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    Have interest and a need for;
    Rough sex, Poz Bareback sex, Used as cumdump, Piss, Gang bangs, rape, S&M
    Other interests; Body modifications, tattoos, piercings, and more... pumped cocks, fisting, Rimming, pumped rosebud give me a nice mancunt for you to use, Cummy and sloppy! pozing parties, K9 and other beasts and more hot shit! Want more just ask...

    In short just make me your pig, your cumdump poz slut,
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    I am a submissive bottom boy, I love to please.I have just about alwsys been fucked bareback (tops choice, my choice cum on in me) I love to provide oral service and a nice hole for any real men to use as they see fit to…
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    Well no but if you want to...
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    ISO non-medicated toxic poz hvl tops to breed and seed my neg hole, who's up to it? Help me convert... HMU

    Very open minded to most anything fun. My ultimate fantasy is to find a hot dominant top to breed me and whore me out to anyone he wanted. In time turning me into a pierced, tattood ,sleazy white trash faggot whore I was meant to be... Someone experienced to introduce me to PNP would be great too

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  1. Pup4poz

    Is it frustrating being a top with a big cock?

    Never had one bigger the 8" but I'd like to. Honestly even if it hurts i don't care I want it, I need it. I'm sure we can make it fit. Any size is good
  2. Definitely being consider for a collares position with this Master .. can always use and own a younger piggy white trash faggot who knows it's purpose and place..  

  3. thanks for following love your album photos 


    1. Pup4poz


      Thanks, i look forward to seeing what the future has for you,  future posts etc...

  4. Thanks for the follow, stud!

  5. I see lots of conversations regarding body modifications. I really want to have some modifications done myself, some minor some major... My question is what do you all think is hot, what's not, where do you draw the line at going to far. I am a submissive bottom, what do any of think a good sub bottom should or should not do as far as mods, if you "owned" me what would you do??? Im very open-minded would live to hear all ideas thoughts, details or just in general THANKS
  6. Didn't really start to bareback I just always have. Only time there is a condom involved is of the top really wants to use one. I'd Rather be bred and take his load but better to at least get fucked then nothing at all. Every bottom should want his tops load deep in side him, right?, I know I do. Tell me if I'm wrong?
  7. Thanks for the follow! 

    1. Pup4poz


      Happy to be following you, always nice to follow a hot guy here.

      BTW thanks for following me as well

  8. That's the way it should be, I want it deep inside me
  9. I remember you. You was soppose to peirce me and restrain me and anchor me from my piercings ???

  10. Come to Vermont and lets be pigs?rent free and you drive my new Abarth 8022796112

    1. sneakerpiss


      I'll pay your way and anything else you want?

  11. Pup4poz

    Looking For A Handler

    Woof, would love to be in that same position, need a brother pup?
  12. I'd bet must any willing hole would be more then happy to be left a gaping cumdrooling fuckslave by you, I know for sure I would...

    1. wuffstuff


      Teleport over then I need a hole

    2. Pup4poz


      Oh how I wish that were possible... So many hot guys on here but none near by.

    3. Cumdump35


      None here either it seems

  13. Pup4poz

    The Conversion Club

    Fuckin hot story, I wanna join that club.
  14. Pup4poz

    Do You Have Any Gay Relatives?

    To the best of my I'm it, the only gay of the family... But then again that might be something that wouldn't have been talked about, only my immediate family lives in the area I really don't know that much about cousins Etc...

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