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  1. I must keep missing your adds 🙂
  2. hey younameme, sounds like a great fucking group.
  3. Seriously, who wouldn't want to dump cum into your sexy as fuck arse? 🙂
  4. Totally agree with you blondy, there are some fucking hot, sexy arsed Asian lads that just love being pumped full of as much cum as they can get.
  5. scored 5 cocks and 3 loads at a local park this afternoon, been without cock for a few weeks so it was a great way to break the drought. The second guy was with a mate who only wanted to watch, and who doesn't love an audience when you're getting bred by some anon cock.
  6. Sounds like I missed a great night 😞 sadly I had a prior engagement that had absolutely nothing to do with sex, cock or cum.
  7. Sluts like you is what Nud is all about, great work mate. Well done.
  8. I went two years ago, visited a Sauna in Hanoi, was a quiet time when I was there, but had no problems with the guys fucking me bare. Only one wanted a condom, 3 others fucked me raw.
  9. Initially I ticked both, I love being fucked, but decided the best part is getting the cum. I take plenty of cock at parties where I never get the cum, but will take any cock in the hope of being bred. I love being fucked, but do it for the cum 🙂
  10. with that hot arse, I'm sure you'll be busy. Let us all know how you go 🙂
  11. scored 3 loads and gave 2. No idea how many cocks were up me, hard to keep count, but I love that lol.
  12. It was great, lost track of how many of the guys fucked me. Most guys in Berlin can speak English so you will be fine.
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