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    Raw bb bttm into many different scenes from good old fashioned raw fucking to ANON pump n dump, breeding sessions, group, love to have a sloppy filled cumhole . uninhibited pig bottom. Love to be a bottom’s bottom

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  1. spunkdump

    MAL 2018

    See you in 4 days-- I don't know how i'm going to compete with 99 parties on BBRT and one certain porn star who will be monopolizing most of weekend. I wish the days of the old MAL at the Washington square plaza when it was so much lighter and much more fun! If you see a troll with a can and cup outside the door, thats'' me -throw me a bone! Safe travels to all!
  2. i want to fuck u at mal 2018

  3. spunkdump

    MAL 2018

    Finally was able to score a room during MAL -so will be hosting open door Thurs evening, Friday afternoon/ late nights and weekend-- Cumdump on Scruff and will post room# on bbrt etc.-- trolls, gifters, daddies, granddaddies, cum breed and knock me up--w ill be blindfolded spreadeagled in dark room. easy breezy ....
  4. Heading to Toronto tomorrow- will be taking loads at Steamworks on Thurs and Friday nights-- look for me on fuk horse or spreadeagled in room blindfolded taking all loads- looking for cunt wreckers to breed and knock me up - will be there around 11pm each night -- Sat. as well-will post on BBRT.
  5. spunkdump

    Southern Decadence 2017 - Who is Going?

    Safe travels to all. See you in few days.
  6. spunkdump

    Southern Decadence 2017 - Who is Going?

    I'll be at Rawhide in afternoons bentover in the back naked -hole for breeding and cunt wrecking ... then nights at Phoenix upstairs taking loads n piss -bentover near doctor's bench or in sling if i can slip in-- between the sling hogs! LOL
  7. spunkdump

    Southern Decadence 2017 - Who is Going?

    i'm going this year-- I didn't make it last year so i'm primed to return. The only parties i know are the Speciall XXL party at Phoenix in afternoon and I think Lords of Leatther is hosting something there as well but not sure what date- check Phoenix website.
  8. spunkdump

    FTL- 4th July Holiday

    Slammers: The trip to FTL was great- the sex Club Slammers – I have been going for several years to the sexclub everytime I visit and did notice this year’s 4th weekend-crowd wasn’t as thick or as crazy as I have seen in past years –not sure what that’s about. They have a little darkroom size of a rectangle closet with a massage table against one wall with entry via leather flaps on each end so tops can enter one end fuck their way to the other exit –the table can fit 3 bottoms bentover comfortably maybe 4 or 5 at its height so it can be pretty intense because not only are the bottoms bentover-pitch black – but also guys come in to stand in corner ,watch , makeout or basically try to one up the bottoms if they can’t get a “slot” on the table. It was never crazy as I have seen in past. Wed/Thur night was pretty quiet and Friday Sat much more busier but Friday night- (this is the Rant)-a sloth of a person -300 pound just sat on one end basically ruined the night –it not like he was doing anything or offering anything and well he was so inconsiderate- I wanted to call him out but I din’t want to be that guy but it was so obvious he ruined that night. You know I thought he’s new or shy he would get up and rotate no 3 hours straight he sat there everytime I came in to see if it opend up –he was there- at one point he just lied down on the table – I had enough I called him out and told him –you can’t just fucking bogart the table – he left shortly after and then the bttms came back once it was clear and some fucking could proceed but it was late by then…. I saw the sloth later –young big guy I thought oh okay I almost felt bad but then no he knew exactly what he was doing – ass—you know there other ways big boys can get off- and lord knows many of them use that room to fuck or bent over –I’ve witnessed –I’ve gotten fucked by some pretty enormous guys that would never do it anywhere else so he had no excuse for being inconsiderate—one thing I hate also is that bttms to don’t rotate ,switch out, -they hog and try to take as much real estate thinking “yea that’s going to get me more loads” – really? Protocol-if not happening –switch out roam, come back – I did that a few times and you know what- cocks miracously appeared and I probably got fucked more than anyone I was sidled up against in that room. Keep it moving, keep it light, and be a buddy! Two incidents at the club—two separate guys took a shit in the main room where the round leather bed is where the bttms 7 in total can bend over and take dick- I didn’t see it but smelled the evidence and clean up after—I was wondering why things were a bit funny in the air that Friday evening- yikes- spills happen but really whew-thank god I wasn’t in that room when it happened. I wish the energy was better- Sunday was kinda slow as well but maybe it was guys were out for the holiday. I took about 12-15 loads at the place over the long weekend but it should have been more if circumstances were different but its still one of the best sex clubs in Southeast –safe, large and just the right atmosphere—they did add a new sling in the main club area but was slighty used while I was there that I saw. The gloryhole area in the back area still popular—and the cumdumps were in full force-it was a Hunger games affair everytime I went –really tough and cumdumps were “pornish star” types, regular joes, big big guys but it was all out battle. They don’t play in FTL. Club Fort Lauderdale: This is one of the nicest , relaxing saunas I’ve have been too- clean, staff was friendly- they have poppers for sale, Gatorade, treats, coffee, tea, -dildos- -- a great gym , huge pool and sunning area,. The rooms are huge even the basic and the 3 VIP rooms (slings-fuckhorse--- room 318 –that was the best location-the other VIP 402 –was back in corner –a bit away from main traffic) –they have a very popular gloryhole booths area- 4 of them attached that can be like musical chairs. –next to it is the video room with a Sling in a corner –dark but not pitch black-it was more hidden –it would probably be more popular. The guys are mixed –handsome for most part, older, mixed – but it did seem like it was like an endless round of guys circling circling circling thru the club. The Sauna area is very nice and popular—side rant” what is it with sex in sauna-its so hot I could barely sit there but to have oral or fuck in there- whew- I don’t get it but its very popular…. – The club added a Whiteboard where you can post - Bttm looking—cumdump room XXX – whatever you’re looking for-that’s pretty fun and straight to the point. This weekend was their Blackout night on 1st Sat of Month- from10pm to late—I never been –so what they do is cordon off the gloryhole area and vide room and open 3 Cabins (cabins doors stayed open no lights but guys can use the beds etc) -this section is sealed off so there is only one way in one way out—naked only—no towels etc-they have a guy to take your towel—good rules right? Guys come from all over the sauna is packed etc-what could go wrong? It was shit show to say the least –imagine a rats nest of guys naked, sweaty, lube, ass grease all over-by 20 min in guys were at stank level and asses were beginning to well you know--- maybe Ive seen it all but this area is not completely black out—its dim lighting – I would have made it darker- in the video room well –the hunger games FTL EDITION –the cumdumps immediately took their position along the sitting bench so leaning against wall with knees on bench ass out- some guys-one particular- was in rubber mask –hot bod, hot ass but the mask was WWE like –I took slot next to him but my mistake – I moved to just stretch and position better and one bttm climb in my spot and took it not even 2 secs- I mean so fucking rude- I just walked away – I couldn’t this was not as important to me as it apparently was for him. Guys were fucking in like the first 15 min of party time and then as I was making it through mounds of flesh-now mind you –guys are grabbing your junk every every step its I guess part of it –but I don’t like my junk getting pulled pulled and with grease, lube etc-it was too much – the darkrooms were pitch black –If you didn’t get in u didn’t in and guys just kinda stayed in hallway. The gloryhole booths were taken and locked- why? I mean really-I didn’t get it but there were no musical chairs happening- it was a bit much to be honest I didn’t love it—I did see why its popular but it was like putting a bucket full of bottoms in a pit and then throw in 3 tops and watch out. Just everyone was just pulling poking without regard—the bottoms in the video room were just there no fucking it’s like the excitement kind of got everyone and then it was just 10 guys bent over –what do you with that. I smartly realized not my scene and not gonna waste my time—I left to Slammers and I walk in crowded- the darkroom was slightly busy but no fucking – I went it sidled up to some man and immediately got loaded in less than 5 min –now that’s what I’m talking about! Thankfully I’ve been around I know when to leave a party and go start a new one! If you haven’t been –go it’s definitely a must do if you visit when they are having it just to experience it I would go back but bring your Viagra-you need to have that cock on point!
  9. spunkdump

    FTL- 4th July Holiday

    thanks, i 'll et u k now-- last time i went it was a hurricane so everywhere was empty so i'm hoping for a better experience- i have a 34 gangbang set up at my motel for a afternoon pump n dump but i'm a little overwhelmed by response but i know only a few will actually show and hope the hotel won't be an issue-- but we'll see.... CumUnion is also next weekend so may go but i'm not fan of sun afternoon sex when i could be at beach but we'll see if hole overrides beach day!
  10. Coming down for breeding -will be at Slammers nightly in darkroom taking all loads-- 6.28 to 7/3 and planning to go to Blackout party at Club FTL- will be in room blindfolded taking loads and roaming around-hope its fun--never been. And, hosting blindfolded pump n dumps in afternoons at my motel-- 1055 N. Federal Highway -Link will post on BBRT. last trip was during hurricane in October so was pretty empty so hope to make up for some lost fun!!! max
  11. spunkdump

    NYC Black Party

    thanks for the update--i 'm glad now i missed it-- i don't think i could handle a two hour coat check - you us New Yorkers we hate to wait! But not great for future events. At least i got to see the Saint and Roseland while it was around- Vintage!!!!
  12. spunkdump

    NYC Black Party

    Did anyone from here go? How was it this year? Was there a space for a backroom ? Action-- I couldn't make it this year so I 'm curious if I missed a good Blackparty or saved $160 for something else coming along later this year? I need something to j/o to
  13. spunkdump

    Lab.oratory - Berlin

    Back from Berlin and due to Berlin Air port strike I had my flight cancelled and missed LAB which was a bummer but I did make it tot he 98th edition of the HorseFair at the KtiKat Club. i thought this was going to be a big deal but the edition was sort of overwhelmed with mares-- i counted about 35 mares and only 7 of us were in Red hoods. I think that was a disadvantage because most of the fucking was with the white hoods. so I did get fucked 5 times and all raw from what i could feel but loads not so much. The other guys in white hoods sounded like they were getting fucked by King Kong -- i don't know if it was show or what but the dicks in me were a Tuesday night dick- just okay nothing to write home about. Now you see we're hooded and never see the tops or how many show up. after a while I instinctively knew it was time to go and prior to getting in position i did ask another regular how this will work out with the tops -and he agreed it was a lot of mares at this edition. I just couldn't see that many tops filling this whole room someone is going to get overlooked unless they let out a prison bus. I was right when I asked one of the host to escort me to the basement to go - i did see alot of bags and two guys resting-- so i thought i was leaving early but didn't leave early enough so i was right . A shame -- but i guess its like lotto some times you win some you don't . I had never been to this edition of Horse Fair - fickstutenmarket-- and at Kit KAT club- the one i went to was at Mutchmanns which was bigger than the Dragon room at Kit Kat club and lucky i saw some other guys standing in the metro stop-- because the entrance door is at the Metro station and camouflaged with graffiti -- i wouldn't of caught it to be honest. Lucky it was bout 9pm or close to 10 so I went back to hotel and showered and then went to BULL bar-- its like the last stop in the Schonenberg area -sleazy ,backroom , end of the line place and i loved it-- immediately on entry i changed to my jock went to the toilet and german daddy with beautiful cock was pissing and took my communion and then he fucked me and loaded me up in backroom. It continued the rest of the night- nastiest place i been to and loved it! PLEASE GO when in Berlin-- THE BULL bar - you 'll never leave!
  14. spunkdump

    Cine Atlas

    Thank you for this- very helpful but more fiction than the reality of the place which was true in every sense. It is an old vintage porno theater showing classic 70s porn. its two levels - Theater 2 is the main screening room with two levels. There is a mens room pitch black on right to the exit stairwell -with step down (so be careful ) but it opens into a foyer with a little dark room. On dircect rights of foyer is a small room (i almost missed a few first times entering) but the trannies hang out there and go in there for privacy. Then the main room Direct walking is like 5 to 7 steps is the Urinal section -- which is quite roomy -there is a working sink but its pitch black. Most guys flash a torch or cell phone quick to get there bearings-- at first i thought it was so rude but actually helped because guys do just stay in there hidden waiting so its nice to not get freaked out when u bump into someone . This is really tranny heaven -and they are pursued alot by the guys -they come in all ages, types etc. They get dressed down in one of the stairwells and they posted little mirrors on the wall for makeup and stuff. they were quite nice but are competitive -- i think some are working girls but i only went twice since due to my schedule. I did dress in drag and immediately on entry i was approached and swallowed a load from a Paki/arab guy- and then later sitting in downstairs theater another French blu collar came up to me and made me swallow his dick- and kissed me but that wouldn't have happened in boy dress. Now there were guys --gay cruising but i don't know it seems the drag was more popular- I talked to one of the girls and she told if i come back go Sat nights and Sunday afternoon which is really packed-- good tip-- i wish i had had the time. Bring, paper towels for general use- the bathrooms are quite spare but work. I heard some describe this place as disgusting -the mens room blackout room was smelly- i didn't find that at all-yes it smells like piss but better than pine sol----for most part it was in better form than the ADONIS when it was on its last legs. (Maybe I just love disgusting -but seriously it was pretty tame) The Cine Atlas is direct opposite from the Pigalle metro and next to McDonalds. 10 Entry Euro. The trannys carry their street clothes in a bag and change inside theater in some corner on down the stairwell exit from Theater 2. -- there is an entry stairwell that leads to Cinema 1 -but a connection stairs goes to Cinema 2 the larger one and that mid area is where the Trannies change. i found that the downstairs level had more traditional gay cruising in the back wall and tehre is another nook there on the right of the movie screen which is an exit but trannies take their guys in that nook /stairwell for privacy -some of the working girls I saw were hanging there-it was all a it surreal to be honest but will go back next time in Paris.
  15. spunkdump

    Cine Atlas

    I'll be in Paris March 16-18th and planning to visit Cine Atlas in Pigalle- i hear its very "tranny" /Cross dresser specific and plan to dress up in stocking n lingerie-- any tips from guys who went -what the layout is like where can i just bend over and take loads -is it in theater -- do they have a locker or do i have to hold on to my bag ? i heard pickpockets and working girls hit the spot- will they run me out? taking there loads curious ? thanks.

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