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  1. I think the cat food bit is a little odd. Is she a crazy cat lady?
  2. It could be that he “accidentally “ left the bottle out for you to see as his way of conveying his status to you. He might have thought you would comment on it as an opening for him to start the conversation. Or perhaps as his way, on the down low, to let you know you are t putting him at risk when you let him fuck you bare.
  3. It’s okay, you can shoot in me. I’m on PrEP.
  4. Is that a pandemic thing? Because I did that before when I visited guests there.
  5. I’d have to lick the cum off first, to make an accurate assessment of your beard. 😈
  6. Unless I missed something, he was ranked as a high school wrestler, bit a life guard.
  7. Speaking with the full authority of the medical degree I got from the bottom of a box of Cracker Jacks, I’d say this sounds like hemorrhoids. Are you chasing? It sounds like a good opportunity to cross that finish line. If you aren’t chasing, then stay true to your Prep regimen, and stick to the daily dosing and not the incidence dosing routine.
  8. Clarification: will you be purging posts currently on this site that violate this policy? If not, you might want to post some sort of warning on each of these posts, or close them to further comments. Thanks for all the time you put into maintaining this site.
  9. Close to Valentine’s Day. The perfect gift for the love of your life, or the love of your next couple of hours! I hope I am the recipient some day soon! 😈
  10. It’s a pity Spermpig didn’t write the sequel, on the “How to live with HIV” talk that counselor will eventually need to give him. Oink!
  11. Bisexuals are a thing. I would say as long as you don’t mind rejection, hit on them and see what happens.
  12. I’m not that attracted to pretty boys; I’d probably be into you. Where are you located?
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