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  1. Palm Springs resort with bf

    Fucking hot read, please give us more of your adventures.
  2. That'd be Owen Powers. That boy is an uber slut, love his work and fuck is he hot, agree with you 100% I've blown many a load to his performance in that vid.
  3. Rough Stock Roundups In Vermont

    how do you become a member of this site when you can't attend? love to see the pics etc looks fucking HOT!!
  4. Anonymous loads

    I'd say 50% of the guys who've fucked me I wouldn't know who they are or what they look like. If I'm in a club, my hole is there for anyone to use.
  5. Do Any Of Your Friends Know You Bareback?

    If they are fuck buddies, they definitely know
  6. BLEW party tonight 8 Sept

    Was a great night, got 3 loads, no idea how many guys fucked me or how many holes I slipped my cock into (or backed up onto me lol, it was a room full of dirty sluts) Ended up leaving my load in two guys. i wish they were more regular, was such a good vibe of all sorts willing to play with eachother and it wasn't uncommon to see hot young sluts getting fucked by much older daddies.
  7. scored 3 loads at a BB party last night, took some great cocks and got to fuck some hot holes too, left my load in two of them.
  8. BLEW party tonight 8 Sept

    I'll be there and only in my runners, my hole taking any cock and my cock free to fuck any young sluts that want it. See how long I can hold out before dumping my load/s
  9. Hell no lol, do all the overtime I can for a load in my hole.
  10. Some days just work :-) had a 3rd guy, wanted me naked and blindfolded. He walked in, raped my hole and dumped a 5 day load into my cunt. such a perfect day.
  11. just had my second visitor for the day, ate my hole till I was begging then planted a huge load into my cunt, had me gaping so when he pulled out, my hole dripped like a tap
  12. Just took my 2nd load off a guy who's becoming a regular. No chatting, just into it, pump n dump. I fucking love it, sitting here now with his load swimming deeper into my hungry fuck hole.
  13. About riding a dick

    If I'm riding dick, I like to face away from the top, hook my legs under his and go for it. I find when I do that, the cock gets in so deep and it's also the best way to massage my prostate and bring on multiple anal orgasms. The tops usually love it when they see me shake and quiver on their fuck sticks.
  14. Should I try anon?

    love anon sex, being in a dark room at a club and just letting any guy raw fuck my hole and knowing they bred me, gives me a real buzz to feel like such a cheap dirty cum slut.

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