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    neg4poz, unmedicated loads, convert, bug chaser, extreme body modification, full blown AIDS, charged up toxic loads.
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    breeding video at MAL 2019
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    Guys with high viral loads to breed me poz! Having my body extremely modified!!

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  1. OBJECT, I have no rights if the the user wants to have my body extremely modified or just use both my holes I would comply! I am somebodies property
  2. Hot story, hope they both become poz!
  3. Sexy ass! I want to eat it 👅😈
  4. Why does it have to be so hard to find dirty loads in Washington DC Metro Area? ☣️🐽

  5. My nipples are a gateway to my hole! When a top starts playing with them I automatically spread my legs giving access to my hole!!
  6. I hate condoms, I won’t let anyone breed me with one bare only!!
  7. Amazing, I would to be breed with that!
  8. I will also be attending, staying at the host hotel, would love to be on the receiving end of fluid transfer!
  9. Simply HOT and Exciting - I was too very submissive - loving and learning from Older Males - HOT memories !   :)

    1. wm4bm


      Awesome, I have been thinking about chemical castrating myself. I want to put the need of the top above my own needs!! 

  10. As a bottom, I usually got get hard while being fucked, I usually cum after the top has left! My main focus is pleasing the TOP!!
  11. Fucking amazing!! please continue the story!!
  12. I am neg bottom at the moment, I want a tattoo  to tell the world that I take poz loads any suggestions?

  13. Looking for a aggressive dominant top to put me in chaste and use me as he wants during MAL next months!!

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