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Looking In Boston Area To Take Your Load

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    • By truckerbear57
      I'll be in Las Vegas tonight in my truck naked. I want to be a cum dump and if you have parTy favors even better. Bring a friend.
    • By Rawbtmslut
      I'm a cum dump btm living in Canberra. If any guys live here or visit often hmu. Would love to get my holes raped
    • By Hungnreadytofuck
      Dillon was a hot jock who always had a girlfriend.  He got hit on all the time and could have any woman he wanted and often did.  No one would have guessed that he watched gay porn video's of straight guys getting head from another guy.  He would jack off often to these when he was alone and imagined that he was a straight guy giving head.  He knew he should really want to be the straight guy wanted to get serviced but something about sucking a big dick turned him on.  He vowed he would never do it but that did not stop him from watching videos all the time.  He had a few of his favorites that always turned him on.  One day while he live in girlfriend was at work he was playing online and searching Doublelist and found some post about guys giving head and he though why the fuck not, put up an ad and see if any hot dick presents itself and he created a post and put it up.  He just needed more jack off material is how he rationalized it.
      The post read like this.
      Straight Jock wants to orally service another straight cock.  Nothing more, just sit back and let me suck and service your road till you blow your load.  No small talk, just some great head and I will even swallow your cum.   24 5'11 165 blonde blue eyes and muscled with a hot mouth. 
      He loaded a pic of his body no face, showing off his tight body.
      Dillon went on to watch some new videos, and an hour later he still had not blown his load.  He checked his email and there were more than twenty responses.  He started looking through them and most were gross.  Old men but he came to one where a muscled guy in he 40's that got his attention and another for a traveling guy who would be coming to the city in a few days and needed head.
      The local guys sent a pic of his hot boy shirtless in his underwear with his dick rock hard and it read.
      Hung straight guy,wife is out of town and just need some good head.  You must be able to deep throat 9" and lick and suck my balls and eat ass.  If you can't do all three do not respond.  I agree with no talking, not fucking looking for anything but a regular mouth to service me orally.  (Dillon was rock hard after reading this and looking at his pic over and over)
      The second was  Married white guy with a pregnant wife.  Dude, I will be in town for two nights and need some relief. My wife and I have not had sex and she is a few weeks from giving birth and I need to get off in the worst way.  Liked that you just want to suck dick and unlike hooking up with a chick. Having a straight dude suck me off is not cheating as far as I am concerned.  I am 29 a ginger 6'3 200 lbs, all muscle and have 8.5 thick uncut dick.   I have sent a pic of my meat to make sure you can handle it.    ( even harder after reading this one)
      Dillon fought the urge to respond but thought, fuck there was nothing wrong to responding.  He set up a new email and shot off a response to the Ginger. 
      * Hey, thanks for hitting me up.  Fuck that is a hot dick, I would love to suck your big dick and give you lots of pleasure while you are visiting.  I can tell from your email you have tons of built up cum and I can help you relieve the pressure and your blue balls.  Where in the city is your hotel?  Can you host?
      Dillon was proud of himself and somehow even more turned on.  He decided to send a message to the guy was local as his dick was rock hard and dripping.
      * Hey, thanks for responding.  I would definitely like to orally service you and make your build up a huge load to feed me.  When are you available and what side of town do you live?  Can you host?
      Dillon notice that the responses kept coming in and there had to be another fifteen in his other email.  He went back and of the fifteen there were three he liked. 
      1) Hung Married guy who works out and cums a lot.  Just need your hot mouth on my dick and to suck out a load or two. The picture show a really thick dick on a muscled stomach.  Very private and just looking for a hot mouth.  I walk in and you are blindfolded and you fish my dick out and suck me till I cum down your throat.
      2) BBC need a hot  mouth and throat to get off.  Must be able to service big dick for a long time and lick my balls.  If you start you must finish, no fucking leaving this nigger with blue balls. He sent a pic of his huge dick. 
      3) In a relationship but totally and sexually frustrated. Have not had sex in weeks and need to unload big time.  Can not host but know a Glory hole you can suck me off at. It is private let me know. The pic showed a long not to thick cut dick with black pubs.  26 years old, 6" 180 and worked out.  Need a cock sucker for anonymous head. 
      Dillon Answered all three of them but he really wanted the first and third with the third being his favorite of the three.  He kept checking but after an hour no one had gotten back to him.  He went to grab a bite and he too was sexually frustrated.  He had been edging all day and now more then ever he wanted to suck one of these guys dicks.  He calmed down after he had a bite and knew it was just hot cyber sex and that was all it was really suppose to be. He walked back to the apartment and wondered if anyone had responded. ....
    • By phxchub
      Been meaning to write this story a long time ago. Hope y'all enjoy it, I might continue it
      With the recent rains the night air was cool and refreshing as I walked along the wet sand path in the middle of the night in the dark desert. With only the nearly full moon above with the occasional obscuring cloud and the little blacklight flashlight for spotting scorpions to give me light it might be unnerving to other people but I loved the desert at night. Especially now with the rains the night seemed truly alive with animal and insect noises abundant. Thankfully the wildlife kept to themselves with no glowing scorpions appearing in my path.
      This patch of desert was about fifteen minutes out of town in a hiking park and not the first time I'd come this far at night. I knew I wasn't alone from how many cars I'd seen at the parking lot at the head of the trail and by the footprints in the wet sand I was following. I could feel my cock start to throb and swell in the basketball shorts I wore with nothing underneath as I thought about the fun I had the last time I had been here late at night.
      Suddenly I could hear voices ahead of me and I could feel my dick twitch with excitement. With the moon out for the moment I spotted a group of shadows moving under a cluster of mesquite trees around some low boulders. Getting closer I suddenly heard a gasping moan and the slap of flesh against flesh and I knew I had found what I was looking for.
      Stepping up I clicked off the flashlight and into the darkness of the trees. It took a few moments for my eyes to adjust to the shadows but the sight was enough to make me glad I'd taken the time to come all the way out here. A small group of men were crowded around a wide, low boulder with several bent over it or laying on it with men either behind them or between their legs thrusting away. I could hear the moans of the bottoms and the grunting of the men fucking them and I couldn't wait to join them as my shorts tented fully in front of me by the time I joined them.
      A few of the guys gathered nodded at my approach and moved aside to make room for me to get a better look. I watched for a few minutes as another somewhat chubby guy was bent over the boulder with is wide ass being pounded by a fat dick as my eyes got further adjusted to the darkness. My cock was tenting my shorts and starting to leak so I tugged the hem down beneath my balls and started to stroke myself as I looked around at the group.
       No one was talking beyond grunting and moaning out small words of excitement as they fucked in the darkness of the desert. I was wondering what to do next when I felt a hand brush across my chubby ass before reaching over to give my cock a few strokes then back to give a cheek a squeeze. Looking I couldn't really tell what the man looked like but reaching out I felt a somewhat thin but long cock that leaked across my fingers as I started to stroke it in return.
      Feeling him groping my ass I knew what he wanted and it just happened to be exactly what I wanted too. Moving over to a free spot on the boulder next to the other man I bent over against the cool stone and pushed my shorts down around my knees. The man was right there behind me, his hands groping and kneading my ass and I soon felt the leaking tip of his cock sliding up and down my hole. He grunts in happiness as his dick catches my already lubed hole, my ass prepared from the plug I had worn on my ride out here.
      We both groan out into the night air as he presses in, my hole loosening enough to let his wide head slip inside as well as a few inches. I reached under me and started to slowly squeeze and stroke my cock as the nameless man fucked his pole deeper into my hole until his hips were eventually bouncing off my cheeks. His grunts were music to my ears as I moaned in reply like a good bottom, squeezing around the cock as it rakes against my prostate making me drip with each throb of my own dick.
      "Yeah, fuck that faggot good" I heard a voice to my side and realize it came from a man standing close stroking his prick watching me get fucked.
      My current fucker took the encouragement and started to speed up the pace, his hips starting to clap against my ass with increasing tempo while groaning out as I clenched down around him. His fingers gripped my hips, pulling me back into his thrusts with his eagerness.
      As I was getting fucked harder and loving every moment of it I heard a gasping moan and looked to my fellow bottom and saw his fucker hilt himself fully into him, the tops ass clenching visibly as he must've been pumping a load into the lucky man. The man fucking me seemed to slow down a moment to watch as the pair grind against each other for a few second before the top slides his cock out of the sloppy hole. There was hardly any time for the bottom to rest before another man takes the tops hole and slides in without any resistance, the bottom gasping out a low "Fuck yeah," as he was filled again as his top starts to fuck him hard right from the bat using the previous mans cum as extra lube.
      My attention on the others was broken as my fucker suddenly picked up the pace again making me yep with surprise then groan with enjoyment as he pounded my hole. His fingers dug into my hips suddenly and I felt his motions get shaky before he suddenly fell on top of me and hilted himself pinning me against the boulder. I could feel his cock swell before a warmth began to fill me, my voice moaning out as I feel this stranger dump his load into me while growling out in my ear, telling me to take his load.
      He didn't wait long before he pushed himself up and slowly pulled his softening prick free from my asshole with a pop. Panting softly I barely lifted my head to look back in time to see the man that had been stroking his cock watching me get fucked step up behind me and put his hand on my back. Pushing me down again he slaps his cock against my hole, suddenly realizing it was much larger than it had looked in the darkness.
      "Oh fuck, fuck me please," I moaned out as my cockhungry side really started to take hold. I had just taken some strangers load in my ass in the middle of the desert at night, completely forgetting the condoms I had in my pocket but once again I couldn't help myself and allowed him to fuck me. And now I was lifting my chubby ass towards another faceless man like some wanton whore while looking over my shoulder.
      It was by chance that the clouds shifted away from the moon as I felt him start working his fat, uncut head into my already stretched and dripping hole. Already used to the darkness the bit of light that shone through the branches was enough for me to see some of the man's torso. At first the shadows hid it but then as I felt his hips press against my ass, his fingers pulling my cheeks apart in order to hilt his fat dick in my hungry hole, did I finally see it.
      Across his pec was the unmistakable shape of a tattoo of a scorpion within in a bright red biohazard symbol. My asshole clenches around the cock I now realized was toxic and dripping it's own venom into my unprotected insides. He groans as he flexes his cock inside me, drawing out a moan from me as he started to pull out then slide back in with long, deep strokes that make my own dick throb and drip with excitement as this toxic stranger started to fuck me harder and faster.
      Glancing around the increased moonlight let me see that several of the other tops fucking their own moaning cumdumps had their own tattoos proudly displaying their POZ status. I had not come here seeking poz loads but as that heavenly toxic cock plowed my eager hole I knew I wasn't leaving without more.
      I'd always been told to watch out for scorpions in the desert but I had never stopped to consider this kind!
    • By bihairy
      Hey Guys. Have a buddy that is a vers bottom. He needs a room to rent.  He wants it in the Wheaton, Silver Spring, Aspen Hill area. He is a total slut and wants to live with the same. He likes 1 on 1 3ways and groups. Loves breeding and getting bred. He said he would pay rent and his ass is available 24/7.  Hit me up if interested. He is getting out of a relationship and needs a place soon. Serious.
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