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  1. Caught up with a fuck buddy and his partner tonight, after a bit of chatting then it was down to business, kept tag teaming me and making my hole open more and more, had a bit of a break and then the partner announced he was about to cum, fuck if this guy is breeding you then the whole world will know, fucking love that. As soon as he blew, my buddy took over and slam fucked me for a few mins until he'd added his load to my gaping hole. Relaxed for a bit then went on my way. Decided to visit a popular beat on my way home and got a quick fuck through a glory hole, the guy stopped and got me to come into his cubicle with him. he proceeded to slam my hole till he was ready to blow and asked if it was ok to breed me..... well fuck, if you fuck me raw, then I want your seed!!! Scored my third load, sadly no more guys were about, so headed home.
  2. Recommendations?

    I'm sure you'll be overseas getting more cock than the rest of us can even dream of .. he he
  3. Love naked parties too, so much cock and arse to go around and 99% of the guys want it raw. Gotta say Ozpig, I'm a tad jealous of the number of loads you get :).
  4. Thanks for the follow mate.

  5. I can easily get that many cocks fucking me, but rarely do I get more than 3 or 4 at a party.
  6. BBO Parties

    Not long home from the latest BBO (Bad Boys Orgie) in Melb (Aust) The host does a fantastic job of organising these parties at private accommodation. Everyone arrives, has an introductory brief, then it's get naked and have fun. Within 2 mins of being naked I had a guy I'd met a few times at previous parties balls deep in my hole and after 5 mins dumping his first load into my hole. Managed to take 3 more guys one after the other whilst on a bed on all 4's, each patiently waiting their turn, the 2nd guy was a bit bigger than I'd anticipated and took my breath away, but I pushed though the pain and got to enjoy being pounded and having several guys get closer to watch his fat raw cock slamming my freshly bred hole. Spent the rest of the 2hrs that the party went for going from cock to cock sucking and getting fucked, occasionally sliding my cock into a hot hole. Not sure how many cocks I took but managed 4 loads that I know of, one of a hot looking hairy Arab looking guy, Loved getting his seed in me, such a handsome man. At last call ("OK men, 10 mins to closing, blow your loads and breed holes" announced by the host) a cute young guy grabbed my cock, so of course I had to oblige. fucked him for a bit, but was so exhausted, I needed to jerk off to cum, but made sure I shoved my cock back into his hole to give him my load. All in all a great night of fucking with horny guys who are all total pigs. Loved it.
  7. NÜD Party at Club 80

    How come you couldn't get in?
  8. Nice nips, I hope I get to see those (and your PA) out and about in Melb sometime.
  9. Sling Fucking in a Bar

    Sheune, Laboritory, The Bull.
  10. Sex club help

    Just go to one of the Nud nights, plenty of raw cock to be had and status is never discussed.
  11. Gold Edition Piss Party at Club80

    spewing I missed it, only been to one of their gold parties, had to work today so couldn't make it
  12. only a few times and I'd love to do it again, this hole will take any black cock that wants to breed it.
  13. Paid a visit to Club 80 in Melb last night and it went off, one of those nights when the stars align. Started in a small open room and ended up being bent over and tag fucked by 4 or 5 guys, not sure if I got 2 or 3 loads, there. so hot being bent over and as soon as one pulled out, another pushed in. After 30mins or so, a semi reg that's fucked me there a few times with a nice big, fat cock took me to a room, stripped me off and had his way with me, sadly he didn't blow, still to take his cum, no matter that it's the 4th or 5th time he's fucked me. He did suck all the cum out of my hole between fucks though :-). Next I saw a hot latin guy in speedos, in a sling room about to fuck some lucky guy in the sling, so I got my cock out to jerk and watch, a bit of a crowd gathered, after 5mins or so I got a shot at the sling guys hole, then the latin guy slipped his cock up my hole. He didn't stay long then another older guy slipped his cock up me as I fucked sling guy. Left there after 10 mins or so and ran into latin guy again, ended up in a room with him, stripped naked and ate his hole, then got to fuck him. Ended up doggy and dumped up his hot sweet smooth cunt, then he said he wanted to fuck me again so I let him, didn't blow though. Wandered around a bit, then ended up in the basement, latin guy, a sexy indian guy ( I think he was Indian ) and a sexy bear were going at it on a public fuck bed, watched for a bit then fucked the bear. Left them to it after a bit and ended up in a dark corner, bent over, pants down and taking some total strangers cock. then an older guy fucked me, asked if I wanted his cum... well yes!!! said he'd hunt me down when he was ready to blow. Found the bear and other two hotties going at it in a sling room. Indian fucked latin, I fucked bear in the sling, then had indian fuck me some. the old guy ran into me and said was I ready, so stripped off in a room for him to use me and he pumped about 4 loads up my hole, last load he jerked off onto my hole. Who knew a guy could blow so much in a short space of time?? Left it at that and headed home, spent, used and very fucking happy.
  14. barebacking and exhibitionism

    NUD in Melbourne is always a lot of fun, so hot taking random cock in full view and fucking the willing holes that are there to be bred.
  15. Palm Springs resort with bf

    Fucking hot read, please give us more of your adventures.

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