. Years ago I had a handsome BBC BB top fuckbuddy who would host me at his apartment and breed me repeatedly. He shared an apartment with his brother, and we couldn't fuck there when brother was home. A few times he took me to a nearby storage facility where he stored things that wouldn't fit in his apartment. I remember him bending me over a washing machine or dryer, and nailing me from behind. We tried to keep quiet, other than the rhythmic slapping of bodies together, but each of his thrusts into my ass would cause the machine to inch slightly forward, with an abrupt loud screech as its metal feet slid on the concrete floor.. Screech, screech, screech! It was hot, getting reamed and flooded with cum while other renters were in their storage units nearby, and nobody around us seemed to notice or care.
  4. Thanks for the rep in where i got my last loads M8.

  5. RawUK

    Thanks for the rep mn6

    1. yelrom


      hope we both end up Poz

  6. Thanks for the reps bro xx:*:cool:xx

  7. Thanks for the rep m8. Have a good w/end and just keep on cumming xx:*xx

  8. Hiya ... thanks for the rep xx:*xx

  9. Before I read the OP's post, I scrolled down and saw the pic of the jar with all that cum and thought, Wow, wouldn't that stockpile of cum feel amazing squirted in my hole... mmmmm.. How many loads are in there?
  10. where you from ?

    1. Chargedup


      the one who got away.. please contact me pup. 

  11. mn6

    Age 86 On Bbrt?

    Some guys put their year-of-birth as their age, a 30 year old (born 1986) might put "86". I bet that could be a rude surprise if you're a (grand)daddy-hunter
  12. mn6

    8 Hour Prep Double Dose

    I wonder whether this is what the testing-center chap was referencing. A short video by the new england journal of medicine regarding the efficacy of a sort of on-demand PrEP. (December 2015 ANRS IPERGAY study) I'm surprised it worked as well as it did. http://www.nejm.org/do/10.1056/NEJMdo005041/full/
  13. Thanks for the heads-up. Your article required a website login, but I found an accessible article with details: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20140924005544/en/Gilead’s-Investigational-Tenofovir-Alafenamide-TAF--Based-Single It looks like TAF will be a little gentler on kidneys and bones.
  14. Man, I really enjoyed this story series! Lots of us have fantasies of servicing hot & horny mechanics and truckers. Thanks for the great job Gruntraq. I didn't want it to end. (Any chance of continuing?) For the convenience of other readers, I think these are all of the posts: https://breeding.zone/threads/3318-Gruntraq-JB-Truck-Service-Part-1 https://breeding.zone/threads/3332-Gruntraq-JB-Truck-Service-Part-2 https://breeding.zone/threads/3337-Gruntraq-JB-Truck-Service-Part-3 https://breeding.zone/threads/3347-Gruntraq-JB-Truck-Service-Part-4 https://breeding.zone/threads/3351-Gruntraq-JB-Truck-Service-Part-5 https://breeding.zone/threads/3358-Gruntraq-JB-Truck-Service-6 https://breeding.zone/threads/3365-Gruntraq-JB-Truck-Service-Part-7 https://breeding.zone/threads/3367-Gruntraq-JB-Truck-Service-Part-8 https://breeding.zone/threads/3375-Gruntraq-JB-Truck-Service-Part-9 https://breeding.zone/threads/3377-Gruntraq-JB-Truck-Service-Part-10 https://breeding.zone/threads/3384-Gruntraq-JB-Truck-Service-Part-11
  15. mn6

    Cum Courier...

    This is an old BBX story. The original reposting, and part 2 of the story, are here: https://breeding.zone/threads/11548-Cum-Courier-from-the-original-bugshare I agree, hot story

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