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Whoring: nature or nurture?


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As soon as I had my first cock in me, I knew I needed more, my ex-wife who was bi as well, said to me once if I could chose cock or cunt what would I chose, I replied with I'd take cock over cunt. She laughed and said she knew I would say that. Guess thats why she use to love watching me take cock and receive there load as payment. She passed away from cancer if anyone was wonder. 😉

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Nature for me.

Always had a high sex drive and felt guilt in the past for wanting risky unsafe sex. Now I have come to terms with that I'm a horny slut and given in to pleasure totally. Raw sex just feels right and now I feel pride in being a barebacker! The more mens asses Im in the better I feel about myself...

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What people get wrong about Nature/ Nurture is that it is never Nature OR Nurture ; it is always Nature AND Nurture. Nature provides a genetic potential, or natural inclination towards a particular trait or behavior. The environment determines how well that potential is fulfilled and how you feel about yourself while doing it. If we're talking about sex, there is a genetic imperative for men to release sperm and nature also determines a range of sexual attractions. The environment will determine with whom, where, and when you can have sex. Repressive societies may limit preferred sexual contacts while more liberal societies may allow for more expressive and more satisfying encounters -- not only in terms of quantity and quality of sex but also in enhancing  self esteem.

So to answer the question, I was born a slut and try every day to overcome societal restrains and fulfill my potential.

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While I believe I’m a natural bottom/ faggot, I was definitely corrupted(nurtured) into the raw/ cumdump lifestyle. I say this because when I first started having sex I wasn’t aware of the concept of “bareback” and how much I would love it. I didn’t fantasize or watch porn about raw sex anymore than I did condom sex. When having sex I didn’t care whether or not condoms were used. It took some corruption by some Tops to shape me into the cumdump I am today. Now I can’t even imagine having condom sex or even getting turned on by the suggestion of condoms. I was convinced to see them as a hard limit.

Today, it feels like nature but I wonder what would’ve been different if I hadn’t met those Tops, or if I lived in a different era/ society. 

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