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  1. not just in the dark room, on their nude nights most guys fuck bb, about the only place there I've not had a raw cock up me is in the main entry/bar.
  2. Would love you to subject me to what you know I need.

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    2. takingdeepanal


      Melbourne. BBRT username is the same as here (takingdeepanal).

    3. xxbjn2


      CBD Melb? or what suburb?


    4. takingdeepanal
  3. xxbjn2

    What can I expect?

    it was, mostly because it was so unexpected, being early afternoon lol. I love being in Berlin.
  4. xxbjn2

    What can I expect?

    thanks, my ass has been used a few times in Bull, sadly a couple of guys wrapped up!! didn't expect that in there. first time though I was watching two hot guys play just inside the entrance, one grabbed me and turned me around and just slid his raw cock up me, no lube, no preparation, just used me.. fuck it was good. Sadly he didn't breed me.
  5. xxbjn2

    What can I expect?

    just running nude or was he being of good use to them also? lol
  6. xxbjn2

    Would you take loads if Meds did not exist?

    I'd still take loads, but not as many as I do now and mostly one on one, not anon darkroom loads. Having said that, I do have a very strong desire to be used in darkrooms by anon cock so I'd probably end up doing it sooner or later.
  7. xxbjn2

    Chasers and gifters

    Melb guy here, any cock, any load.
  8. xxbjn2


    Don't stress, I had it last year and had a couple of spots on the palm of my hand. It took several months for them to finally disappear. Once you've had the shots you should be fine, but each time you have a test in the future, there will be a trace of syphilis in your tests, if you have the same doctor it'll be fine as they'll know but if not, you'll be asked about it and will need to explain you've been infected previously. Now to more important matters... your name on here, just how big is your dick?
  9. Caught up with a guy down the beach, got into the back of his van, stripped off and went for it for about an hour till he blasted his load deep into my hungry hole. Was so hot being naked in the van and fucking and being able to hear other cars pulling in and out of the carpark. Did have one guy watch us through a back window for a bit, then jumped into the van, sadly didn't get his cock out and join in, just watched and then left after about 5 mins.
  10. Damn, kicking myself now for not going to Nud!!
  11. at a local park in the toilet block that is well known for crusing, was sucking a hot daddy through the glory hole, tried to mount his cock but he kept pulling out. he then walked out of the cubicle and I followed, we started to play in the open space, seems he likes a bit of exhibitionism which was totally fine by me. I bent to suck his cock again and a second guy played with my hole but nothing happened. then a 4th guy walked in and headed directly for one of the two cubicles, guy playing with my butt fled and the daddy went into the second cubicle. I could see daddy getting sucked by the new guy and I was jerking off in the main part of the toilet, after 5 mins, daddy came back out so I bent to suck him again as he also then played with my hole, next thing I know the other guy comes out and starts to fuck me. daddy encouraged him to use my hole and fill me up, which after a few mins he did, that got daddy worked up enough to jerk off over my hole, sadly he wouldn't fuck me which is a shame because he had a beautiful cock. Still, I was used like a slut and you've gotta love that lol.
  12. thanks for the follow

  13. xxbjn2

    Cumdump Verification

    Agree totally, love being in a group and having everyone there know that I'll let any of them fuck and breed my cunt or use my mouth. Love guys knowing I'm a cheat and easy fuck pig.
  14. Caught up with a fuck buddy and his partner tonight, after a bit of chatting then it was down to business, kept tag teaming me and making my hole open more and more, had a bit of a break and then the partner announced he was about to cum, fuck if this guy is breeding you then the whole world will know, fucking love that. As soon as he blew, my buddy took over and slam fucked me for a few mins until he'd added his load to my gaping hole. Relaxed for a bit then went on my way. Decided to visit a popular beat on my way home and got a quick fuck through a glory hole, the guy stopped and got me to come into his cubicle with him. he proceeded to slam my hole till he was ready to blow and asked if it was ok to breed me..... well fuck, if you fuck me raw, then I want your seed!!! Scored my third load, sadly no more guys were about, so headed home.
  15. xxbjn2


    I'm sure you'll be overseas getting more cock than the rest of us can even dream of .. he he

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