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    addicted to porn featuring gangbang breeding.

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  1. About riding a dick

    If I'm riding dick, I like to face away from the top, hook my legs under his and go for it. I find when I do that, the cock gets in so deep and it's also the best way to massage my prostate and bring on multiple anal orgasms. The tops usually love it when they see me shake and quiver on their fuck sticks.
  2. Should I try anon?

    love anon sex, being in a dark room at a club and just letting any guy raw fuck my hole and knowing they bred me, gives me a real buzz to feel like such a cheap dirty cum slut.
  3. What is the best about bareback bottoming

    for me it's knowing that I've got the top worked up enough to cum in my hole and not move on to the next free hole up for grabs.
  4. Total pig btm boi

    fuck, wishing I could be in Syd for that hot hole to watch take loads and load up.
  5. you're still hot Kyle, be great to see you getting bred in porn.
  6. PREP Cumdumps, how many loads still negative?

    Been on prep for 18 mths, lost track of the number of loads and cocks I've taken, I know I'm over the 100 load mark for this year so it'd have to be approx 200 since I started taking any and all anon cocks. Still neg and loving the slut life.
  7. Having guys watch and talk about you like you can't hear them, being treated as nothing but a hole to fuck and fucking me without asking.
  8. thanks mate

  9. Toronto Club120 BB Orgy

    wish I could be one of the butts up for use in the fuck wall.
  10. Bottoms: When Do You Want To Cum?

    Then you know what to do with me if you ever see me at 80
  11. NÜD Party at Club 80

    Hopefully next time, my hole will be one of the lucky ones you use. Love to take your load too
  12. NÜD Party at Club 80

    Nud at 80 is great and very few guys use condoms. Its easy enough to get plenty or raw cocks in you, but not so easy to score loads I've found. But it's hot knowing that the cock fucking you has probably been in half a dozen raw cunts before going into yours
  13. What kind of topics turns u on the most?

    a slut being pimped out
  14. Bottoms, Can you cum just by getting fucked?

    Had it happen to me last night, well sorta, was used like a whore in a club and had a guy, long dick massive PA, at least 2" diameter, never seen such a big PA, he fucked me twice, in between others taking a go at my cunt, 2nd time he got up me, my cock just started leaking cum, not pre cum, but cum. The guy used his big cock and PA to milk my prostate, fucking felt awesome. Anyone else had that happen?
  15. Additional profile statuses

    I'm sure you will be able to put Poz on your profile soon enough. With that arse it's only a matter of time

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