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    • By Sleazy_Brit_Boy
      Just looking into coming to MAL for the first time in January 2018. What do I need to know? Lots of BB?
    • By freshxtop5
      I am pretty young when it comes to how stuff came about in the community, but I have always had a fetish for a guy in leather chaps or chaps in general. Even as far as making my own jean chaps. So my question is how did chaps come into play for sex in our community? 
    • By happynleather
      I had these cuffs made for a hibearnation I am attending in STL this NOV 2017.  I am going to the clubs bathhouse early Sept and wondered if I should wear them there or is it too gawdy? I am loving the way they feel and I think  they give the message..lol.... I will also be in a chastity and blindfolded in the sling...Do you think I should wear one, both, or none?

    • By fetishgear
      Thought I’d put up some of my bareback experiences over the years.  I used to be a leather top, but I never was particularly dominant, and realised I loved being bred about a year ago, but that’s another story for another time...
      A couple of years back I visited London and I’ve visited Hampstead Heath a few times.  Feeling horny, I got into my leather gear (leather jeans, leather shirt, boots) and headed up in my car.  I parked up and walked down the dirt road, past the pond and towards the area I know that there’s often action - the infamous fuck tree.  This is a tree which has grown at a convenient height and angle for guys to bend over.
      As I arrive, there’s a few bottoms bent over the tree, waiting for tops to fuck them.  The bottoms vary - there’s a guy in tracksuit bottoms, couple in jeans and one in leather chaps.  Interesting, might pop back later on.
      I continue having a wander.  As I walk down a path I see a twink-ish looking lad - white shirt, matt effect PVC jeans and shoes.  I look at him and hold his gaze for a bit and walk past him on the path and stop a bit up.  He looks back towards me and walks up.  I instantly get hard as he’s quite cute and he’s wearing at least some fetish gear!  I get the impression that he’s not been cruising a lot and is just getting into fetish.  Fine by me!
      We move away from the path and I initiate a snog, which he returns with gusto.  I start running my hands up and down his body, he’s quite fit, slim but with a bubble butt and a good sized cock.  He appears a bit nervous, but that’s even more of a turn on.
      He gets down on his knees and unbuttons my leather jeans.  I’m not wearing any underwear so my precum soaked penis falls out and he starts enthusiastically sucking my cock.  God this lad is good!  He can’t take it very deep, but he’s got good technique.  I decide that I want to fuck that bubble butt.
      I whisper to him “I want to fuck your arse”.  He stands up and I start snogging him, running my hands down his arse crack and running a finger into his hole.  God it feels tight!  He’s quivering at this point but I turn him around and push my cock up and down his arse crack.  I have a small pack of lube so I lube up my cock and his arse and gently try to push my cock in.  It won’t go in he’s so tight.  At this point he gets cold feet and moves away.
      So I’m standing on Hampstead Heath, rock hard cock sticking out of my leathers, horny and frustrated and needing to blow a load!  I coax my cock back into my leathers.  I decide to walk back towards the fuck tree.
      As I approach I see a muscular top in a rubber surf suit and waders pounding away at the bottom in leather chaps I saw earlier over the fuck tree.  This rubber top is fit as fuck and has drawn a bit of a crowd of guys, wanking their cocks.  There’s noises of slapping and groaning as he’s really giving the bottom a good working over.  There’s a loud groan as the top dumps his load in the bottom’s arse.  The top then walks away, as do a lot of the crowd.
      After that pounding I was expecting the leather chap wearing bottom to wander off as well.  He just stays bent over the fuck tree.  Horny as all hell now, I know I need to dump my load and I think that by now that bottom will have a well lubed arse with that top’s cum, plus he's in leather which is a major turn on for me.  I extract my cock from my leathers and approach the bottom.
      I run my hand up and down his body - he’s an older guy, probably late 40s, toned, wearing a leather biker jacket and chaps.  I tap my cock up and down his arse crack, he moves his legs aside a bit and I push my cock into his arse.  Unlike my first attempt, this time it goes in really easy and I feel the warm cum from the top on my cock.  Fuck this is hot.  I start to slowly pound away and a small number of guys gather.  I feel a hand playing with my nipples and a hand cupping my arse.
      I start speeding up, feeling the top’s cum lubing my cock with each stroke.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to last long and after a few minutes I pushed in deep and let out a loud groan, feeling my cum pulse deep into the bottom’s hole.  I then pull out with a massive grin on my face.  I look down and whilst it was dark I can see some of the cum dripping out of the bottom’s arse, and wet cum all over the crotch of my leathers.
      And with that I walked back to the car, spent but happy.  One of my best nights ever on the Heath.

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