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want to breed some hot tight ass today

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Horny and looking to fuck and freed a younger bottom boy.  I'm 6'5", 250 pounds, stocky-bearish.  Can get kinky if you like.  but love raw fucking and breeding a hot younger boy.



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Total sub BB bottom.. I live close to Memphis,TN.... text me sometime.  618-967-7232,,,,, pass my number around to any nasty tops looking for a whore bottom to breed and seed..

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May not be what your looking for but You could breed my ass anyday and every day.... Wish I was located closer to you. 

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On 11/22/2016 at 1:29 AM, hotassbottom said:

Total sub BB bottom.. I live close to Memphis,TN.... text me sometime.  618-967-7232,,,,, pass my number around to any nasty tops looking for a whore bottom to breed and seed..


On 11/19/2016 at 9:39 AM, Toptruckerdaddy said:

Horny and looking to fuck and freed a younger bottom boy.  I'm 6'5", 250 pounds, stocky-bearish.  Can get kinky if you like.  but love raw fucking and breeding a hot younger boy.




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  • Similar Content

    • By CigarBear68
      I was 22 and decided to go camping at the lake one July, just to enjoy the summer a bit before it was over, and to get away from the gay life I had just began exploring.  After getting everything set up, I sat down beside the fire and continued drinking my beer.  Other than the sound of some soft voices at distant camp sites, the camp site was very quiet. 
      Just as my fire was dying down for the night, I heard someone approaching on the path which led to the main trail. I recognized the man from a neighboring site, as I had walked past earlier on my way to my site.  He was about 50, bushy gray beard almost hiding his sunken face, and wearing only jeans and boots.  His torso had no fat, cept for a small belly paunch which didn't seem to fit his otherwise scrawny frame.  He reminded me of some of older guys at the bar who'd been ravaged by HIV before treatments improved.  In his hand was a liquor bottle, which was half empty.  As he got closer, I could see he had a septum piercing, a thick ring resting on his bushy 'stache. 
      I called out a friendly hello as he came near the fire, and he raised his bottle as if to toast me, then took a giant gulp of the brown liquid.  He sat down on a log next to the fire, and we began talking.  I was drunk, but this guy was shitfaced.  Friendly as hell though, so I didn't mind.  He was asking me all sorts of questions, what brought me here, was I having fun, etc.  I just told him I was only here to chill out, and get drunk.  He laughed and handed me his bottle and said "Drink up, buddy."
      I figured what the hell so I took a few gulps and felt the burn going down my throat. We kept talking, until finally I got up to go piss at the edge of the campfire.  Just as I was thinking how drunk I was getting but having fun regardless, he appeared standing beside me, pulled-out his dick, and also took a piss.
      I jumped a bit, but still kept pissing, noticing he seemed to be studying my stream, so I looked over at his as well. He shook his cock a little to break my stare, and I looked over at his face. He had a different look now.  Intense and not as friendly as before.  I wasn't sure what to say, and before I could figure it out he turned and started pissing on my exposed cock and shorts.  I couldn't move as inside I was panicking.  I'd never thought of anything like this, and here a stranger was pissing on me and I didn't know what to do.  His stream stopped and I felt his hand on my shoulder, pushing down.  I'm not sure why I did it, but I got on my knees facing him. 
      He stepped forward, his dangling cock right in front of me, and began pissing down the front of me, soaking my shirt before lifting his cock and aiming right for my face.  His hot urine splashed in my eyes and ran down my cheeks, and he put his hand on top of my head and ordered me to open my mouth.  Again, not sure why but I did exactly as he told me.  He let loose another steam of piss right into my mouth, and commanded me to swallow at all, like a good pig.  I began gulping and swallowing what I could.  I was repulsed, but doing my best.  When his stream stopped, I opened my eyes to see his hard cock jutting out a full eight inches, his fat cockhead still wet with piss.  It was a sharp contrast to his lean frame.  With his hand still on my head, he guided my head forward into my open mouth, and began fucking it.  A few minutes later, he pulled his cock out and began rubbing it on my face, telling me I was a good whore and to stand up.
      Standing there, I noticed that despite my wet clothes and taste of piss and cock in my mouth, my cock was standing at attention.  The stranger grabbed me by my cock and led me to my tent.  He stripped my clothes outside the door, and led us inside.  He had me remove his boots and jeans, and then lay back as he climbed on top of me.  I was turned on as well as scared, and he began sucking my neck, tonguing my ears, and finally kissing me deeply.  The feel of his big beard brushing my body was unbelievable, and my cock got even harder as his aggressive foreplay continued.
      "You're my whore tonight, boy, so relax and enjoy" he said.
      I didn't reply, and soon his fingers were playing with my hole, trying to push into my hole.  I moaned, and he laughed, calling me a virgin, but quickly adding not for long.  He climbed onto my chest and began jerking his cock right above my face, commanding me to lick his fuck stick.  I began lapping my tongue on the underside of his head, and he laughed and told me what a good pig I was and to keep eating his toxic precum.  When I heard him say that, I damned near panicked but his weight held me down.  I tried to raise up but he smacked my face hard with his hand, telling me to lay the fuck still.  He grabbed his cock and smacked it on my lips, telling me to open wide or else I'd taste the back of his hand again.  I opened wide, and he began slow fucking my mouth.
      "That's it piggy, suck my toxic cock like a good whore!"
      His thrusts continued, and the taste of his precum grew stronger.  Deeper and deeper into my throat he fucked, until I was sure I'd puke.  I began gagging hard and he pulls his cock out, covered in my thick saliva.  Next, he's twisting my arm around as he slid off my chest, forcing me to move in the direction he's pulling it. I'm half screaming as he twists, and finally I was on my stomach as he held my arm roughly behind my back. "Now get on your knees, pig" he said, twisting my arm to ensure my cooperation.
      I fumble to do as he says, as the pain he's inflicting on my arm is intense. "Good pig- now put your other hand on your back."
      Grabbing my free hand, he was now holding both in place on my back, as he scoots in right behind me, his cock pressing into my crack. 
      He seems to clear his throat, but then I hear and feel him spit a goober on my ass.  He repositioned to hold my arms with one hand, and grabs his cock with the other and begins rubbing his cock and spit into my hole.  I quietly ask him to please let me go, but he ignored me, steadily pushing into my hole, slowly, in and out thrusts, but I had clamped tight, trying to prevent his entrance.  Again he spat onto my hole, as his thumb slid in deeper as he murmured "There we go, piggy, open up for Daddy."
      Working his thumb in and out, telling me he was coating my whore cunt with his precum.  From the slickness of his thumb as it moved freely in my ass, and I knew he isn't lying.  Suddenly, his thumb was replaced by four inches of his cock.  It took my breath away, but he didn't pause until he was fully buried in my ass. "Good piggy, I'm gonna show you how I make a man my whore" he said, as he slowly fucked my virgin hole. 
      "Oh yeah fuck.  I'm leaking my load inside you now boy. You like that?  You want your new Daddy to knock you up and make you his toxic pig?  Pop your pussy cherry and knock you up all in one night?  Make you a fuck whore for the rest of your life?"
      His cock was thrusting harder, and I could hear the sloshing noises as my ass loosened to his fucking. He then started his final assault. " That's it baby, milk Daddy's dirty seed into your cunt. Drain it baby."  He plunged forward, pulling my arms back and making me scream, holding his cock in as deeply as possible.  I felt his cock pulsate stream after stream, coating my guts with his load. In that moment, when I was completely helpless and forever changed when a stranger came inside my ass, my cock spurted the biggest load of my life.
      Afterwards the stranger released my arms, and I chose to remain perfectly still as his cock stroked gently in and out of my hole. 
      He spent the rest of the night in my tent, and the rest of the weekend.  By the time I left, I had eight poz loads in my ass, and my new Daddy. 
    • By travelingbi
      I was in Salt Lake City for a couple of days. Since I'd had some very successful breed and seed parties in SLC in the past, I wanted to try another. Unfortunately, my cell phone died the day I was flying to SLC. So, I was there without the benefit of Grindr, Growlr, Scruff, etc. Also, I couldn't get my KIK messages. Those disadvantages, along with the loss of Craigslist was making it difficult to get as many tops to seed me than I normally get. I used doublelist.com as well as BBRT and Squirt to get the word out. Wednesday night I only had 2 tops show up. One was a str8 guy that replied to my doublelist ad. He showed up to just get his dick sucked. But, he ended up fucking me raw as well. It was a good fuck. But, he was a fast cummer. It was over too soon. The second guy replied from BBRT. He was kind of a boring fuck. So, I was a quite disappointed.

      On Thursday night the responses from BBRT, Squirt and doublelist were better. I got 5 loads that night. All were great fucks and I enjoyed getting those loads. But the BEST was definitely the last. It was well past midnight and I was almost ready to call it a night when I got a message from a black guy on BBRT. I told him with a message that I was in a downtown SLC motel room, wanting cocks. I loved his pics and wanted him to fuck me. Thankfully, he wrote back. He asked if I could handle his 11", thick bbc? I wrote back that I would have no problem taking him. He again wrote back that this would NOT be a "vanilla, romantic" fuck. He said most white fags can't handle him. He'd only come over if I could take a deep, hard fuck from him.

      "I fuck hard, fast and deep. I'll slam balls deep into your cunt and show no mercy. Once I start to fuck, there's no stopping until I put my babies in your white pussy. You better be able to take this black dick, faggot. Or you'd better back out now." he said.

      I wrote back that I was sure I could take him. I gave him the motel address and my room number. He told me he'd be there in 15 minutes.

      Sure enough, 15 minutes later there was a knock at my door. I opened the door to find a 6', 190 lb, muscular black guy stepping into my room. His skin town was even darker than it appeared in his BBRT photos. He was in his early 50's. He had a rough, masculine, angry look to him. His short black hair was filling with grey hairs. He looked me up and down as I closed the door behind him. 

      "You got anyone else coming over? Cause I don't want a group. You're going to be my pussy. I don't share." he said.

      "No one else is coming. Just you and me. I have 4 loads in me. That OK?" I asked.

      "Lock the door, fag", he barked, as he began to pull his shirt over his head and unbuckle his jeans. 

      "Get on your knees, cocksucker. Get this black cock hard, fag. And I better not feel teeth", he demanded. 

      I pulled my tee-shirt off and tossed it to the floor. I pulled my shorts down and kicked them aside as I dropped to my knees. I took his soft cock into my mouth and sucked on his foreskin. As his cock began to swell, I then pushed the foreskin back with my lips and began to suck. I'd take a gasp of breath, and then swallow his cock as far back down my throat as I could, before choking. Soon, he pushed me aside and moved to the bed. He sat on the edge and I moved over to him. I again began to suck on his now fully hard bbc. I licked down to his balls as he softly let out a low moan. I licked and sucked on his balls as I lifted up his legs. He pulled his knees to his chest and I licked his ass. 

      "Ah, you are a good faggot, aren't you? Eat my nigger ass, queer", he said. 

      I licked his hole, then slide my tongue up into him. "Fuck yeah!", he said as I made love to his hole. 

      "Show me your pussy, faggot", he barked as he rolled to the side. I climbed up on the bed and kelt on the edge of the bed. 
      I had placed a hand towel, lube and poppers on the corner of the bed. I grabbed the poppers and began to sniff them as he stood behind me. He lubed up his cock and squeezed some on my asshole. He slid some lube up into my hole and fingered my hole a bit. Then, all of a sudden I felt his hard cockhead pressing against my hole. Oh, God! I know I told him I could handle his cock, but I was beginning to doubt myself. He had grown to at least 11 inches and he had a very nice thickness to it, as well. I was sniffing poppers nearly non-stop. I knew it was going to take a shitload of poppers to take his dick. 

      He quickly began to press into me and it stung a bit. I just continued to inhale the poppers as I felt him slide all the way into me. It was hurting, but I was not about to stop it. I wanted that bbc inside me. I needed this fuck. Just as he promised, he showed no mercy. He immediately began to pound me. Poppers were splashing against my nose and lips as he rammed hard and deep into me. With some difficulty, during the hard thrusts, I finally put the lid on the poppers and grabbed hold of the sheets to steady myself as he slammed repeatedly into me. Then he put one of his legs up on the bed, going into me on an angle and going even deeper into me. He grinded his big cock in my pussy. Soon he pushed me further up onto the bed. He climbed up on the bed and slide back up into me in one quick thrust. My ass had now relaxed and it was feeling incredible! He had grabbed me around the waist and was slapping against me as he repeatedly thrust in and out of me. The bed was banging against the wall and I was letting out grunts as he slammed my ass. 

      For nearly 20 minutes he pushed and maneuvered me into every conceivable position. Each position allowing his cock to go even deeper into me. He'd grind my ass with his cock buried balls deep into me, up past my second sphincter. He knew just where to put his cock to rub it against my prostate. It was grinding against my prostate so hard, that I nearly came a couple of times, just from the friction he was putting on it with his bbc. Then he slide up into second sphincter again.  The harder and deeper he'd fuck, I could tell the hornier he was getting. He finally had me on my back, his cock buried deep into me as his face was just inches from my face. He was looking intently into my eyes as he fucked me. He seemed to enjoy seeing my face expressing both intense pleasure and pain at the same time.

      With his face so close to mine, I so wanted to kiss him. I began to move my lips to his to kiss. I could smell the booze on his hot breath as I moved my lips to his lips. But, he turned his face sideways and barked, "No kissing, faggot! I don't fuckin' kiss queers", he growled.

      "You're just a pussy to me. Just a hole to fuck. Just a cunt to use",  he said. 

      He thrust a few more times into me, then asked, 
      "You ready for my cum, pig? You ready to take my babies?" 

      "Oh, God, Yes! Put your cum in me. Fill my cunt with your babies!", I moaned, breathlessly. 

      "Uhh Uhh Uhhhh!", he grunted as he rammed harder and deeper into me with each thrust. My head was banging against the wall. It hurt, but there was no stopping or moving. I was completely under his control. Finally he took one last, hard thrust into me and I could feel his cock throb as he filled my colon with his seed. He was well up past my second sphincter as he emptied his balls into me. I was squeezing my ass on his throbbing cock. Trying to milk every drop of his hot seed into me.  He collapsed onto me and was panting into my ear with his hot breath. 

      We stayed like that for a few minutes as both our breathing slowed. Finally he climbed up off me and rolled onto his side. I snuggled up to him and caressed his muscular, hairy chest. We laid there for several more minutes. I reached for his cock, he was still hard. I leaned down and licked the beads of cum that were oozing from his piss slit. He fingered my cum filled pussy as I sucked his cock. Soon, he had positioned himself again at my hole. He immediately thrust back into me. He was quickly grunting and moaning as he again began to pound my ass. It only took a few minutes until he was again groaning loudly, grabbing me around the waist and planted another load into me. 

      Then he quickly pulled out, climbed off the bed and went into the bathroom to clean up. 

      When he came out of the bathroom, wiping his cock off with a washcloth, I told him how great the fuck was. 

      "Can we fuck again when I'm in town", I asked?

      "Sure, fag. It's hard to find a hole that can take my dick. I like your white pussy. Yeah, let me know. I'll fuck you". 

      With that, he dressed and left. I locked the door behind him, turned out the lights and went to sleep. Replaying the hot fuck in my mind as I drifted off to sleep.

       It's now 2 days later and my ass is still a little sore. But, it was a fuck I'll long remember. And hope will happen often when I'm in Salt Lake. 

    • By boredhomo
      Did my crew shifts and have a VIP Ticket for myself. Anyone else? Love to meet up with some peeps on here. Top here, love bottoms expecially twinks and cd/trans.
    • By bathhouseslave18
      Hey guys, from here on for the rest of the summer until September I have an open place and can host in South Jersey, looking to have a regular flow of traffic 

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