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Difficult To Find What I'm Looking For In Slc

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I'm not exactly surprised by the lack of public/anon/bb sex scenes here but was wondering if someone knew a few dark secrets of the city and could point me in the right direction. Really interested in a gloryhole situation but the closest I find is private craigslist listings...less than enticing. I want a steady supply of anon cum filling me from both sides.

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    • By johnyson
      anyone is interessted in taking some sticky loads here? always free XD
    • By Brighton-Mark
      Easy going lad living in Brighton wanting any top to breed me. 1on1 or group. If group can be arranged then would be happy to travel to Central London. 
    • By lilguy
      Submissive exhibitionist in hollywood area hotel.  looking for a parade of guys to come use my holes the afternoon of Saturday 11/17.  will be broadcasting but your face need not show unless you want it to.  you'll be able to see what is broadcast.  will also set up gloryhole if feasible and anyone is interested.
    • By Bottomhole
      Hey guys I've been away from the forum but come back every once in a while to lurk. It's been a fantasy to be fucked by someone off of this forum, someone who's into the same shit as me or someone who read my blog and liked what goes on. 
      Does anyone else have this fantasy? 
      The last guy I hoped up with dug his fingers into my asshole after he bred me and rubs the cum into my insides. I found it so hot. Other than that no great sex news. Just keeping in touch 😁
    • By HirsuteSpunkHound
      What are the best San Francisco Hotels to stay during Folsom St Fair for Breeding?  I stayed at the Travelodge by Wyndham at 1701 Market St this year and there were a lot of guys cruising around at night. Are there any other hotels that anyone would like to recommend for fucking and breeding?

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