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I can dominate, abuse and impregnate you rough and in submission to get impregnated boy!

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fuck, wishing I could be in Syd for that hot hole to watch take loads and load up.

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    • By Ozpig
      I wonder if tops in private parties prefer a smaller number of tops rather than the more the merrier. On Sunday I had arranged for seven tops to come to my apartment to fuck and breed me. They knew it was a gangbang and they knew I was the only bottom. One turned up dropped his load and left before the others arrived. As a total cumdump I was in heaven but one particular top, an Asian guy, who was the only one that did not have seconds or taken part in DP'ing me told me quietly he would love to fuck and breed me again but it is much better with just three tops max as he said he had to wait too long to fuck me. Do other tops hate hanging for too long to take their turn?
    • By LoadMyHoleOAK
      Spent the holidays in Europe taking loads in Paris and Berlin. The best night was at a bar called Scheune in Berlin. There was a small dark room in the back. They used to have a basement but for some reason it’s closed and they only have the small room now. I was very disappointed at first because I had a good experience there on a prior trip when I had gotten gangbanged. 
      When I went back in the dark room, there were only about four or five guys. Not much seemed to be happening. I left and the same guys were still there about five minutes later. This time there seemed to be a little more action happening. One guy had a very thick beer can sized dick typical of many Germans which he had out and was stroking. I started making out with him and  then he went down and sucked my dick for a while. I was actually worried he might be a bottom. But then I reciprocated and sucked his dick. He then turned me around and started fucking my ass. Even though I’ve gotten fucked by many guys for four days in a row, his girth made it slow going in the beginning. He needed to stretch open my hole wider and deeper than my previous fucks. He fucked me for a while and then I’m not sure if he passed me on to someone else or decided to take a break but when he pulled out another guy jumped on immediately. He then fucked me until he shot his load. Mr. Beer Can Cock jumped back on and did the same in my now squishy hole. He was followed by another 4-5  guys who all unloaded in me. With the exception of Mr. Beer Can, I have no idea what the rest of the guys looked like, but I was certainly happy to get their loads. 
      45 minutes later when I came out, my friends that I was traveling with said I looked exhausted. After we left there, we went to another bar where I had a few more loads put in me. Quite a hot night!
    • By Danpigboi
      Bottom pig will be at sydney sauna on the 25th january 2019 from 11am-7pm. Fuck me raw and breed my ass. No cock refused. Will be mostly in dark room or glory hole. Kik:danifti

    • By chaser88
      I went to my second sex party and was a little worried I had shown up too late. Guys were already getting dressed and heading out the door.
      I quickly stripped down to my jock and shoes and headed to the backroom where most of the rough action happened. One pass through and everyone was occupied. The air was thick with sweat , poppers and cum. I took a seat and observed. A guy approached me, grabbed me by the back of the neck and shoved his tongue down my throat. I got instantly hard. After some foreplay I began to suck his dick. As I bent over, another guy began to finger my hole. He lubed me up with one of the free lube packets provided and starts going to town on me. The first guy moves on. The guy fucking me leans over and says "I've already cum twice but I had to fuck this ass before I go". No complaints from me.
      A daddy sitting on a bench getting sucked off asks, "How does his ass feel?"
      "Fucking nice"
      "Fuck yeah"
      Another guy watches. My fucker notices and asks if he wants a go. I never saw this guy but he slams it into me. A hairy beefy guy gets in front of me and I start sucking his cock. After a few minutes he lifts my mouth to his, kisses me and asks if I like getting spit roasted. I say yes. It was pretty obvious. "This guy is going to cum in you and after that you're going to take my load." Not even a question. Just how I like it. A few moments pass and the guy behind me starts breathing heavier. The guy in front of me says "cum in him, breed his ass daddy".
      "I can cum in your ass?"
      My mouth is preoccupied but I try and nod as I suck the other guy's dick. "Load his ass up" the guy says on my behalf. He does and dismounts. The hairy gets behind me and starts fucking my hole. It doesn't take long for him to unload. He slaps my ass and says "Good boy". Also how I like it.
      I do one more pass through the space to see if anyone is left. Only a few people remain. I collect my clothes and take the train back home, loads and all.

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