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    I am a chaser looking to shoot my last NEG load, get marked and owned, get breed, become a true bottom! Cum, POZ cum, castration, hormones, MTF, bareback, breeding, piss, kissing, j/o, rimming, fisting, rough sex, dirty talk, gangbang, porn, face fucking, dirty chat, poz talk!!
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    An Alpha Black or Mixed Top satisfy and make me his dirty bottom!! Also looking for a Master to CASTRATE ME!! I have stopped taking PrEP!! Anyone in DC willing to breed me? Getting Gang Banged by a group of Black Guys!!

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    wickr: scooter74

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  1. wm4bm

    Doctor Death

    Hot story!! Wish I could find a Dr like that!! OINK OINK
  2. wm4bm

    The All-Natural Massage

    Love this story thank you for the bonus chapter!!
  3. wm4bm

    Porn stars with biohazard tatts

    I love seeing guys in porn videos that have biohazard tattoos, I fantasize that they are breeding me and I earn one!!
  4. wm4bm

    HUGE BBC! Said I Felt Just Like PUSSY!

    HOT!! I love BBC, thank you for sharing
  5. wm4bm

    The All-Natural Massage

    Damn!! I need a message like that!!
  6. wm4bm

    Travis's Claim

    OMG! Amazing story, please continue!!
  7. Unprotected neg bottom looking for Unmedicated/HVL tops who are into extreme body modification to charge me up!! I need my horizons stretched and limits erased! I am willing to travel up to 260 miles for my poz breeding!! I have pictures will send!! wickr: scooter74

  8. I love the pictures that you post!! Very hot. I wish I was closer I would love to take your load!

  9. OMG YES!! I wish I could go, love no question asked breeding!! My unprotected hole needs unmedicated POZ LOADS!!
  10. Thanks for the follow 

  11. wm4bm

    MAL 2019

    Booked at host hotel, looking to take all loads (prefer dirty loads) in my unprotected hole!!
  12. I prefer to take poz loads!!
  13. I'm in search of a Master/Owner! I am a submissive bottom who is desperately seeking to be extremely modified and poz converted!! I am located in Northern Virginia!!

  14. Thanks for the follow, pig!

    1. wm4bm


      Welcome! Would love to bond sometime

  15. Yesterday I had received my Holy Trainer v3 chastity cage, which I was very excited. I had it on for about 30 minutes, the downside was my sac was turning purple and had to remove the cage. I plan on getting a bigger ring and the cage will be put back on and will remain until my cock and balls are removed. 

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