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    I am a chaser looking to shoot my last NEG load, get marked and owned, get breed, become a true bottom! Cum, POZ cum, castration, bareback, breeding, piss, kissing, j/o, rimming, fisting, rough sex, dirty talk, gangbang, porn, face fucking, dirty chat, poz talk!!
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    An Alpha Black or Mixed Top satisfy and make me his dirty bottom!! I have stopped taking PrEP!! Anyone in DC willing to breed me? Getting Gang Banged by a group of Black Guys!!

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  1. Yesterday I had received my Holy Trainer v3 chastity cage, which I was very excited. I had it on for about 30 minutes, the downside was my sac was turning purple and had to remove the cage. I plan on getting a bigger ring and the cage will be put back on and will remain until my cock and balls are removed. 

  2. I have embrace my inner submissive side, to become a total bottom. I will receive my new HolyTrainer v3 short chastity cage tomorrow 6/14 (will post pictures) will be permanently in the device until I can find a SIR who will take my cock and balls and remove them.   

  3. Amazing story so far, love it!!
  4. I am a bottom neg chaser looking for tops to deposit their dirty load deep. No loads refused!
  5. Awesome Story, I too am in search of HVL Guys to poz me!! I only do raw
  6. wm4bm


    Please continue, great start!!
  7. I just purchased Holy Trainer v3 Chastity device, a precursor to castration. In search of a Alpha Top to install it and breed me POZ!!

  8. thanks for following me

    1. wm4bm



  9. wm4bm

    Black Cock

    Only into black guys!!
  10. Neg bottom, who is in search of an Alpha Male with HVL to but me in chastity device until I convert!!

  11. I'm neg, I have taken undetectable loads and neg loads, however I want to take only POZ loads. I don't refuse any loads!!
  12. After much deliberation, the time is right to find a top to help me shoot my last NEG load and become his property!!

  13. With CLAW in Cleveland fast approaching I am hoping to find someone that can bestow their gift and top who is into extreme body modification!!

  14. wm4bm


    As a bottom I only fuck bare and I insist the top never pull out, I want him breed me and shoot his load deep
  15. I am a neg bottom chaser, I have come to the conclusion that my purpose is to have my body heavily modified and take all loads no matter the status from Alpha Males!!

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