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    Becoming a submissive cum dumpster for POZ Black or Mixed Guys!
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    Poz Black or Mixed guys to breed me poz and be transformed into a extremely modified total bottom for Black or Mixed Guys use!!

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    wicker: scooter74

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  1. wm4bm

    Tom and Jake

    Fucking amazing!! please continue the story!!
  2. I am neg bottom at the moment, I want a tattoo  to tell the world that I take poz loads any suggestions?

  3. Looking for a aggressive dominant top to put me in chaste and use me as he wants during MAL next months!!

  4. Received my Chastity device today, I am currently trying it out. I am in search of a dominant top to put me in it permanently, to turn me into a no limit total poz bottom!!

    1. wm4bm


      I have pictures, pm or Wickr if interested 

  5. I just ordered my chaste device, all I need now is to find an Alpha top to send key to, I plan on being in chaste until I am breed poz!! 

  6. wm4bm

    Don’t cum in my ass

    I'm upfront, I tell the top no pulling out!! I don't like to waste cum
  7. While I have been off PrEP for a while, I have recently been contemplating starting PrEP again for various reasons. Earlier this week I have made the decision to never start PrEP again and become a dirty pig!!

  8. wm4bm

    Doctor Death

    Hot story!! Wish I could find a Dr like that!! OINK OINK
  9. wm4bm

    The All-Natural Massage

    Love this story thank you for the bonus chapter!!
  10. wm4bm

    Porn stars with biohazard tatts

    I love seeing guys in porn videos that have biohazard tattoos, I fantasize that they are breeding me and I earn one!!
  11. HOT!! I love BBC, thank you for sharing
  12. wm4bm

    The All-Natural Massage

    Damn!! I need a message like that!!
  13. wm4bm

    Travis's Claim

    OMG! Amazing story, please continue!!
  14. Unprotected neg bottom looking for Unmedicated/HVL tops who are into extreme body modification to charge me up!! I need my horizons stretched and limits erased! I am willing to travel up to 260 miles for my poz breeding!! I have pictures will send!! wickr: scooter74

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