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    Have interest and a need for;
    Rough sex, Poz Bareback sex, Used as cumdump, Piss, Gang bangs, rape, S&M
    Other interests; Body modifications, pumped cocks, fisting, Rimming, pumped rosebud give me a nice mancunt for you to use, Cummy and sloppy! pozing parties, K9 and other beasts and more hot shit! Want more just ask...

    In short just make me your pig, your cumdump slut,
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    I am a submissive bottom boy, I love to please.I have just about alwsys been fucked bareback (tops choice, my choice cum on in me) I love to provide oral service and a nice hole for any real men to use as they see fit to…
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    Very open minded to most anything fun. My ultimate fantasy is to find a hot dominant top to breed me and whore me out to anyone he wanted. In time turning me into a pierced, tattood ,sleazy white trash faggot whore I was meant to be...

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  1. Hi there thnx for following 

  2. empty hole needs filled, poz preffered but all are welcome. Any takers??

    1. Irvone


      Great pic, I would love to lickup that load or loads someday and then add to it!!!

    2. Irvone


      I just love that curved cock!!!

  3. love seeing that ass w/ cum.  love to get up in it and rim your hole good

    1. Pup4poz


      Hehehe, you can go at it any time 😄

  4. thanks for the reps buddy .. 

    1. Pup4poz


      You've got some really hot pics there. Would love to any of those bottoms  😃

    2. jaybird


      makes 2 of us bud .. ;>

  5. Thanks for the follow!

  6. Wish I could have s load or two if yours in my neg ass...

  7. Still wanting my PA, and anchors👄👅

  8. It's all good! Sometimes rough sometimes cuddlely depends on who and situation just want it to be fun and enjoyed by all
  9. May not be what your looking for but You could breed my ass anyday and every day.... Wish I was located closer to you.
  10. You can nut in my hole any day!

    1. upptheebutt69


      For sure man, come ride me and take my cum deep in you

  11. I love chucks and I'd love to worhip your cock, take load after, untill I've sucked you dry! I'll wear my All-stars and you wear yours! 👟👟 Take your loads one after another in any hole you choose...
  12. thanks

    1. Pup4poz


      You're welcome...

  13. Hot profile boy how ever I do not have my boy's pierced they are however always marked with a bio tat once they test poz. the question is what are your stats at this time neg or pos?


    1. Pup4poz


      Sir, to the best of my knowledge my current status is negative

  14. Would love to be bred by your hard toxic cock, make me your bottom pig...

  15. Breeders wanted: fill my hole all are welcome no questions, just fill me, no condoms! no pulling out!

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